A Letter to Julia

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Chapter 19

A Nice Wedding Interlude

July 24, 2013:Helen’s cataracts in her eyes had been getting progressively worse every month.I didn’t think that she would be driving much longer.Again, through the kindness of others she is having surgery on her right eye today and will get surgery on her left eye on the 31st (my birthday).

August 1, 2013:One month and counting. The last of my four children, Megan, is getting married at our house on Pipe Lake on August 31st.Now the push is on to get the house and yard cleaned up in time for the wedding.Adam and Sara are busy boxing up what they had stored in our basement and getting ready to move all of it into a storage facility.With some creative shoving and stacking we should be able to get their pieces of furniture into what little space is left in our two storage rooms in the basement.Cleaning up is a tall order with trying to keep on top of the Mirapex lawsuit, run the flower shop, babysit Georgia and everything else that makes up life.Our family has always been able to come through in all that we have needed to do, but there is always a first time for everything, especially where failure is involved.

Megan is planning the wedding and taking care of all the ordering and food preparation.She will be married in our kind neighbor Bob’s yard.She will use the same arbor that I made for our son’s and his wife Sara’s wedding.All the tables will be set up in our yard.She is planning for about 240 people to attend.It will be impossible to accommodate that many people under tents.We will need the weather Gods to shine on us.

Unfortunately I would like to keep this chapter only about the wedding as it would be a relief to talk about something else for a change.But, it seems that Mirapex will never be finished ruining our lives.Today I went on PACER and looked at the reply of the defendants to Mary’s lawyer’s objections.When a motion is made the side making the motion argues its case (the defendants).Then the other side (Mary’s side) has a chance to argue their case.The last word is always given to the side that first put in the motion (why is that?). The defendants just put in their last word and it is something beyond the unbelievable.I don’t whether to laugh or cry or curse.Actually I did all three in the course of a few minutes.

I won’t bore you with all their legal bull---, but you might be interested in this part of their argument:

“Moreover, Ms. Magalhaes’ and the Locatellis’ affidavits are rife with conjecture, irrelevance, argument, conclusion, hearsay, and baseless diatribes and ad hominem attacks at Magistrate Judge Noel and the integrity of the judicial process, No matter how disappointed Plaintiffs and the Locatellis may be with the Magistrate Judge’s rulings, nothing warrants their unfounded charges that, inter alia, Magistrate Judge Noel “totally ignored” or “completely ignored” Plaintiffs’ evidence; that it “has and had to be perfectly clear to Judge Noel” that Mr. Thompson lacked settlement authority (not how we said it) ; that they were “appalled and shocked” by the Magistrate Judge’s ruling; and, that Plaintiffs are now victims of a unfair and unjust judicial process run amok (nice touch, but not our words) . These utterly baseless claims disparage the character and abilities of an able and respected jurist and the integrity of the judicial process and have absolutely no place in the Record.”

What I had to say about this couldn’t be printed in any decent book, but here is what my son-in-law emailed to me after he read it.This captures perfectly my feelings and can be reproduced here.

”What brown-nosers!!! They’re [defendants] totally sucking up to Noel, acting like they are totally appalled on his behalf.

“These utterly baseless claims disparage the character and abilities of an able and

respected jurist and the integrity of the judicial process and have absolutely no place in

the Record. The Court may, and should, properly strike them of its own accord.”

I love it! All ye Corporate lawyers of honor and integrity, Unite in defense of poor judge Noel, against the attacks from the Evil Magalhaes Monster!!!!

I have to hand it to them....they are extremely clever in twisting the facts, playing on emotions, and conjuring “rock solid logic” from nothing, or even from contradictory facts. It definitely takes a “special” person to be a good corporate lawyer.

I hope you are right about Judge Davis. Noel is probably a lost cause.

This is pretty intriguing. I guess it’s all in Judge Davis’ hands now.


Remember that Mark was also trained as a scientist.He has many years under his belt and he is highly respected in his field by other scientists.He can easily recognize bull--- when he sees it.How Judge Davis will react is anybody’s guess.Will the judge jump to the defense of “poor Judge Noel”, or actually base his decision on the facts as presented, not as made up by the defendants.I’m not too hopeful.People in the same profession normally close ranks against outsiders when one member is attacked.That is why doctors that are “butchering” patients often are able to keep practicing.I may be asking too much to believe that Judge Davis will put aside personal feelings and decide this motion purely on the legal merits of the arguments.

August 22, 2013:Helen had her last checkup after her eye surgery today.Her vision is vastly improved and will be perfect after minor corrections from glasses.Evidently her astigmatism made it almost impossible to pick the right artificial lens for each eye.Helen is thrilled and I’m relieved to have her eyesight restored.She will be able to see her daughter married.How great is that? I will never understand humans.It seems we are capable of such extreme cruelty to each other, but also great acts of kindness.

