Obscured Original {Book 2}

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Chapter 4: The Jeremiah's

Maria’s p.o.v.

My sweet dear Minnie,

I’m so sorry to have had to leave darling, but I shall only think of you during this long journey until I am back home. I will only dream of you my fair lady; for you are the only one who holds my heart. My soul is intertwined with yours. Something I have been told only a witch is capable of. Be careful my dear, they’re on the hunt to find the witch. Until it be ’morrow, I bid thee farewell.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I had practice and had to go. Wish I could’ve stayed so that we could simply just hangout, but coach is being a pain in the ass. Maybe when I get home we can go for a late night swim. Text me your response when you wake.

See you later Minnie,

Your Mickey.

I couldn’t contain the laughter that had built up in me from his letter. It had been sitting on the pillow he used when I woke up. Last night had been some one the best sleep I’d gotten in a long time. I didn’t know if it was because the sex had been far more amazing than I’d ever thought was possible, or because Dave was one of the very limited amount of people I was comfortable with.

Getting up, I headed towards my closet to get clothes for a much needed shower. A simple pair of grey fitted sweatpants that hugged me in all the right places and a blue tank top was perfect for a day at home or running errands. After turning the shower on the hottest setting it would go to really wake up my sore muscles, I decided to text Dave and bother him a bit. Hopefully he hadn’t started practice just yet.

Minnie: Well I’m up and I just got your letter, but I gotta say...it’s a shame that you couldn’t stick around a little longer. I guess a hot shower will just have to do. I’ll just have to rub my own soap up and down my body getting all wet and soapy. Ugh! Just imagining the feel of your hands all over my body makes me hot. I’m going to go now and have a little fun with myself in the shower, but I’ll definitely be up for a late night swim.

I giggled to myself as I pressed send. It was barely a full minute before he’d responded.

Mickey: Damn you. Don’t think I won’t skip out on practice to make you hoarse Minnie. Bad girls get spanked.

I found myself gasping. We’d done a lot, but we’ve never sext and this was truly the first time we’d spoken dirty to each without already being in the act. It was both new and exciting and filled me with butterflies. It was so effortless to actually flirt with him sometimes that it had kind of gotten a bit addicting.

Minnie: Are you gonna spank me hard and make me call you daddy while you do it?

Mickey: My goal is to make you hoarse. I’d rather have you screaming how much you love my cock filling you up rather than calling me daddy.

Now this was a bad idea. I truly was getting hot for me and I had no clue how long he would be gone.

Minnie: I need you to come back… NOW!

There was no need to beat around the bush. I’d already broken and on the first night no less, may as well have hot steamy sex the entire time I’m home.

Mickey: I’m already on my way. I can be late by an hour or so.

Minnie: I’ll be in the shower.

Mickey: Just leave the window open.

I squealed to myself as I hurriedly got naked so I could rub one out while in the shower before he got back. I’d learn two things at the moment. Dave and I truly were in an insatiable kind of infatuation with each other; and sexting was just not for us. It wouldn’t last long and we’d just end up having sex for real.

… … … … … … … … … …

Several hours had passed since the steamy shower sex with Dave and although I’d slept for most of them, I was up now and I was hungry. Even though he’d fallen asleep also, he was gone when I woke up. He texted me letting me know his whereabouts and still promised to get together later.

I was now bored and alone in need of doing something.

Deciding on going to get something to eat, I got up in need of another shower. This time I managed to take one without getting riled up and even managed to get dressed after. The pups were at my feet as soon as I grabbed my keys.

“You guys want to take a ride?” I asked in my usual soft baby voice as they all began barking loudly. I laughed, grabbing their leashes just in case I decided to go for a walk or something. “Well come on.”

It didn’t take long for me to realize my dad had really left. The eerie silence only reminded me of what used to be and I hated. He hadn’t even bothered to leave a note. I guess he’d really gotten used to having me around and it was own fault. I shrugged my shoulders trying to pretend like it didn’t bother me as I headed towards the door and opened it.

To my surprise Phoenix was standing there his fist raised to knock. I took a step back, a bit caught off guard and definitely not expecting him.

“Can we talk?” was all he asked, but it felt like such a loaded thing. Reluctantly I nodded my head yes.

