they never last

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The day it fell apart

Six years ago

Alexandra’s POV

“N-Nichol what are these” I stuttered as i looked upon the photographs my boyfriend through into my lap “no no you tell me Alexandra” drawled Nichol with menace and contempt in his voice i recoiled this was not the Nichol i knew, “ I don’t know, but what i do know is these aren’t me” there was a long pause as i shuffled through the photos “hmm i see so now you lie you whore” from this day on I don’t ever want to see your face again what does he mean by that “Nichol are you breaking up with me, OVER SOME FUCKING PHOTOS” i screamed into his face my heart was shattering but all i could do was scream at him. It went on like this for hours me a Nichol yelling and screaming at each other. Eventually Nichol walked out my apartment door telling me i was a whore and to never contact him again. After he left I broke down i cried and screamed and broke pictures of us.

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