California Highway

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Meeting Jade

Tyler returned to his hotel room and noticed a missed call on his cell phone, along with a matching voice message. He pressed play to listen:

Hello, Mr. Bishop. This is Jade Witherson with Bennet, Hamilton & Associates. I was calling to introduce myself as your personal agent. Bob called me a few minutes ago and personally asked that I take care of you and represent you moving forward.

First off, welcome to the family! It’s going to be a pleasure to represent you, and I can’t wait to meet you in person. I would like to set up a very informal meeting with just the two of us just so we can get to know each other.

Second, Bob asked me to get you on our fast path to your first gig with all the bells and whistles. So, I’d like to go over a few venues that we have open in the next few days to see where you fit in and what you will be comfortable with. I’m looking forward to your phone call. Talk to you then.

The young lady’s voice sounded like she should still be in high school. Tyler could not decide if he was calling Robert first or Jade. He chose Jade.

The phone rings a couple of times when he hears, “Hello? This is Jade.”

“Jade, this is Tyler Bishop. You just left me a message.”

“Tyler!” The voice had a lot of excitement in it. “Yes, Thanks for calling me back so quickly. I really appreciate that. So, I’m assuming you heard the message. First, do you have any questions for me upfront?”

Tyler was caught off guard. “No, I don’t think so. Not right now.”

“Well, I’m sure you will. And that’s one of the things I’m here for. I want you to know that I’m here for you. If there is anything, anything at all, that you need, you just let me know.” Jade was excited to be helping Tyler.

“So, Bob wants me to give you the kid-glove treatment. I’m so excited! We’re going to have a lot of fun. I’d like to meet soon so we can get started. What’s your schedule like?”

“I’m open,” Tyler responded. “I’m here with no real agenda. So, you just tell me when you’d like to meet, and I can be there.”

“Perfect.” Jade was speaking so fast, “I’m outside your hotel right now. Why don’t you come down, and we’ll go grab a drink and get to know each other?”

Tyler almost felt like he was being stalked. “Oh, have you been following me?”

Jade laughs. “Me, know. We have other people that do that.”

Tyler was not sure if she was joking or not but laughed politely. “Ok, give me five minutes, and I’ll be right down.”

Tyler took the elevator to the lobby. All he had to go by was a voice on the phone. He started searching for a young lady that seemed to be peppy, like a cheerleader. Tyler did not see anyone that matched. He was thinking that maybe Jade had been misinformed about the hotel he was staying at.

Moments later, a tall man in a black chauffeur’s outfit approached Tyler. “Mr. Bishop, Your car is waiting.”

Tyler followed the man to an awaiting stretch limo in the entry of the hotel. This was Tyler’s first experience being transported in a limo. He could hear people mumbling and pointing at him, trying to figure out who he was.

As he approached the car, the driver opened the door for him. Inside was a short brunette with a smoking hot body, wearing a tight, bright red, form-fitting, short dress. He thought she was absolutely gorgeous. “Tyler!” a yell came from her voice. The voice matched the one on the phone. “I’m Jade. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hi,” Tyler said. It was the only word he could get out of his mouth. He has not sat next to a woman this beautiful in a long time. Tyler thought for a moment. He realized he has never sat next to a woman of this caliber… Ever.

Jade started to speak. “I know this quaint little place here in town that we can go to. Chad knows the way.”

The driver shut the door and got in the front seat. As he is driving away, Tyler looked out the tinted windows and saw more people looking at him, trying to figure out who he was.

Jade started talking, “So, tell me about yourself. Oh my god, we’re going to have so much fun. Bob told me about you and what you do, and I’m so excited to be able to represent you.”

Jade was talking so fast; Tyler could barely keep up with what she was saying and never did have a chance to say anything. It appeared that Jade already knew everything about him. She had clearly done her homework.

Tyler finally sees an opening to talk, “Wow, it seems you know a lot about me already.”

Jade realizes she had been talking all this time. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry. I have a tendency to start talking and not stop. If I ever do that, just stop me. Otherwise, I may just keep going and go…”

“STOP!” Tyler yells.

