Why me?

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Jason is a broken man. His previous life broke him. Every day he feels as if million shards of glass were piercing through his skin. Can he built his life one more time after 5 months in the hospital?

Drama / Romance
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It was a cold winter evening. Jason rubbed his hands trying to make his body warmer. He was standing outside the mental hospital not knowing what to do next. Jason McLane was a 21 year old man who just got out of the mental hospital due to severe depression and self-harm. He looked to his right where he saw a man walking hand to hand with a small girl and laughing. ″It must be her father” he thought. Jason was alone as his parents disowned him after they found out that he was homosexual. At that time Jason was dating a guy named Tyler and he thought that they would be together forever, however before they could celebrate their first anniversary, his beloved fiance comitted suicide. Jason was devastated, he never understood why Tyler did this. He fell into deep depression and tried to comitt suicide as well, however thanks to his neighbour who called the ambulance, he survived. All those thoughts and memories were rushing through Jason’s head. After spending 5 months in a mental hospital he was not sure whether he will ever be able to go back into his previous normal life. A life without pain and sorrow. Is such a life possible for broken people like Jason? After thinking about it all one question arose in his mind. ″Why me out of all people in the world?

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