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Highschool Cliches

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New Hampton High. The school that's made up of all things cliché. The mean Queen Bee that everyone loves but is too afraid to get close to, the jocks, the nerds, the wannabe admirers, the freaks, the popular players and whores alike and of coarse the girl who wishes to stay invisible throughout the rest of her senior year, but ends up being the center of attention anyway. But everyone knows that with highschool there's a pyramid, and the Queen is always at the top with her King. Well, the King she wants but can't have of course. Totally cliché. But what happens when that pyramid comes crumbling down and all that's left is heartbreak, betrayal, lies, secrets and a good ole dose of drama? Well, that just means New Hampton High might not be as cliché as its made out to be... *Mature content and language*

Drama / Romance
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A bored sigh leaves my lips as I listen to the drone-like voice of Mr. Fletcher, my English teacher. School started a week ago, and I can already feel my body and mind weakening at the thought of endless boring topics and homework.

“Is English supposed to be this boring?”

I turn my head to the person who whispered, only to laugh quietly when I see my best friend’s face. Downcast eyes, furrowed eyebrows, and a scowl. Practically the whole class was looking like they’d fall asleep any minute now. Nothing new.

I lean over to whisper back, “No, but I think that’s the effect Mr. Fletcher has on people.” We laugh quietly behind our hands. “Is there something you’d like to share with the class, Ms. Abner?” I can already feel the burn crawling from my neck to my cheeks from being caught and it doesn’t help that I can hear the amused snickers from my classmates. Just great.

“Well, uhm I...” Riiiiiiinng

I sigh in relief when I heard the bell and hurriedly packed my things with the rest of my classmates. I rush out the door, not missing the unimpressed scowl Mr. Fletcher sent my way. I’m going to pay for that next class. “You’re lucky the bell saved you from a ticket to detention.” I raise an eyebrow at my best friend, Ciana. “And whose fault is that?” She shrugs before grabbing my hand and pushing through the crowd of hungry students to get to the cafeteria.

Ciana Cage and I met during our freshman year of New Hampton High. We were both two lost and confused souls trying to find a way among the student population of this hell hole of a school. Ciana with her beacon of a hair and outgoing personality and me, the plain and logical one. Ever since then we just kind of stuck together no matter how odd we might seem to each other.

“I didn’t think starting my senior year would be this boring,” Ciana said popping a fry into her mouth. “Well, what were you expecting?” She sighs dramatically while rolling her eyes, “Well for starters...” She trails off looking at something or more specifically, someone. I roll my eyes already knowing who it is.

Everett Young.

Charming, is tall, plays football, and is one of the few guys at this school that’s not a total ass. He buffed up over the summer too. His arms and chest look like walls of pure muscle. No wonder Ciana’s staring. It isn’t because Everett was another hot guy that was on the football team that made him popular. The few classes that I did manage to have with him last year proved that he is actually a nice guy and took his schoolwork seriously.

“Why don’t you just go talk to him? He’s not like the rest of the guys you know.” Ciana gives me an are-you-crazy look. “Raven, you know better than I do that, that’s a suicide mission. Girls like us can never be with guys like that. Not when there’s a hierarchy in place.” I roll my eyes at her although I know she’s right. Just then, we hear a loud, clanking sound resonate through the cafeteria, instantly silencing everyone. There, standing on a table overflowing with jocks and cheerleaders, is none other than New Hampton’s High Queen.

Naomi Archer.

Captain of the cheerleading squad, pretty, rich, and blonde.

It doesn’t get any better than that

“Party at my house this Friday. Everyone’s invited.” Her silk-like voice is soft and easily made you pay attention even if you didn’t want to. And with that, she was off the table and the chatter instantly rises in the cafeteria. “We have to go.” I shake my head at Ciana already dreading the thought of going. “I’m not too enthusiastic about seeing a bunch of horny and drunk teenagers. No thanks.” I’m preparing myself to hear the thousands of reasons why I should change my mind. “Come on Raven. It’s not like we have something better to do. And if we don’t go we’ll be labeled as losers.” I shrug at her, “I don’t see where that’s a problem.”

“It’s not like it’s your first-ever party!”


A fry hits my nose.

I laugh before agreeing to go to the stupid party. It’s not like I hate parties, I’ve been to quite a few of them. It’s just that I’m not too happy about going to a Naomi Archer party. But I’m not going to tell her that.

The bell rings, signaling the end of lunch. “See you after school?” I said taking my bag up and looking at a beaming Ciana. “Sorry Raven, I’ve got cheer practice after school.” I smile despite my disappointment. Ever since Ciana tried out for the cheer squad last week and got accepted, we’ve barely got to spend time with each other. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy for her, it’s something she always wanted. I just wasn’t prepared to be missing my best friend so much.

“Oh.” I give her a smile I hope didn’t show my disappointment and she gives me a bright one in return before heading off to her next class. I sigh before taking a glance at Naomi’s table only to see that practically everyone’s gone except Everett and someone else. Someone that I’ve had a crush on since I first stepped foot in New Hampton High. Someone who is the property of Naomi Archer and off-limits to all the dreamy-eyed girls at this school, including me.

Seth Muller.

No one knows that I have a crush on him. Not even Ciana. And it’s better that way. To be honest he’s a complete mystery to me. For someone who’s the captain of the football team and as popular as him, you’d expect a lot of things, but he’s the complete opposite. He’s quiet, kind of reserved, doesn’t seem to like the spotlight that always gravitates toward him, and let’s not forget that he’s hot. Easily one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen.

And that’s seriously not an exaggeration.

Just when I’m about to tear my gaze away, he lifts his head, and his eyes are on mine. I gasp before quickly walking towards the cafeteria door feeling the burn of his eyes on me as I walk away. And just when I’m about to leave, the most embarrassing thing happens.

I fucking trip.

I awkwardly get up, taking a glance at their table again only to see Everett trying to stifle a laugh, and Seth’s lips quirk up just the slightest. I rush out of the cafeteria with burning cheeks and a bruised ego.

So much for a first impression.

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