they never last

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Never last

Six years ago

“Sir are you there” speaks aurora Nichols assistant from the door of his office. “come in ms.Anderson’s” speaks Nichol in a nonchalant voice. aurora is a tall curvy brunette her eyes the color of an almond and her lips plump and colored with red gloss. “Sir some one came and left this package for you it does not have a name and the deliver did not say what was inside” spoke aurora in a soft voice “leave it on my desk and be out ms.Anderson’s” replied Nichol looking up into aurora’s eyes who immediately started biting her lips and looking at him seductively “show yourself out mrs.Anderson’s before I show you out myself” said Nichol menacingly his a Russian accent giving him an edge

“babe! Babe! you home” screamed Alexandra on the other end of the phone. “ yeah where else would I be “ there was a pause on the other line “ I don’t know you tell me” another pause “ho-“ Nichol started to say until he was cut off by Alexandra “I have some news” while Alexandra was drowning on and on about her day Nichol started to open the package. “ Alexandra what were you doing yesterday” a pause on the other line “I was at school - why’d you ask” “no reason” that is what Nichol said but as he said that he felt a feeling of utter fury passing through him “bey i love you” said Alexandra when she heard nothing on the other line Nichol just hung up then started looking through the rest of the bag with pictures of the love of his life with other men.

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