A Letter to Julia

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Chapter 15

A Long Summer Gets Longer

August 18, 2012: My son Adam’s and his new bride Sara’s wedding was yesterday.So much of what I write about in this book is depressing that I’m thrilled at the chance to write about something fun and uplifting.As you know the house Helen and I live in was self built on lake property my parents bought in 1953; property that we used to camp on as my brother and I were growing up.Adam and Sara thought the family history, the nice setting, and the fact that our family built the house ourselves made it perfect for their wedding.

Sara had found a picture of an arbor on the Net that she wanted duplicated for their wedding.That arbor was made out of “found branches”. I’m delivering flowers for our Enumclaw flower shop most everyday so it gave me a chance to scope out places where I could find them.I wanted branches that were weathered and dry, but not rotted.In our Pacific Northwest climate any downed branches in the woods soon rot.Some of my deliveries are to the small town of Greenwater on the way to Mt Rainier.On that trip I pass several clear cuts where the residue left over from logging is bulldozed into piles; piles of sticks that have weathered in the open!After contacting the owners of the property Mary and I drove up and secured a nice bundle of sticks and a day’s work later the arbor was ready for use.

Sara had gone down with Mary and Helen to the wholesale flower warehouse to pick out the flowers she wanted for the wedding.It seemed fitting that our flower shop would do the flowers.Our neighbors on both sides are gracious people and they let us use their properties to set up tables on.In addition to the brides bouquet there would be flower arrangements on the tables and a beautiful arrangement on the top of the arbor.Sara’s family had made several long streamers that stretched from our neighbor’s and our lakeside decks to the fir tree that the arbor was under.Each streamer had pennants strung on it that were the colors of Utah, where Sara grew up, and Washington where Adam grew up. White lights were also strung down the streamers.As darkness fell the yard was turned into a fairyland of lights.

Sara and Adam wanted people to enjoy the lake so the first part of the wedding, from 5 to 7:30 PM was for “festivities”.People swam, played games, and went boating on the lake.Sara is very artistic and she handmade games and horses to ride for the little kids.She and her family also made decorated wands with streamers and ribbon for the little girls to hold and wave. After the ceremony and the dancing started it was fun to watch the big girls also enjoying dancing with them.In keeping with the “do it ourselves” life of our family they had friends and family make chili and cornbread.This was a big hit with the guests as they had lots of different versions to choose from.

Sara and Adam didn’t want someone to marry them that they didn’t know so they asked Adam’s youngest sister Megan to do the honors.Megan jumped at the chance.Sara’s brother David would co-officiate with Megan.For the procession down the aisle (Sara wore her handmade wedding dress) Megan played the ukulele, Adam the guitar and David the sax.Mary’s daughter Julia and our other granddaughter Annelies were flower girls. Sara had wanted Adam to sing his vows to her, but he told everyone that he would be too nervous.But he was secretly practicing at work and surprised us all with an original song for his vows.It was very nice having Megan and David do the ceremony as they did it using a poem that they wrote taking turns reciting it.

After Adam and Sara were pronounced man and wife, Mary and Megan sang a duet with Megan playing the ukulele.What a pleasure it was to see Mary like her old self before Mirapex ran a train through our family.Mary has definitely recovered from the ravages of Mirapex, but the emotional scars might never heal and the lost years with her daughter Julia will never be recovered.

Our four children had gone out for a “sibling night” and at an Irish bar listened to and met the featured singer.All our kids learned to dance when we built the dancehall at our Hobart home.When he played an Irish waltz Adam got up and danced with Megan.He took a liking to the kids and though he never does private venues he agreed to come and play for the dancing at the wedding.What a pleasure it was to dance with our children and it was a special pleasure to see Mary having such fun.When he took a break he turned the guitar over to Adam who played several songs and kept the dancing going.He invited Adam to come back to the bar and play.

September 29, 2012: We have just finished moving my son Adam and his wife Sara in with us.Sara will deliver our granddaughter in December and even though Sara can get six weeks leave from work to care for the baby, the leave is unpaid.They can’t continue to rent and meet all their other expenses.Since all of our other kids have moved out we have two adjacent upstairs bedrooms at the opposite end of the log bridge from our bedroom.I’ve installed a door in the hallway before the upstairs bathroom so they will have a private front room, bedroom and bathroom at one end of the house.Each room has access to a private covered deck.Our basement is now filled with their belongings that can’t fit in the upstairs rooms, but both Helen and I are happy to have them share our home.After Sara goes back to work they will look to purchase their own home.Adam has learned how to build and remodel houses from our long years of do-it-yourself endeavors, and Sara is very artistic and creative.It will be fun to see how they turn a new house into a home for themselves.

October 11, 2012:I’m sitting in the flower shop waiting for Mary to finish a bouquet so I can deliver it.I just checked on Pacer and Judge Davis has yet to post a decision to Lee’s objections.Lee sent a letter several weeks ago that if Davis’ decision went against us he wouldn’t appeal it to a higher court as he thinks that would be futile.If Judge Davis rules against Mary and the other four, then it’s lights out, game over.The flowers shop is not making it financially.Mary, Helen and myself are spending long hours for virtually nothing in return and we can’t go on like this.There is a smaller shop available in town, but we don’t really have the money to move.We don’t know what to do!

November 12, 2012:Another flower shop disaster!We have just decided to rent the smaller shop in town, but now someone else had beaten us to it.We could have saved almost one thousand dollars a month on rent and heat and lights.I would have had to build a new flower cooler out of the old one, but I figured out how to do it.Now we will try advertizing for someone to put their business in part of our shop and share the rent and utilities.

December 18, 2012:We haven’t heard from Judge Davis yet, but we finally have some good news in the midst of all the gloom and despair.My son Adam and his wife Sara just had our fourth grandchild; a healthy baby girl just named Georgia Moon Locatelli.Holding her makes me feel like the world might just be OK after all. Georgia is coming into a strong family as we have survived and stayed together through deaths and other trials and we will survive Mirapex as well.

December 25, 2012: We have just finished opening our Christmas presents.Adam, Sara and Georgia, who is celebrating her first Christmas, were here as well as Mary and Julia and Megan and Kyle (her significant other) who all stayed overnight.What a joy to have all of them here Christmas morning.I’m taking a break before starting to fix our traditional Christmas day dinner where our oldest daughter Amy and her family will join us for more present opening and festivities.

This moment away from the bustle of presents and cooking is a good time to remember what is important in my life.I may be beset by money problems and health problems that have to be put on hold for now, but I realize that I am rich in children and grandchildren.Many of our friends have children and grandchildren that live in other states. To have our whole family here around us is a real blessing.I know these sentiments are considered trite by some, but not by me.I mean every word.I am rich in ways that money cannot buy and I’m truly grateful for it

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