August 29, 2013, Morning: All of us have been working steadily this last week to get the house cleaned up and ready for the wedding.I’m pretty worn out.Today is the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.The weather is not in our favor today as thunderstorms are predicted which is fairly unusual for Western Washington.

August 29, 2013, Evening:And thunderstorms it was!We managed to sneak in the rehearsal between downpours.The rest of the day was spent cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.Adam and Sara didn’t sing at the rehearsal, but all the young people (Helen included in the “young people at heart” group) stayed up and Sara and Adam sang the song they planned to sing at the wedding and then Adam played the guitar and everyone sang.I would have liked to have joined in, but I was too tired from all the preparation.I need rest, rest and more rest!

August 31:People are still dancing.I can hear the music and laughter from my bedroom.It’s midnight and I’m putting my granddaughter Georgia to bed so Sara can enjoy dancing with Adam.It was a dream wedding, much like Adam and Sara’s wedding in terms of happiness, joy and gaiety.

In addition to our yard we used the neighbor’s yards on each side of us. In one yard we set up all the chairs (we had 225 guests come) facing the lake.We used the same arch I made for Adam and Sara’s wedding, but this time it was down by the lake shore.Tiki torches lined the center aisle.Our neighbor Bob’s house was perfect for setting up the wedding party.A double door opened onto a patio facing the lake so we were able to line up before walking down the aisle without being seen.Nieces and nephews from both sides of the family lit the torches before the bridal procession.Adam stood in front on Megan’s side and Anna, a good friend of Kyle’s, stood on his side in addition to the normal array of groomsmen and bridesmaids.

When Megan and I came down the aisle everyone waved and smiled.It really was fun and satisfying to be able to walk with my daughter on my arm.Part way through the ceremony I read from “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran.This is one of my all-time favorite books so when Megan asked me to read from it I was really excited.I especially liked the lines:

“And stand together yet not too near together:

For the pillars of the temple stand apart,

And the oak tree and the cypress grow

not in each other’s shadow.”

Adam played the guitar while he and Sara harmonized on the “Offering” by the Avett Brothers.The lines I especially like in that song are:

“And I’ve known others And I’ve loved others too
But I loved them cause they were stepping stones
On a staircase to you”

Those lines fit Kyle and Megan, but also spoke to the strong relationship between Adam and Sara.Helen has been my first and last relationship, but everyone has a different path to finding the one they want to make a family with.The important part in all relationships is the commitment to stay together, and the shared acts of kindness that create the lasting family bonds; bonds that in our family, are being tested every day, but are still holding strong.

The wedding ended with a very happy Kyle and Megan doing “high fives” with the bridal party, then striding down the aisle to the cheers of everyone present.What a great feeling all around.The guests carried the chairs into our yard for the “sit-down” dinner.Kyle is a chef at a Hawaiian Restaurant in Seattle which provided the food.Megan’s friend Katrina baked the pineapple upside-down cakes and an additional Gluten free one for Mary.Anna’s mother provided Mai Tais for everyone.It truly was a family and friends successful production.

All of our children learned to ballroom dance in the Hobart house dancehall.Megan was no exception so she chose a waltz for the Father-Daughter Dance.As we started off swirling around the dance floor I heard someone say “They can dance”!This is a tired cliché, but I going to use it anyway as it truly was “a night to remember”.All too soon I know the disaster and multiple problems of Mirapex would press back into our lives.At least for one evening we can be free from those horrible concerns.

Many of Megan and Kyle’s friends pitched tents in our other neighbor’s yard.Some are sitting around a campfire, and I now I can hear a lot of splashing and laughter coming from the lake. Georgia is fast asleep in our bed, all cozy and safe.Maybe she’s dreaming about her future wedding?At least she has not yet been touched by the deadly hand of the pharmaceuticals and I’ll do everything in my power to keep all those problems away from her.

September 4, 2013:The wedding was like the eye of a hurricane.We were all caught up in the preparations and the wedding activities.All the Mirapex problems were put aside.Almost put aside.I knew that District Judge Davis was going to rule on the challenge by Mary’s lawyer Lee Thompson to the defendants’ motion to have Mary accept the forced offer of $xxxxx.I purposely did not look on PACER to see if any decision had been made as I did not want to ruin the wedding for Mary.Unfortunately, even in the calm eye of the Mirapex hurricane occasionally that pending ruling would surge into my consciousness.It was like being hit with a nausea sledge hammer.I managed to fight those feelings down and still enjoy myself, but it is very, very hard to bear.

Mark has just emailed me.Here’s his first line of his email. “Mary, John-----I don’t know if you already know this via Pacer or Lee.... I went on Pacer this morning and found Judge Davis’ ruling on the motion to enforce settlement, dated August 26.” I had to momentarily stop reading.The “eye” has passed. We are violently tossed into the other side of the Mirapex hurricane and the winds and rain are brutal.

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