Obscured Original {Book 2}

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Chapter 1: Back Home

~A year later~

“Hello, my name is Maria Minerva and I have just completed my first year of college. I am not the same shy, quiet and insecure little girl who believed whatever was told to her instead of the actions shown anymore. I am strong. I am confident. I am my own best-friend. I can go spend the summer at home and not break down into the person I used to be. I don’t have to speak to my mom, but I must maintain my respect for her. I don’t have to talk to Dave, but I won’t be a cold-hearted bitch towards him. I will make it up to my father for breaking all my promises and not showing up for holidays. It has been a year and I’m not the same person. I’ve gotten the help I needed and plan to continue to do so. I don’t have to fear going back home and I don’t have to fear seeing Mickey again. We may not be friends anymore, but I still feel like we’re more than strangers. I am his Minnie and I always will be. This summer will be the best one yet and I’m adamant on making it precisely that.” I smiled at my reflection nodding to myself before leaving my empty dorm room.

I was going back home for the first time in a year and I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Dave’s p.o.v.

“David! David pass the ball! Pass the fucking ball!” yelled coach, his voice sounding further away than he actually was. I was in my zone and really didn’t care what the purpose of this scrimmage game was for. I didn’t want to get to know the new players, I had been top gun for the past year. I already had scouts looking for me trying to convince me to skip college, but ball wasn’t my dream. My dream at the moment was to get my girl back and I wanted to end this as quickly as possible so I could be there when she finally came back home. It’s been a year since I’ve seen her and that was all I could focus on.

What would she look like now? How would she respond to me being there? Did she still carry those feelings for me? Would she still care the way she once did? Has she finally forgiven me? Does she still think that I betrayed her? Can we pick up where we left off? Is she going to make us start all over? I just wanted my best-friend back and I was willing to do whatever it took to get her back. I was in my head more than I was in the game, but talent just didn’t go away. I ran up to the three point line, took my stance and made an easy three point shot.

“Damn it David! This is not the time to show off! Get off of my court! Go home!” yelled coach as I smiled and ran out the gym room deciding to just shower at home. I needed to be there. I needed to show her how much I changed. I wasn’t the same Dave she left looking like a loser. I was someone new. I wasn’t letting her run over me anymore because of a past I couldn’t get over. I was more than enough for anyone.

I have a big heart. I care more than the normal person. I would jump in front of a bullet if it meant saving her. I would use my body to shield her from anything wanting to harm her. If they only had one seat left to go to Mars when the world ended and I had the last ticket I would give it to her. I would do anything to ensure her happiness and it was about time that she started to realize it. There was nothing else I could do to show her and prove to her that I’m more than a hundred percent committed to what we could be. It was about time that she saw it for herself for once.

Maria’s p.o.v.

The closer I got to my hometown the harder it got to breathe. I could avoid everyone else, but Dave was still my neighbor. Was he still the same guy I remembered? Could he still make me feel as comfortable with him as he once did? Did he have a girlfriend now? Had I turned him into a playboy? Had I changed the loving, kind boy I once knew into a cold hearted fuckwad desensitize to others feelings? He’d told me everything, he’d opened up and I just turned my back on him. I was too busy seeking vengeance wanting him to feel the same that I was that I didn’t take the time to step back and see just how much he was truly hurting.

I was as much of a selfish monster here as he was. The only difference was that I hadn’t accepted nearly seven thousand dollars and pretended not to be.

That wasn’t fair. If I was going to forgive him, I had to truly forgive him and not just say that I did. Whatever the case, it was clear that I wasn’t prepared for whatever the summer may bring; and I definitely wasn’t prepared for what Dave may bring.

I almost ran into my mailbox from the sight before me as I pulled up to my house hitting the breaks harder than I needed too and jerking myself forward. I knew I would see him, but I hadn’t expected to see him like this. I was stuck practically drooling over the sight.

He was a bit taller than I expected, definitely well past the six feet I had grown accustomed too. I didn’t even realize it was still possible for someone our age to continue growing. Or maybe I was biased because I myself had stopped so long ago. Okay, I’m deflecting, trying to keep myself from jumping out of this car and attacking him.

His long dark black hair was braided in what seemed like a thousand individual braids and they still hung gloriously down his back. His beautiful brown skin glistened from all the water flowing down his body under the hot sun. I was fanning myself watching as his pink tongue snuck past plump pink lips to lick the water away. His broad shoulders, strong biceps, long muscular legs, six rock hard abs and every other rippling muscle on his body only seemed bigger as he used his strong arms to push the soap around his truck.