“I was just going to get some lunch and maybe go for a walk with the pups. You’re welcomed to join. Realize though that this is an one time thing and if you piss me off you will be walking home alone. So get what you have to say out while you can. Follow me to my car.” I didn’t mean to come off so harsh, but I didn’t want this getting back to Dave with the wrong information. I didn’t know what he thought about me anymore, but hearing that I with Nix hours after having sex with him would definitely not be good for anyone. Especially Phoenix.

The entire ride was spent in this awkward silence that irritated me to my soul. Usually when people say they want to talk words are spoken. I didn’t know if my brush off had made him lose confidence or if he’d gone quiet because my phone would ding with a new incoming message every now and then.

There could only be one of two thoughts running through his head because of it.

He was flashing back to being on campus where he met a different Maria. One that wasn’t so complicated and was just trying to have a little fun.

Or he knew it was Dave texting me and all he wanted to do was getaway from me because he didn’t want to write another check his ass couldn’t cash.

I’m banking on the latter.

I decided to just go through a drive thru and head towards the park. The faster I got this over with the better. After another thirty minutes of silence I was finally pulling up to the park and irritated as hell.

“Don’t you know that it’s rude as fuck to stare at someone while they eat.” I spat stuffing the last of my food in my mouth before getting out and letting the pups out. Either they felt the negative energy or they really didn’t like Nix. They slept the entire time. If Dave was here they’d be hopping back and forth on the seats.

“As I’ve always said Spice, you interest me.” he flashed an award winning smile at me, but I felt nothing. I didn’t even get that little tingle in my groin like I used to at school. It was like once I realized the connection with Dave, I couldn’t see him like that anymore. The little bit of attraction I had to force myself in was no longer there.

“What do you want from me Nix?” I sighed exasperated. He was tiring me with this back and forth. I didn’t know how much more clear I could be. I had no interest in him what-so-ever.

“I just want to talk, Spice. You never really gave me the chance, you’d spout your hatred and walk away as if that was that.”

“Can you really blame me? Back at school, you wanted to rant about how you were probably better than whatever guy I was waiting on. Now you think you know something and I really don’t want to hear about it.”

“You don’t know him, Spice.” he groaned.

“You don’t know that Nix, but please enlighten me.” We had finally stopped walking to sit down on a bench as the dogs kept just enough distance between us. They would play for a bit and then just sit and watch us. I found it cute how they trusted no one but Dave, but a part of me felt like he’d taught them that.

“Look, I know I don’t know what he’s told you, but he’s not the person he pretends to be. When we first moved to his hometown, everyone surrounded us. Something about being the new kids in such an intricate little town made us instantly popular. One thing we were warned about was to stay away from the freak. The freak being Dave. We were never really given any specifics, but we were told that he was a murderer and had put an innocent person behind bars to cover his own ass.” I scoffed as I rolled my eyes. That was no innocent person in jail.

“What was the story you heard about that?” I asked wanting him to continue.

“I was never told it, but from the bits and pieces I’ve overheard or been told I have some of an idea. There was this girl named Natalie and Dave was obsessed with her. He followed her everywhere and felt like he had some claim to her because they were neighbors and their parents knew each other.” I gritted my teeth as I clenched my fist to keep me from punching him. That just wasn’t true at all. During one of the few times were everything was copacetic after we had sex, I’d gone through his phone. He still had the messages with her. It was like they were saved to the point where no matter how many times he upgraded his phone, they’d always be there. If what they had was obsession, then it was a mutual thing. It was a beautiful thing to witness second hand. They had a true friendship without any unlying feelings. It was inspiring. “Anyways, the guy he narced on was Natalie’s real boyfriend. I was told that they were completely in love and Dave just couldn’t let it go.” Now I was getting mad. Her last few messages indicated that she wasn’t utterly in love. Reading them had sent a chill down my spine. One of the last ones said ‘Dave please. Talk to me Davey, I’m scared and I need your help. I’ll be waiting for you on your porch after the game.’ That was sent the night she died. “His jealousy enraged him and after the guy so generously gave him a ride, Dave saw her waiting for them and just grabbed the wheel. Justin, that was the boyfriend’s name, tried to grab the wheel and calm him down but it was too late. He’d hit her with the car. Justin parked the car and instantly ran to see if she was okay. Dave just laughed and went inside. After everything Justin told everyone that Dave had been abusing her and that’s why she was so scared and nervous all the time.” I stared at him with wide-eyes. Clearly this was a bullshit story Justin had spread about and it made no reason. Why would your boyfriend hangout with a guy who’s abusing you out of jealousy and do absolutely nothing? Especially if he knew about it?

