Stand-Alone Book - Finding in Ourselves Book

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Mia and Lincoln's Book about their life.

Drama / Romance
Gemmia Clegg
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Finding in Ourselves Book - What is it about?

Finding in Ourselves Book: What is it about?

Mia Marie Somerhalder lives in DC but her hometown is in Seattle Washington, she has been dealing with her drugs, and she lost her dad from the shot because he was at work and then Mia has been dealing with her depression and her sisters had to watch her go through. Her mom Rebecca is married to her new boyfriend David but Mia doesn’t really like him a lot but Mia always goes to Abby and Colt’s house to hang out with them, but they already know about Mia’s drug addiction, Abby wants Mia to stop doing drug but Mia doesn’t really want to stop so Abby is really frustrated with Mia and her poor choices, so Lincoln decided to take Mia a walk to talk about how they feel.

Lincoln did having twin, but they died because his ex-girlfriend had a miscarriage and Beth died because she killed herself due of her depression, he had a hard time, but he didn’t go rehab, he lives in DC as well, he becomes CEO. Lincoln help Mia with her drug addiction but Mia has been worry about her life, Lincoln has a really nice house in DC, Lincoln always visit his family all the time unlike Mia because Mia wants to stay in DC and working at the library but Lincoln works a lot but take some vacation to visit his family. Lincoln spends time with Mia because he’s really concerned about her.

Mia does live with Samantha, and they do work together at the library at their college and Mia does go visit her family sometimes because of her job, Mia has been struggling with her depression because she doesn’t get along with her mom for a while because of her depression ruin her.

What will happen to them?

Will Mia beat her depression?

Read and find out.

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