Jade stops and makes the motion across her lips as if she were zipping her mouth shut. “Sorry.”

“You are one firecracker, aren’t you?” Tyler was wondering if he would be able to handle this. She seemed almost a bit too perky for him.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Bishop. I get excited about new clients. I’ll try to tone myself down.”

“No worries. And, please, call me Tyler,” Tyler said, “So, how long have you been with the company?”

“I started right out of college,” Jade responded. Tyler thinks that it was only about six months ago. “So, for about five years.”

Tyler could not believe it. She is about twenty-seven years old and acts like she is eighteen. He is hoping she can perform the job that Bob asked her to do.

A few minutes later, the car pulls into the parking lot of a restaurant called Mister A’s. Just looking at the outside decor, Tyler knew he was underdressed. “Wow, this place looks nice. Am I dressed okay?”

Tyler was wearing blue jeans and a gray t-shirt. Jade looked him up and down. “Well, you’re not giving me much to work with, but I think you’ll be fine.” She laughs.

The car driver, Chad, opens the side door for the two of them. Tyler, being a gentleman, allows Jade to exit first. He follows behind. Tyler is surprised to see a line of people waiting to get into the restaurant. Jade grabs Tyler by the hand and escorts him past everyone, and walks through the entrance. The maître-d sees Jade and motions her to go ahead and walk inside. Jade takes Tyler to her private table in the back.

Once again, Tyler could hear the whispers in the crowd as they were passing them by. People wondering who they were to be able to get such special treatment.

As they sat down, the waiter approached the table. “Ms. Witherson, it’s a pleasure to see you again. You’re usual?”

“Yes, please. And this is Tyler Bishop.” Jade points to Tyler. “Tyler, what’s your poison?”

“Whiskey neat,” Tyler said.

“Of course, Mr. Bishop. Any preference on the whiskey?”

Tyler was not a connoisseur by any means. So, he just shook his head.

Jade looked at the waiter, “Bring him my favorite. You know what I like.”

“Of course, Ms. Witherson.”

“Wow,” Tyler said with awe, “This place is nice. You must come here often if they know your name and drink.”

“I’m here about once a week,” Jade says. “It all depends on the client and where they want to go. Since you’re new to the area, I just figured we would start here.”

“Good choice,” Tyler responded.

A few moments later, the waiter returned. “A Manhattan for you, Ms. Witherson.” He puts her drink down in front of her. “Mr. Bishop, I hope you find this to your liking. This is Pappy Van Winkles Family Reserve 23.”

“Thank you,” Tyler said. He looks at Jade. “Boy, sounds expensive.”

Jade laughs. “It probably should sound expensive. It’s about twenty-eight hundred dollars a bottle.”

Tyler practically chokes. “How much?”

Jade laughs again. “Yeah. That glass is probably a couple of hundred, at least. Bob asked me to give you the kid-glove treatment, so that’s what you’re going to get. That means the best of the best for you.”

Tyler takes a sip of his Pappy and realizes it is one of the best whiskies he has ever had. He could get used to this.

Jade reaches down and pulls out her smartphone. “Okay, so we need to find a venue for you to play at, and soon. Bob showed me a little bit of the video they did of you in Santa Cruz. I think you would be a great opener for this band on Sunday night.”

“Opener?” Tyler said. “I thought I was getting the kid-glove treatment?”

Jade laughs. “I can’t put you as a headliner until people know who you are. Opening for these guys will definitely get you noticed.”

“Okay, how about a band? Percussion, horns, keyboards? What do you need?”

Tyler thinks for a moment. “Well, I think it’s a bit last minute to put a band together. Why can’t it just be me?”

Jade smiles. “Well, it definitely can be just you. And if you were opening for another single on stage, I may suggest it. But you’re opening for Blue Skylight. They have a full band, and just you opening for them may not be that great.”

Tyler’s eyes got big. “Blue Skylight? They’re nationally known, if not international.”