“Nix I-”

“Let me finish before you start defending him.” he spat as my arm jerked, but I held myself back. His gullibleness was already irritating, but yelling at him had me itching to kick his ass. “For months I tried to warn my sister to stay away. When they started dating I was against and tried my hardest to get her to break up with him. All he did was smoke and drink and be a bum anyways. Why was she so attracted to him? It didn’t make sense. Finally I told her what I just told you and she went to end it. Instead of letting her go the psycho nearly killed her. So I don’t care what he’s told you. I know what I know. He’s no good Spice and eventually he’ll hurt you too. He’ll turn you black and blue if he doesn’t kill you. It seems to be his pattern.” Now I that was it.

“Nix you don’t know shit. Everything you have been told is a story full of bullshit to make the guilty party seem innocent. I know the complete truth. Maybe you should find it before sitting here spewing bullshit out of your mouth. Now I agree, him putting hands on your sister was wrong, but now I know it was just as much your fault as it was his.”


“It only happened because of something she said, now I know it was because you put those in her head. Good-bye, don’t talk to me again and have fun walking home.” I rolled my eyes as I stood to leave whistling for the pups. He sat there stuck. I had no idea if he believed a word I said or not, but I had to tell Dave. The minute I was back in the car I texted him.

Minnie: I just had a conversation with Phoenix. I know why he really hates you. You won’t like it.

Mickey: I already have an idea of what it is. See you in an hour or so?

Minnie: Okay.

Clearly things were going to get worse before they got better.

Dave’s p.o.v.

Mickey: I already miss the feel of you. How warm you are. The way your eyes sparkle when you look at me. How soft and shy your voice gets when you’re talking about how you feel. I just miss you.

Mickey: I also miss the sexual aspect of it. How your back arches up off the bed when I’m touching you just right. How stiff your nipples feel between my teeth as you’re begging me to me to bite a little harder. The way your hands pull my hair when my tongue is hitting all the right spots. How your ass jiggles after my hands comes down on it harshly with the intent to leave a print. Damn, I can’t wait to get back to you already.

It was clear that I only had a one track mind in the moment. I was just making it worse on myself even though I was supposed to be taking care of actual business right now. However, they were late and I needed a distraction. I hated lying to Maria like this, but she wouldn’t understand it right now. For her to truly be mine, I needed to do this. I had to make peace with my past. If I couldn’t make it with Natalie, the least I could do was get it with Persephone.

Minnie: Well I’m out right now getting food and hanging with the kids. So if you don’t want me to give some stranger the best memory he’ll ever have, I’d advise you to stop.

I laughed as I responded to her. The jealousy tactics didn’t work anymore. I knew what I wanted and how to get it. She was mine again the moment her eyes laid on me.

Minnie: Well would you look at fate. I just ran into Phoenix.

And I was wrong. I felt the frown on my face as the jealousy began to build. My brain told me she wouldn’t do that, but my heart wouldn’t listen. I knew better than to give in to the rage my heart begged for.

Mickey: Bad girls will get bad girl treatments. At least then the rumor of me being a murderer will be true.

Minnie: Is the big bag lone wolf gonna spank me and make me his luna?

I actually snorted causing the soda I’d been drinking to spurt out of my nose and burn like hell.

“Fucking shit.” I groaned, still chucking.

Mickey: I can’t believe you really just said that. Thanks for the laugh.

“Dave?” came a soft voice as I pressed send. She was finally here. Her voice made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. She didn’t sound terrified, or like she’d been struggling with the decision to come meet me or not. She sounded sure of it. Slowly I forced myself to look up and meet her eyes. They softened as she stared down at me. It wasn’t a look I had been expecting to get. Before I knew it I was in tears muttering apologies as she cooed little nothings to calm me down.

