Three’s A Crowd

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Katy moves away from a dark past, to land an amazing job as a PA to London’s most eligible bachelor and playboy, but what happens when you throw his business partner, a love triangle and a hell of a lot of emotions! In the mix? One hell of a ride!!!! A dark past, hot boss, his hot business partner and work, all mixed together what could go wrong?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Katy wakes up turning off her alarm, she rolls out of bed, today she was starting her new job and she was so excited, she was becoming personal assistant to London’s biggest bachelor/Playboy Chase Marcel who was CEO a co founder of a billon pound company he was in partnership with Mason Patricks both absolutely beautiful men but Mason seemed to be less intimidating then Chase, she knew this was well aware how amazing this opportunity was for her, people would kill for that job, she was honoured to get it, after the very daunting and intense interview process, but she was going to prove she was worthy of this.

Katy is soon outside the tall building ready to go in and start the day, she heads straight up to her post, and checks in with Chase and takes place at her work desk, she gets started on what she needs to, after a couple of hours, she hears a voice that pulls her from her work “Miss Jane”

She looks up and see’s Mason standing there “Mr Patrick, you're here for the meeting?" he nods, she feels his eyes burning in to her, as she picks up the phone and rings through to Chase to let him know Mason was there, as she hangs up looking back up at him with a smile “Mr Marcel says to go through”

Mason nods “thank you, oh and Miss Jane?"

She looks up at him again through her lashes “yes Mr Patrick?"

Mason grins “welcome to the company, and may I be bold to say you look incredible” she feels herself burn red, as he smirks and walks past and in to the office. Katy shakes her head with the thoughts she was having and settles back in to his work.

As the day comes to an end, Mason reappears, “Miss Jane?"

She snaps her head up “yes Mr Patrick?"

He smiles “can I take you for a drink, think of it as welcome drink?" she thinks for a second

Before she can answer, Chase calls out from behind her “Maybe tomorrow Mason, I need Miss Jane to stay to help with some paper work”

Mason puts his hands up with a chuckle “ok Miss Jane how about tomorrow after work?"

Katy could feel the tension like Chase was angry but why, Katy looks up at him “sure of course Mr Patrick, I would like that”

Mason claps his hands together “that's a date then, oh and please call me Mason” he winks at her walking off smirking, she feels like she wants the ground to swallow her, Chase is standing so close she can smell his cologne

Katy turns and looks up at Chase “what can I help you with Mr Marcel?" he stares her down, like she was his prey, she feels her skin burn under his gaze, for a minute she feels this weird sexual tension and thinks its just her but can she sense it from him too? but it was kind of intimidating

He turns to face her ”just send these two emails, that will be all Miss Jane, See you tomorrow” he walks back in to the office closing the door, she gets the emails done, then heads off home.

As she walks through the door her best friend Grace calls out “KATY YOU ARE HOME! she runs out of her room hugging her nearly knocking her to the floor in excitement “TELL ME EVERYTHING”

Katy bursts out laughing “what no wine” Grace legs it to the kitchen grabbing a bottle and 2 glasses runs back in to the living room throwing her self on the sofa pouring 2 glasses out, Katy is laughing her head off “you are terrible”

She wiggles her eyebrows at her “that’s why you love me!!! now spill it!!" Katy sits down taking a sip of her wine and tells her everything of her day. Grace sits opened mouth “YOU ARE GOING OUT FOR A DRINK WITH MASON! can I come, I’ll be good! I PROMISE"

Katy bursts out laughing “no, but I'm sure we will have a replay of this, even though it's just a drink Grace there will be nothing to tell”

Grace sighs dramatically “you’re no fun!" they catch up with everything else, and talk about the night out they was having with their mutual best friends Justin (who has a massive crush on Katy but she only saw him as a brother) Kelly and Josie they all grew up in school together, then they have dinner then Katy turns in for the night.

The following day the day goes smoothly, apart from the fact she felt Chase watching her every move, she was thankful it was coming to the end of the day, as she is finishing up Mason appears “ready for that drink?!"

She laughs “You have no idea!"

He chuckles, then looks up at Chase's office “I’m sure I do....." she finishes up collects her stuff and she knows Chase is watching, she heads out with Mason, they walk down the street and enter a bar, they order drinks and take a seat “so Miss Jane, how are you finding it the last couple of days”

she smiles over “please call me Katy, and intense to say the least...."

he chuckles and takes a sip of his beer, he looks over at her, her raven hair neatly falling off her shoulders, green eyes full of life, that he could stare in to for days, and lips he wanted so badly to taste...he snaps back out of his thoughts “Yes, Chase can be..." he pauses for a second only for them to hear another enter the conversation

“Chase is what?" they both turn to see Chase standing there, “Don't mind me, I thought it was work drinks, and considering she is my assistant it was only fair I’d be here?"

Katy bites her lip nodding “the more the merrier right?"

Mason looks a little pissed and nods “of course” Chase disappears and gets a drink, and joins them at the table after an uncomfortable half hour, they get in to just talking.

As it starts getting late, Katy stands “well its been fun, but I should be getting home, thanks for tonight”

Mason stands “I will give you a lift home”

Chase buts in again without given a chance to reply “Not necessary, I can do that”

Mason starts to get really annoyed, and through grit teeth “ok” Mason turns to Katy taking her hand and kissing it “tonight has been a pleasure Miss Jane, hopefully we can do this again WITHOUT any interruptions” he throws daggers at Chase

Katy nods “goodnight Mr Patrick” he gives her a wink and takes his leave.

Katy puts her coat on and goes to head for the door, Chase reaches for her arm "Miss Jane” in that one touch, the electric that pulsed through them both, her hairs stood up on end, she freeze's

He instantly snaps his hand back as she turns “yes Mr Marcel?"

Chase smirks “I meant it, I’ll give you a lift”

She shakes her head “It's fine but thank you”

Chase holds the door for her to exit they walk outside “I insist”

One painful silent drive back to her house, as she goes to exit “thank you Mr Marcel, see you tomorrow”

he nods “just one more thing”

she turns “yes?"

he looks at her dead in the eye “please don't date Mason”

her smile drops “excuse me?"

he smirks “bad for business and all” she gets out shutting the door and walks in to the house. She tells everything to Grace and they discuss it a bit before both heading to bed.

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