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When a girl loses her virginity, I think most of us agree we try to make it special – a memory that will last a lifetime. Mine is definitely a memory that will last a lifetime but for all of the wrong reasons – it is associated to the day my life and world fell apart. Nothing has been the same for me since and unless something drastic happens – this is going to be my life for… as long as I live.

My life, my nightmare.

The day I turned eighteen, Mama called me into her office. I had been cleaning so when she interrupted my work, I knew it was important. I hoped I wasn’t in trouble – I couldn’t think of anything I had done wrong but it was possible a customer had complained… I was about to find out. I had knocked on the door, only entering after she tells me to. As soon as I walked in, she shouts ‘surprise’ loudly and throws a handful of confetti in my face. She startles me so much I jump but my shock was quickly replaced by happiness when I saw the cake she had for me, and the fact that Mama had even gotten me a present.

She had forgotten the year before.

Excitedly I tore open the gift after Mama handed it to me and found the oddest object inside – one of the hotel room keys. Had Mama gifted me a room of my own for a night? Seeing the confusion on my face, Mama smiled at me while cutting into the cake.

“That key is for your room, Angel,” she says calmly while handing me my cake slice. I was still just as confused as I was when she started her explanation – but not enough to not eat my cake. Mama got herself her own slice before continuing.

“You’re eighteen now, Angel,” I nodded slowly, not understanding her point. “I’m promoting you,” she said with a broad smile. At the time, I was excited – a promotion! Supervisor maybe? No way I was going all the way to Manag—

“That key is for your room where you’ll work for me, Angel,” she said as she licked her fork. She waited for the words to sink in but they never did. This was Mama – there was no way she was talking about what I was thinking she was talking about – right?

“Mama, I don’t understand, you can’t mean –“ I protested gently, unsure if I should be upset or angry.

“I mean exactly that, Angel. You’ve been cleaning rooms for my girls these past few years and now it is your turn to step up and start earning your keep,” she said simply, as if she’s telling me the weather and not the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life. She couldn’t be serious? She can’t want me to… prostitute myself as she, what? Pimps for me?

That is exactly what she wanted.

That is exactly what she planned from day one.

For seven long years she groomed me into the woman she wanted me to be – loyal to her, submissive and indebted with nowhere to go. I had and have no money of my own, Mama manages everything for us ‘sisters’ so escape is impossible. Even if we managed to get out of the building – where would we go? I can’t even afford a bus and if I’m on foot it won’t take Mama long to track me down. No, Mama has always known what she’s doing – as far as I know I’m the only one she’s adopted but it doesn’t matter.

She doesn’t care.

She took me into her family for one reason and one reason only – to work for her when I came of legal age and now that I had, she was going to cash in. If I had known what my life was going to turn into, I would have taken the cake knife and killed Mama then and there – but I didn’t.

I didn’t even try to run away.

Instead, I stood there – frozen.

Mama continued to eat her cake, completely unbothered by the fact that she had just ruined my life. When she was done, she took my uneaten piece from my hands and put a box in it instead. Finally waking up from my conscious coma, I looked down at the box and recognized a local lingerie store and the reality of my situation started to kick in.

“Go put this on. There’s makeup in there already. Doll yourself up but not too much, he paid extra for your virginity, so I’m guessing the fact that you look young is going to work to your favour,” she says easily. She discussed me and my body as if I were nothing more than a used car she was selling and when she turned me toward the bathroom, I didn’t even protest. On wooden legs I had walked into the small room and did what Mama expected of me because that is what good daughters do, especially good, adopted daughters.

When I had come out of the bathroom, Mama had walked around me completely, doing an inspection. The outfit she had me wear had me feeling scandalous and naked, despite the amount of material I was actually wearing. There was a corset that hooked together in the back made entirely out of transparent, black lace. My small breasts were spilling amply out of the top and sides as the corset did nothing beyond push them up and draw attention to them. The ‘bottoms’ could only be described as an afterthought – scarcely more than a string between my butt cheeks with a tiny triangle of material covering my patch. There was a robe with consisted of more black lace tied in front by a single ribbon – the entire outfit had one purpose: to seduce.

Only when she was satisfied did she pick up the phone on her desk, telling whoever on the other end to send ‘the client’ to ‘Angel’s’ room. My entire body was trembling – I was terrified, only suspecting what was going to happen to me in the next few minutes. I was naïve, innocent in the ways of men and women – Mama was going to change all of that and more.

“He won’t be mean to you but it will hurt when he penetrates you,” she says, causing me to blush. “But after the pain, comes the good part – let yourself go, Angel and enjoy what he has to offer,” she offers with a leer. I’m horrified to hear my Mama talk like this – everything in my world has changed so drastically I hardly recognized myself, let alone the other people in it.

“Mama, please – I don’t want to do this,” I plead, desperate to remind her of our relationship – that I’m her daughter. She looked at me and there had been a different look in her eyes, one I had never seen before but the one that is all I ever see now – ownership. I was nothing more than property to her – no longer her daughter, if I ever was. Mama picked me from the beginning, for whatever reason – maybe I was prettier than the other girls who were available at the time, or my breasts were showing promise… I’ll never know what made me so ‘lucky’ that day. It didn’t matter – my life changed the day I turned eighteen.

There was no going back.

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