“I don’t get Sunshine. Why don’t you hate me?” I cried trying hard to wipe away the tears that just felt like they wouldn’t stop.

“Because of that right there. Someone who breaks into tears from the sight of you can’t be a bad guy. From what I see, he’s not, but he is still a bit broken and lost just trying to find his path. He now knows what love is again and he’s determined to have it the right way for once. What I see is a good person who’s bad mistakes. I don’t hate him and I don’t judge him for what he did when he was an idiot and young teenger. He couldn’t truly grasp the reality of what he was going through or the emotions he was feeling. He didn’t understand the concept of asking for help and a whiny jealous idiotic teenage girl was not any help. I don’t blame him and he shouldn’t blame himself.”

“My age at the time doesn’t change that what I did was wrong.” I breathed the guilt sitting heavy in my stomach. “I deserve your hate or some type of retaliation.”

“Pumpkin, even if I wanted revenge, there’s nothing I could that would hold the amount of weight of the guilt and shame you’ve placed yourself under. Let me tell you something since you can’t seem to understand it yourself. While my brother and most of the town was listening to the bullshit rumors that had spread, I was listening to stories. Hell those stories are part of the reason I’d been so jealous that day. I knew what that week was for you. I knew about the way you two went all out for each other’s birthdays. I knew how the first time you missed a week, she died a couple of days later. I knew how you still tried to do little things to let her know, but the true culprit in her death wouldn’t let her enjoy it. I knew the truth of who my little sad pumpkin was. The stories made more sense than the rumors. I saw in the mornings when you would sit by this tree with a book and no one would bother you. It was like some unspoken rule about that particular place, moment and time. So I asked your mom and she told me all about how the both of you would find series to read and sit there together all summer devouring book after book. I didn’t care about the rumors because I had seen glimpses of your soul; of who you truly were. The rumors painted a different picture than the Dave I knew. So ignore them, but still that jealous monster inside of most teenagers was telling me that you couldn’t love me because you loved her and it would always only be her. Then Phoenix came to me telling me all the things he’d thought I’d been ignoring. I knew how much you hated those rumors. I’d been around on plenty of your bad days and held you as you cried about wishing people would believe the truth. Something in me had snapped though and for the first time I believed it. I was hurt and felt like my feelings had been played with. It was a waste of time and I was pissed. I wanted to hurt you. I intentionally pushed your buttons and when you struck me I’d realized I’d gone too far. At first I did hate you and wanted you to burn in the deepest levels of hell, but I got help. I got with you for all the wrong reasons and when it wasn’t going according to how I wanted it I snapped. I was the new girl and I just wanted to be the one to show the town that the villain was really a hero. I wanted to be popular and be able to brag about how I changed you. This is in no way an out for you. Nor an excuse. This is me saying, even though what you did was wrong, I know I play a part in it. That is why I dropped the charges. That’s why I asked that you get help also. It was so that we could both be better people.”

The way she spoke with such conviction almost had me in tears again. Besides Maria and my parents, she was the only one who truly understood me and saw past my mistakes. The feeling was different with her and I couldn’t help it as I stood up bringing her up with me and pulling her into a tight hug. Separating us just a little bit I looked her in the eyes and said the words I never thought I would be able to.

“My little Sunshine I am so sorry for putting my hands on you. There is nothing I could ever do to bring back that piece of you I broke that day and I will forever regret it. You didn’t deserve that. It doesn’t matter what I was going through, the situation I was in or whatever was said; I should have shown restraint and never let it get that far. You are a beautiful Queen and should always be treated as such. If given the chance I will try to make it up to you better than my best capabilities. I promise.”

“Just treat her better. I’ll get my brother to back off. Let’s rebuild our friendship and maybe one day the three of us could sit and talk. You may have had a few bad days and ended it the worst way possible, but you still were a decent enough boyfriend on your good days.” she teased as she laughed and we sat back down. My phone vibrated with an incoming message from Maria. I read it and rubbed my temples trying to keep myself in check. “What’s wrong Pumpkin?”

“Your brother is spreading rumors again.” I sighed.

“I’ll talk to him.” was all she said before getting up to kiss me on the cheek and leaving. I wouldn’t revert. This time I was going to prove different. I was going to do something special for Maria and I had the perfect thing in mind.

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