Damn it, how could he possibly have gotten sexier in ONLY A FUCKING YEAR? Or had it been so long since the last time I had sex that his sexiness was having a godlike complex over me? I wanted nothing more than to grab a handful of his braids and drag him into my house and up to my room and show him exactly what I learned in the year that I had been gone. However, that wasn’t the impression that I wanted to make. Not this time around. I wanted to remain aloof to this complicated non-relationship situationship. I mean if it’s even possible seeing as we have a history of acting without thinking when too close to each other.

Those brown eyes were staring at me curiously and I knew why, but I was more focused on the fact that from this distance I couldn’t see those gorgeous little flecks of gold in his eyes. I needed to snap myself out of it, didn’t want him thinking that he already had the advantage. So I pretended that I was looking for something I dropped instead of ogling and drooling over his sexy half naked body. Taking a second to maintain myself again, I finally pulled into my driveway and turned the car off. I was disappointed in the part of me that wished he had on more than a pair of basketball shorts and some thong sandals. It’s been a year, there was no way in hell we’d still be dressing alike my chance.

Sucking up what was left of the dignity I had after being caught staring, I finally got out of the car and walked around to my trunk. Not even a second later it was like I could feel the heat from his body creeping up behind me. He was getting closer and closer, my breathing became labored. What would I do if we were so close to each other again? Did I have enough strength not to throw myself at his muscular body covered so sexily with water? It wasn’t fair how good he looked right now and it was definitely affecting me in the same way that it used too when I was still trying to figure out what I felt for him.

“Need help?” his voice came from me making me shudder. It was deep and smooth as velvet. Was it possible to hit puberty twice? I don’t remember any of this. It’s almost like he’s someone new. This wasn’t my Mickey; this was Dave and Dave scared me. Dave had me wanting to do things that should be illegal just from how he looked and the way he talked.

“No that’s okay. I got it.” I breathed feeling the hairs at the back of my neck stand up. Was it hot? It felt like it was getting hotter.

“Come on Minnie,” he whispered sadly as his hand stopped mine from reaching for my bag. “Please just…” he paused before dropping my hand and stepping away. I turned to face him without thinking. “I’m so sorry Minnie. I really am.” I gasped. Did he really think I was still upset about everything? Did he blame himself for my lack of being around? I might have been mad at him before, but being around him again made everything go out the window. It always did.

“Oh Mickey.” I breathed. My intention was to go for a hug, but the moment I felt our lips pressed together something snapped. I kissed him with a type of passionate vengeance that I didn’t know I was capable of. I was still pissed with the situation, but I missed my friend more than I knew was possible. It was like he tried to tell me, I was his and he was mine.

“No. No no no. We can’t do this.” I breathed, failing to force myself to push him away. Somehow, I had only managed to pull him closer to me. Our foreheads were pressed together as our breathing synced.


“No,” I whispered cutting him off. I couldn’t allow us to go down this road again. It had already ruined too much in the past and I’d rather have my friendship with him than nothing at all. As confused as I was about forgiving him and just basically being around him, I knew in the end I still wanted my friend back. “Just friends Mickey. We’re just barely friends again.”

“We were never just friends Maria, you and I both know that much.” he whispered back finally stepping away. “If you think any other way, you’re kidding yourself. Stop denying what’s here between us.”

“There’s nothing between us anymore David. That changed when I found out about the seven thousand dollars. I’m not denying anything, I just don’t feel that way anymore. Nothing will change that. I don’t trust you anymore, at least not enough to be what you want me to be.” I could feel the anger building in me. It didn’t make sense. Why was I snapping at him? I wasn’t pissed with him, I was pissed with myself for slipping so easily. I couldn’t allow him to have this kind of effect on me. Not again.

“Stop lying Maria.” he scoffed a cocky smirk taking over his features. I had to stop a gasp from escaping. That was definitely not a look I was used to coming from him, but damn did it make him look sexier. “Even after everything came out you fucked me. I would say it was only twice, but you and I both know how insatiable you are. I bet you still haven’t found someone that make you scream their name while you dig your claws into their backs.” he laughed again catching me off guard. Why was I so turned on by this change in attitude? “You know where to find me when you want a real orgasm.” he teased pressing himself against my thigh so I could see just how much he meant what he was saying. A small gasped slipped past my lips. I wanted him more than I’ve ever wanted again, but this wasn’t a game I was going to lose.

“In. Your. Dreams.” I spat pushing him off of me as he laughed. From the look in his eyes he knew he had gotten to me and he was proud of it.

“Always Minnie. At least then there’s no clothes in my way in my dream.” he winked as my jaw dropped open and a blush painted my cheeks. Who was this? Why did I like it? Shaking away the thoughts I grabbed my bags from the car and struggled my way to the door. This wasn’t over and if this was the game that he wanted to play then so be it.

I guess this was my own personal welcome home.

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