“Right,” said Jade. “That’s why I would suggest a band. Let me call the office and get that process started. Hold on.”

Jade picks up her phone and dials a speed-dial number. “Martha, Jade here. I’m with Tyler Bishop, and we think we’re going to need a full band accompaniment for him on Sunday night at the Starlight.”

Tyler’s ears perked up as he is listening in on the conversation. If she means the Starlight Bowl, he’s going to freak out.

Jade continues. “Yep, opening for Blue Skylight. They should be great together… Okay… Okay… Great. Thanks, Martha.”

Jade hangs up with Martha and looks at Tyler. “Done. The band will meet you there at six.”

Tyler looks surprised. “Meet me there at six? Don’t we need to rehearse? Practice some songs? Something?”

Jade replies, “Of course. You can use all the time you need during the soundcheck before the show. Plus, they have a video of your set you did in Santa Cruz. They’ll use that to learn the songs. If you have anything new, you can go over that with them before the show.”

Tyler does not know what to say.

Jade continues. “Don’t worry. These guys are excellent. They can pick up a new song in only moments.”

Tyler is sitting there listening to everything Jade is saying when a thought crosses his mind. This may be the big break he has been looking for—time to step up his game and enjoy the ride.

Jade was still talking. “Since you’re getting the kid-glove treatment, I’ll get you the penthouse at one of the hotels. Do you have a preference.?”

Tyler responded, “No. I’m not familiar with enough to really make that choice.”

“No worries. One of my favorites is the Bayfront. We’ll get you in there.” Jade said with a smile. “Chad and I will have the car ready for you around five. That should give us plenty of time to get to the Starlight.”

Jade gives Tyler a look over. “Do you have any other clothes? No matter. We’ll take you shopping.”

Jade puts her planner away and picks up her drink. “Tyler, here’s to a newly founded friendship. I hope you have as much fun as I know I will. Cheers!”

Tyler lifts his glass, now half empty, and makes the toast with Jade.

He could not wait to get back to the hotel room and let Robert know about everything that has happened and will be happening. Since it was late in the evening, he thought he should wait until morning to call.

* * *

The next morning Tyler is awoken by his phone ringing in his hotel room. He answers in a morning groggy voice. “Hello?”

“I Tyler, Jade here.” Jade was her typical perky self.

“Yeah.” Tyler, still half asleep and wants to get back to sleep. Dealing with Jade this early in the morning was not on his agenda.

“Tyler, I’ve arranged for a few stores to open early for us at Fashion Valley.” Jade was excited to be taking Tyler shopping for new clothes. “Can I pick you up in about an hour?”

The first thought that came to Tyler’s mind was to simply hang up the phone. It was way too early, and shopping was the last thing on his mind. However, he knew he needed the new clothes for the gig tomorrow night. And maybe he would be able to talk Jade into buying breakfast, as well. “One hour. Sure. Okay.” Tyler’s voice was still groggy.

Jade laughs. “Are you sure? You still sound like you’re asleep.”

“Yeah. I’ll be there. I just need some coffee and breakfast.”

“No problem. We’ll stop on the way.”

Tyler hangs up the phone and heads to the shower.

An hour later, Tyler is in the lobby of his hotel wearing sunglasses to cut down on the morning’s brightness. In front of the hotel, he sees Chad standing next to the limo. He walks over, and Chad opens the door for him. “Good morning, Chad. Thank you!”

Inside the limo was Jade. “Good morning, sleepyhead!” she said in her perky voice.

“Morning,” Tyler responded. He looked at Jade. She was dressed in black slacks and a white button-down blouse that she seemed to have forgotten to button, exposing the fact that she was not wearing a bra. “Can I ask you a question?” Tyler asked.

“Of course,” Jade replied. “Ask me anything.”

Tyler wanted to be polite. It took him a second to find the right words. “How is it that you are in this good of a mood, looking fantastic, and it’s only eight in the morning?”

