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Saniel montegos lost her memory after the death of her mother. She finds out about an underground science project room which was held by her highschool girlfriend, Morgan Crest. Years after the death of Morgan, saniel is close to finishing the last project Morgan wanted to do. Her young daughter's voice was mistakenly used as the disruption code. They figure out the project was bad and it needs to be disrupted because the whole world could blow up. What happens when saniel and Diane goes into a fire accident, saniel dies and daine loses her voice? Read Thanks, hope you like the book. 🥰🥰🥰

Drama / Scifi
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"What's happening" I ask myself as I sit on the floor with my hands on both side of my hair.
Oh no ... It can't be happening again

"Hey, I'm Jordan"
"Hi, I'm Ana"
"What are you doing here by this time?" He asked curiously because of the location ... Beach.
"Just staying. Got into an argument with my boyfriend"

No .... Stop. What's happening

"Why did you bring me to the beach?"
"Don't you remember, Ana? This is the first place we met"
"I know that but why are we here?" I asked smiling at him as he kept looking at me
"This is the first place, I met a you." He said making me blush.
"I like you" I looked at him as he said it and blushed.
"Jordan stop"
"Am nt joking" I looked at him and saw his seriousness and then I decided to be honest.
"I like you too"

Oh no stopp, why is all this happening? Why am I seeing all this images.

"Be my girlfriend, butterfly" he said
"Is it question?" I asked blushing
"Will you?" He said blushing

Stopp , stop it. I don't want to see this.

"You know I love you right?" He asked
"Yes why?" I said as we sat in the restaurant
"I want you to marry me" he said getting on one knee bringing out a box which I assumed had a ring inside from his pocket.
"Oh my God" I said in surprise standing up
"Jordan" tears rolled down my eyes
"Would you marry me and become Mrs montegos?"

Stopp... stop pleases

"Hey babe" I said walking to Jordan who is sitting on the sofa
"Yes" he said still looking at the tv
"Erm..." I hesitated
"What's wrong babe" he said standing up and looking at me
"Am pregnant" I said smiling
"What?" He said confused
"Am pregnant babe"
"Oh my gosh, am going to be a dad" he screamed carrying me and twirling me around.

No no. Just kill me instead. I don't want to see him.

"What should we name her" I asked as I held the baby on my hand lying on the hospital bed.
"Saniel" he said looking at his daughter
"I like it" I said and smiled at him

Stop haunting me.

"Jordan am going for a trip tomorrow" I told him as he played with our one year old baby.
"Can't you wait? Our baby just turned one" he said.
I knew I couldn't wait because I was pregnant for Marcos.
"No, I can't" I said and went to bed

Please, stop am sorry.

"Marcos what should we name him?" I said carrying Marcos and I baby as I laid on the hospital bed.
"Dane Crest" Marcos said as he looked at the baby and then looked at me.
"I love you, Ana"
"I love you too Marcos"

Why is this happening?

"What should we name her?" I said with a small smile because I wasn't too happy.
"Salutra" he said as I looked at my second child for Jordan in my hand.
"Do you like it?" He asked
"Yes, salutra Jordan" I repeated thinking of Marcos and Dane that I left two years ago

Please stop, please

"Ana, who is Marcos ?" Jordan asked with anger as we stood by the side of our secret spot.
Was that why he brought me here?
"I can explain" I said as he brought out a gun and pointed at me.
"You cheated on me" he said with tears rolling down his cheeks.
"No, I love you" I said walking closer.
"So who is Marcos?" He asked again
"He is my friend" I said as I got very close to Jordan and dragged the gun from his hand pointing it at him.
"Ana" he whispered
"You ruined my life" I said with tears
"So you cheated?" He said
"I love him Jordan. Am sorry" I said and with that I shot him.


I felt dizzy and blacked out.
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