The Fake Alpha

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My people are the ones that you think aren't real. The ones that make even the bravest quiver. Tales of the most wicked minds. That's what we're believed to be. We hide in the night and yet we walk among you in the light of day, in the skin of your kin. My story is one of forbidden love and mystifying creatures. A passion that burns even though shouldn't. A kind of Lust that is forbidden even in our world. The kind you'd only think of in your fantasies. Come with me into my battles of right and wrong, tradition or love, wisdom or idiocy. Come meet the pack. * Mystic wolf howls*

Drama / Erotica
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Rituals were a common occurrence with the pack there were so many different ones. All significant in different ways. For example, The Mating ritual. Which occurs during the mating season. A time when those unmatted and matted alike meet together and form a bond with each other. One that is in place to fulfill their needs. On a night like that, you’ll be paired up either by the system or by your Partnering mark. Unfortunately for most, the partnering system didn’t always let you get what you wanted. Especially since it wasn’t up to you. it was by the order of the goddess, Or by luck.,All pack members 16 and up participated. It wasn’t a choice and if you didn’t….

Well, there would be punishments.

There was also the Placement ritual where you found out your status in life. Many different things would accurately determine whether you were an alpha, beta, or omega. Each one coming with its perks. your DNA changes you become more powerful and your status in life evolves as well. If you were an alpha you would be giving a better role in the community. If you were a beta all you had to do was work as hard as you could and remain normal. If you were an omega .. well then you were a breeder. Your life wasn’t gonna be that good especially with the effect it has on your body. But if you were an omega you had a better chance of finding your mate. The only problem was finding your partner before you ended up being forced to mate. Or turned into a toy or servant. There were many others but those main two being my biggest problem. YOU see I had always been a freak among my peers. I was always just a shadow on my sister. it wasn’t their fault thou. I enjoyed the peace it gave me. It allowed me the freedom to be with HIM. HE always knew the difference, always knew how it felt, and accepted me as is. This was why I had made plans unfortunately I was doomed to fail and that was because both ritually were occurring. I had no choice since it was my time

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