Jade smiled. “Well,” she was shy in her response, even though she was flattered that Tyler noticed. “I’m just naturally in a good mood. As for looking good, thank you. I just threw this on without thinking. And, god, I don’t even have any makeup on. I’m sure I look like crap.”

Tyler was still tired, so his response was a bit crude. “Shit. If you want to see what crap looks like in the morning, you should wake up next to me.”

Jade smiled.

Tyler knew as soon as he said that he may have gone too far. “Sorry. I mean…”

“I know what you mean,” Jade replied, still smiling. Secretly, she was thinking about what it would be like to wake up next to Tyler, too. But she wanted to keep it professional. Ever since she first laid eyes on Tyler, she was attracted to him. And as far as just “throwing something on,” she had been up for two hours trying to find the perfect outfit to get his attention.

Jade’s experience with men has never been particularly good. And last night, she had seen what an older, humble man Tyler is, and she liked what she saw. A far change from the scumbags that she has dated in the past. Maybe this is why she enjoyed spoiling and spending time with him because it was a nice change of pace from the assholes that she had dealt with in the past years of working this job.

Tyler, on the other hand, was almost on the same page as Jade. There are not too many girls he would wake up early for. Especially to go shopping with. It was a bonus that Jade had decided to go braless. Tyler was trying to read her signals to see what she was thinking, but it was too soon to tell. He was glad, however, to go with sunglasses. It allowed him to look at her braless chest without being noticed. He thought he would start asking some questions.

“So, Jade,” Tyler started, “what does your boyfriend think of you having this kind of job?”

Jade looked confused. “Boyfriend? Seriously? First off, I don’t have a boyfriend. And second, even if I did, who cares what he thinks. It’s my job.” Jade knew the question was meant to find out her status. “What about you? Do you have a girlfriend worried about you?”

Tyler giggles. “Not anymore. She broke up with me just before the road trip. That’s actually why I’m on this trip. I need to get my head straight.”

“Aww. She broke up with you?” Jade acted concerned. “That’s too bad. You seem like a nice guy. Her loss, I guess.” Jade looked at Tyler with sorrowful eyes and a slight smile with a head tilt. She wanted to make sure that he knew he did not have to be alone on the trip if he did not want to be.

Tyler was starting to pick up signals. And to his delight, they were positive signals. Jade’s big brown eyes and dimples were waving him in. Tyler looked deep into her eyes, and without saying a word, started to lean in to kiss her. Jade did the same thing. The two of them got closer and closer to each other. Tyler is about to put his lips on Jade’s when...

“TYLER… TYLER? Hello.” Jade is in front of Tyler, trying to get his attention. “Are you okay? You kind of zoned out there for a second.”

Tyler realized he had been caught in the middle of a day-time fantasy. He attempts to cover it up, “Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Ok. Looks like we have arrived.” Jade says, “Ready to do some shopping?”

The car had already stopped, and they were in front of Fashion Valley. Chad opens the door, “We’re here. Fashion Valley.”

Jade and Tyler exit the limo and start walking towards the stores.

Jade suggests that they have a light breakfast at a café next door first, before shopping. Tyler agreed.

They grab a small bite and coffee at Better Buzz next door. They sat down outside and started to talk.

Tyler asked, “Are you a fashion expert?”

Jade smiled, “Oh, god no. My taste in fashion is based on what I see and what I feel.”

“Well, you must have 20/20 vision and feel great,” Tyler said, “because you look fantastic. Last night, too.”

Jade smiles. “Thank you. In this business, I have to at least try to look good.” She looks at Tyler with the big brown eyes again. “It’s nice to know that someone appreciates it.” She then picks up her blended iced coffee with whip cream and licks the cream off the top.

Tyler stares intently. “So, a… I, a… um,“ Tyler cannot get any words out.

Jade looks at Tyler and smiles. “So, I thought we would start at the Banana Republic. They have some styles that I think would look rather good on you.” Jade looks Tyler up and down slowly as she is talking. “Then, maybe some shoes. And then,” Jade moves closer to Tyler’s ear and whispers very slowly, “underwear.”

