Broken Rules

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-An Office Romance- -A Mafia Romance- First chapter Published on : 1st Jan 2021 Last chapter Published on: Cara a girl who loves singing , has a dream of becoming a singer and writing songs about her live and about all the different adventures she faced. She starts her career at the age of 14 What happens when she tries to fix her relationship with her parents and tries finding a new job.? Can she control herself from her hot boss or will she give in the desire ? Is this really a relationship between her and her boss, or is this far more complicated than it seems? Will she survive in the cold hearted world ? will give up on her love for her life ? Find out in "Broken Rules"

Drama / Romance
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I'm a girl who loves singing and sometimes while singing i dance too. I love writing my own songs and present my music to the world .

I ran from my home at 16 because of something that happened with my family and with the love of my life. I tried sending them to jail but it didn't work, but the fbi gave me a fake name and identity to live under. I also look loads of money from our house and worked day and night , I eared millions . But,once they were once close to finding me so I ran away again. I had loads of money so that wasn't a problem, but I still need a job .

Anyways. I live in this really big penthouse with a many different things but the best part is the view. My building is really tall and I own the floors 67,68 and 69 . Its a place that I bought 4 years ago with someone special.(Pic of the house in chapter apartment. )

I got them customized to my needs and I still can't belive how gorgeous my house looks .

I always wanted to become a singer but never had the courage to sing in front of a large audience.

But this didn't mean that I'm quitting singing. I'll still make time to do that.

I have an interview really soon so I think I should inform my stylist . Lana my personal stylist , she does my hair , makeup and outfit. I might need to change my style a little .

Anyways, I'm gonna visit Sofia, she's my best friend and has been on my side since the day we met .

Poor girl had a bad breakup . Her àsshole of a boyfriend cheated on her.Oh how I wish to kill him right now ,

How dare he cheat on her , in her house ,in her bed , in her sheets . How dare he .

I went to the parking a picked out a McLaren 720 . Its my gorgeous baby , I definitely do have a thing for cars I guess, anyways I better leave my apartment, otherwise I'll never make it .

On the way , I made sure to buy some tubs of ice cream of different flavors.

I had a spare key with me so I directly entered the apartment. I found her lying on the floor , with bruises on her thighs, hands and cheek. Busted lip and blood dripping from her chin. The worst part , she was tied and had a gag in her mouth.

I guess this is why I never let Jasper find out that I had an extra key to his girlfriends house. I'm sure he did this.

I rushed to her rescue, untied and cleaned her up . I wasn't sure what to do since it's been a while since I've used first aid and I've never really needed to do these things .

So I googled everything and made some guesses, turns out my guesses were right . I helped her up and after patching her up , I gave her pain meds . She definitely needed them.

Now its my time to ask questions.

"Sofia,is Jasper the one who did this ? "

"Babe, answer me "

"Ye- yes" she answered, she was badly hurt, I am literally planning his murder right now. She can't even speak much , without hurting.

"Did he do that because you broke up with him after you found out about him cheating?" She gave me a nod . I hugged her and said its gonna be alright. But it sounded like I was the one who needed reassurance.

Well,we'll probably send him to jail. Anyways , I spent the rest of the day with her and took care of her . I remember Lana coming early tomorrow so I left her place and took Sofia with me .

"I'm not a baby anymore, you don't have to take care of me " I heard Sofia whining from the passenger seat.

"You're hurt, and I'm gonna take care of you till you get better," I replied softly hoping she understands my concern.

"So what do you wanna eat , " I asked Sofia, yes thats right , I know how to cook and I am pretty good at it .

"Umm, what about pasta " she said , not bothering to look at me and her eyes focusing on the TV deciding what to watch on Netflix.

"Sure,that sounds great."

40 minutes later

"Is it done yet?"

"Almost,I'm just setting the table, then we can eat."

After I was done setting the table , I called her , she rotated the TV towards the table so she could watch it shile eating .

"Mmm this is really good. " she said boosting my ego.

"I know afterall I'm the one who made it, , i need to design my wardrobe with some formals. Especially some options for tomorrow. I really don't know how my interview is gonna go, I'm kinda nervous. "

"Oh, come one, don't worry , you're smart and beautiful and can definitely nail a job, but seriously can you imagine the great Cara Anderson , the millionaire being an assistant for someone. " Sofia said mockingly.

"Oh, its not a someone its Lorenzo Salvatore"

"Really? I saw him once, when I had some work " she replied.

"Anyways, you can have the guest room , the one next to mine , i'll be with Lana in my closet , call me if you need anything.

"Sure,I'm gonna go to sleep,all of this hurts like a bitch."

"Hmm, alright "

It was 11 pm and I though that before I should go to sleep I should probably check with Sofia and make sure she's comfortable.

I walked in the guestroom room and to my horror I found Sofia on the bed eating all of my ice-cream, she didn't even notice i was in the room and I guess she was too busy reading wattpad .

I cleared my throat and took a seat next to her while taking another spoon she bought with her, I opened the tub of chocolate ice-cream and started eating. Just a second after Sofia was crying,

When I asked her whats wrong she told me that her favorite character died and how much she loved/hate the author.

After a while I noticed that its 11:30 and I realized we both should probably sleep because tomorrow was Monday aka the worst day of the week.

Hey,this is it for chapter 1 pls vote and comment to support me as it encourages me to write more.
This chapter was more of a introduction. I'll start with the drama in the next one
Thanks for giving my book a try, it really means a lot to me .

Fact: the chapter was originally longer , but today I had a change of mind and I changed the plot, to make it seem much more mysterious I removed some information.

I would love to get to know my readers so

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I'm more of a ebook person.

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