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Beck here day was changing so fast. This morning was it looks like a normal day of here live. But before she really realized it was she running and running. Hard sounds screaming people. What was really? And what was a lie? She meats Brian. And find here way Back. Back to the beginning. Back how everything starts and found here life back. In progress! Comming soon more! Please give me comments what you think about this beginning of my story. Thanks a lot!

Drama / Adventure
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Chapter 1 our first start

Please tell me who are you? Where are we going to? He looks straight whit his eyes in my eyes. It doesn't matter. Say i stressful and high breathing back. So fast as possible so fare as possible. For the last time am i looking over my shoulder behind me. I can't see anything the people the walking dear makes a wall that block my views. I can't see if they follow me if the are close of fare behind me. I look back to his pretty face. We locks in each other eyes. And whit out saying anything gifs he me one of his helmets. I can't get control of my feelings. Thank you thank you say i hopefully. I spread my arms en gife hime a hug. I feel a little tears falling over my face and wisper calm thank you. From far away i here some people screaming. I am scared and let hem go. Whit a calme voice. Say he to me putt your helmet on we have a long way to go. He give me al little smile. Fore one second was everything gone. My mind was empty end it feels good. But yeh wat i say one second unfortunately de sound of the screaming people getting also whit te second closer. So faste as possible doing my helmet on. My long brown hear is covered by the helmet. He is starting the mother. I come closer to the big black mother bicycle and putt my leg over it. I am siting close back behind him. And putt carefully my hands around his body. Whit less than a second. Before i know it were we gone. It took us just a couple minutes of we ware out of the city. Al the people ware gone and we ware driving whitout knowing were we are going to.

Driving and driving. For i think almost 2 ours are we still driving whit out stopping. I don't know this please i never see it bevore. It is not so fare from the place i live. But its fine easy and beautiful all in one place. We are driving for a couple minutes wen he is stopping the motorcycle on a almost empty parking place in this village. I stepp off the motorcycle. And look around it is here so quiet. Why did i never see this place? I am turning around en he is also coming af the motorcycle. He is putting his helmet on the motorcycle. And also i putt my helmet af. He looked at me do you have hungry? I shake yesh whit my head end give hem the helmet back.

We are walking to the tiny food truck that standing on the other side of the road. Its exactly really strange that i am walking here. I did expect that this was happening when i was waking up today. But it is really happening. But not without a reason. Everything has a reason only sometimes we don't know de reason by our self. In the mean time are we already crossing the road. A friendly women who is standing in the food truck is starting talking to us. Whit a sweet kind voice is she asking is we what see can do for us. The sell only one thing so the choose was faste made. Two tacos please. Whit a glass of wather. In the meantime that he is ordering the food. Is mn phone ringing. I stepp away of the food tuck and whats on mn phone. A on know phone number is calling me. I dont answer it. And see that i have a lot of missing phone calls. I didn't here that my phone was ringing. Though the sound of the mother cycling. A lot of the phone calls al all from the same unknowns number. But i think already that i know who is trying to calling me. And they are just the least people i want te speak whit right now. The phone is start ringing again. On the same moment are you comming to me. Whit your hands full whit food. Is everything alright? You look absent. Yeh... Euh... Say i slowly whit a sad voice. Focusing on my phone. That i turning around. So i can plug the sim card out. The phone stops ringing. That's better. I look tho the small card in my hands. I don't need this anymore. And trow the card in the trashback. That standing next to the foot truck. Sorry, madam? Yes can i help you? Say the kind wommen who is standing in the truck. Yes can you please give this to al person who needs this? I give here the phone. I don't need it anymore. She looks a little bit confused to me. And answered me of course. And she give me al smile back. Thank you, am turning me around and there are you standing. Whit out looking in his eyes am i coming closer. Thanks for saving me. And so sorry for today. I didn't really know what was happening. And it was happening so fast. And... I think that he feels to me that i getting more emotional. And he is stopping me. Its oké no worries. Here is your taco. Thanks.... Euh.. His is giving me his hand. Brian. Well thanks Brian. We are shaking our hands. And laughing shortly. I am Beck. Nice to meat you.

We are sitting and the table eating this very delicious tacos. Because of him was i for getting what for terrebal day this is. He really saved my day. I am so thankful for the things what he did. Because ther are not al lot of boys who out of nothing a girl in panic tack behind him on his motorcycle and driving for ours. To a small food truck out of the city. I don't know hem but its feels good. It feels like we dont need words te speak whit each other. He is sitting agents me and he is looking to me. We are eating our tacos and it all ready getting slowly dark.

Is everything alright whit you Beck? Can i help you do anything for you? Tankyou, you helped me a lot. You can say that it was a really strange day today. But i am fine. Its become quite. I look down. I.. I... And struggle whit keeping my control and don't start crying.

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