Tyler almost drops his coffee in his lap, and glad that he caught himself before he did. “Okay,” he replies with a confused look on his face.

Jade continued. “Because feeling good on the outside always starts with what you have underneath. If you feel good in your underwear, you’ll feel good in anything you wear.”

Tyler is trying to not act nervous. “That makes sense.” Tyler is wondering what kind of underwear Jade is wearing. If she is this peppy and feeling good, that must be some magical panties she has on. He continues, “You seem to be in a good mood all the time. What kind of underwear do you have on?”

Jade looks at Tyler with those big brown eyes. Tyler thinks he is about to get a rebuking, but instead, Jade does not say anything. She simply smiles and mouths the word, “Nothing.”

Jade now has Tyler’s undivided attention, and she knows it. She knows how to control men, and she is putting on a demonstration this day. And Tyler is along as the pawn in her game of chess.

They finish their coffee and danish and head off to B.R.

After spending the morning trying on clothes and finding a couple of outfits to wear, Tyler and Jade head back to the awaiting limo, where Chad greets them and opens the door for them. “Welcome back!” Chad says with a smile.

When the limo started to move, Jade asked Tyler, “So, do you want to get your stuff from the hotel and head over to the Bayfront?”

Tyler had a confused look on his face, “What? What are you talking about?” Tyler had forgotten that Jade had booked him at the Bayfront Hotel’s penthouse suite.

“The Bayfront,” Jade responded. “We talked about this last night. We’re putting you in the penthouse suite until after your show. I’m assuming you want to get your stuff from the hotel you’re at now.”

Tyler remembered what they had talked about last night. “Oh, yeah. I’ll have to get that.”

“I have a better idea. I can have someone pick everything up and move it to the suite.” Jade was already picking up her phone to make the call.

“Martha, Jade here. Can you send someone to Tyler’s hotel to transfer all his belongings to his suite at the Bayfront?... Yeah… Yes, that’s right… Okay. Thanks, Martha, you’re the greatest.”

Jade looks at Tyler, “Okay, that’s done. That leaves us with the afternoon to do whatever you want.”

Tyler had a good idea of what he wanted to do with Jade but thought better of it. After all, he did not want to jeopardize anything just before his big moment on stage. “Well,” Tyler said, looking at Jade, “I am fairly new to San Diego. What is there to do around here for fun?”

Jade picks up the limo phone to talk to Chad in the driver’s seat. “Chad, we have some time. Can we give Tyler the site-seeing tour of the area? We’ll let you know if we want to stop somewhere.” Jade hangs the phone up.

“Since you are new to the area,” Jade said, looking at Tyler, “let’s take you on the tour. You just let me know if you want to stop and get off… I mean, out.” Jade purposely made the Freudian slip. She was trying to let Tyler know that her services went far beyond just scheduling shows and buying clothes.

Tyler is starting to remember the wink that Bob gave him at the meeting. “She’ll take care of all your needs,” he said. Tyler was starting to think that he meant much more than just being an assistant.

Tyler looks at Jade, smiling from her Freudian slip, “Let’s just do the tour right now. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to get off.” Tyler was testing Jade to see if her slip of the tongue was accidental or accidentally on purpose.

Jade smiles and taps the seat next to her. She motions for Tyler to move from his current seat to sitting next to her. He moves to his new seating location next to Jade.

She smiles at Tyler. She is relieved that he picked up on the direct signal to sit next to her. She was starting to wonder if he was not interested in her. “I hope you had fun this morning, Tyler?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Tyler said. “Normally I don’t like shopping for clothes. But you made it fun.” In Tyler’s mind, he was thinking specifically about how she would adjust his shirt and rub her hand over his pants’ wrinkles. Her touch was so soft and so caring.

Tyler remembered the moment just before arriving at the Fashion Village. The daydream he had of kissing Jade. He thought that this may be the opportunity to make that happen for real.

Tyler looks at Jade, “So, what’s our first stop?”

