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I is Tina

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This novel is a real-life story of a troubled, bold businesswoman. Her struggle to run her business, maintain her standards, keep her family intact, bear her abusive husband, and also save him from death..all this while fulfilling her favorite hobby and need - Sex. A tale of her pains, sacrifice, lies, and also love for her kids. Just like a queen in a game of chess, who has no restrictions of movement in any direction, Tina also moves about in her life the same way. She likes to win all the time..but can she...who can..? She lives her life like a bestseller, a topper, a winner all the way. She does not shy away from responsibilities and risks and gives her best to everything and everyone..will she win in the end..? The story takes a deep insight into her psyche, her mindset, and her deepest feelings. She faces all challenges to the best of her strength. Will she win in the end? Will she gain the respect that she craves for? Or will she lose in the end? The novel explores her life closely. If stories of sex, romance, thrill, compromise, and excitement entertain you, this is an all in one novel. As it is based on a real-life case, you can relate to this thriller to a great extent. As such, life is full of surprises and excitement and this novel is a great entertainer. The novel also highlights a humanity cause and will set you thinking about the importance of relatio

Drama / Erotica
Ashutosh Jaiswal
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I is Tina..

This story is inspired from a real life person…

The story of a woman who struggled in business, married life, health and social life.

She was not much educated, but was street smart

She did not look like a model, but was attractive

She had a love marriage, but an abusive husband

She loved her family, but wanted to be alone

She hated her husband, but saved him from disaster

She loved sex, and was open minded about it

A confused mind, but full of decisions

A queen, as in a game of chess, but battered

A success chaser, but widely used

Will she come out of her struggles and pains

Will her guilt of infidelity let her breathe easy

Will she get the respect and attention she craved for

Where is she headed…and where will she reach

This is Tina’s story…a 37 year old woman who had seen it all

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