Jade looks outside the window. “It looks like Chad is taking us to Old Town.” Jade puts her hand on Tyler’s knee. “You’ll like it there.” Tyler was picking up on a clear signal from Jade. “Really, why is that?”

Jade looks at Tyler, “Because it’s ‘Old Town’ and you’re old. You have a lot in common.”

The signal that Tyler was picking up on just turned red. He did not know how to take that last comment. Did Jade think he was too old? Maybe she was joking? It did not matter, Tyler had just been reminded that Jade was almost half his age, and he knew it, AND she knew it.

Jade could sense that Tyler did not like that last comment. “I love Old Town. You look at it and see the experiences it had. It’s so mature. So timeless. So romantic.” She hoped Tyler would pick up that she did not mind older men and did not want him to back off.

Tyler was starting to pick up on the signals again. He thought he would test the waters a bit. He leaned closer to Jade, and looking out towards the window on her side, he pointed, “What’s that over there?”

Jade turned to look and did not know what he was pointing at. She turned back towards Tyler. Their lips met. Tyler kissed Jade and was hoping she would return her lips to his.

Jade reaches up with her hand and grabs the back of Tyler’s head to bring it closer. The two of them share a long, romantic kiss. Their tongues meeting and they perform a short yet romantic dance. They both seemed to realize at the same moment that their professional relationship was headed off course and pulled away.

Tyler looked away. “Sorry, I…”

Jade interrupted. “Don’t be sorry. I enjoyed it.” She smiled.

The thoughts going through Tyler’s mind were moving faster than ever. He was thinking about Karen and, once again, jeopardizing the relationship with her. He thought what would happen if this thing with Jade did not work out—where would that put his career?

Jade, on the other hand, was hoping Tyler would continue with the kiss. This is the first time she had feelings for someone that was a nice guy. She felt that Tyler knew how to treat a woman. He was humble, polite, and good looking. Everything she had been looking for in a man. Not to mention, he may be a big star one day.

The two of them smiled at each other. Even though they both enjoyed the kiss, they both felt it was necessary to slow things down. The tour of San Diego continued.

That afternoon, they arrive at the Bayfront hotel. Someone from the press found out that Bennett, Hamilton & Associates rented the suite. When that happens, the press knows it must be someone big coming to town. Out front of the hotel were about twenty photographers. Jade looks out the window and sees the photographers and then looks at Tyler, “Ready?”

“Ready? For what?” Tyler had no idea what was about to happen.

Jade filled him in on the press. “When the press gets hold of the fact that BHA rented the suite, they assume it’s some big star coming to San Diego. So, all those photographers out there,” she points, “they are here for you.”

“You’re kidding me?” Tyler was in awe.

“Don’t worry,” Jade said. “Just put your sunglasses on and follow my lead. You’ll be fine. Whatever you do, don’t act like you don’t belong here. They’ll pick up on that in a second. Remember, you do belong here. This is all for you.”

The hotel valet opens the limo door. Jade exits first, followed by Tyler. The flashes from the cameras start going off like crazy. People were yelling, asking Tyler to turn their way so they could get a good photo. They followed Tyler and Jade to the hotel lobby door, where they stopped. Jade looks at Tyler, “How are you doing? You handled that well. There is a chance that there may be gawkers looking to take pics of you in the lobby. Just keep walking.”

Sure enough, a few people saw the photographers outside taking Tyler and Jade’s pictures and assumed they were famous. They pulled out their cell phones and started taking pics and videos.

Jade and Tyler make it to the elevator. Jade presses the top floor button to take them to the penthouse. “Who were all those people?” Tyler asked.

“Press. They think you’re a big star.” Jade replied. “Right now, they are looking through their resources to try to find out who you are.” Jade giggles. “I wish I could be there when they find out that your nobody famous…yet.”

Tyler starts to laugh. “That’s funny. So, anyone that comes out of one of your limos is assumed to be famous?”

“Pretty much.” Jade smiles. “Don’t worry. If things work out, one of those pictures that someone took will be worth a lot of money. ‘Tyler Bishop, before he was anyone.’ Crap like that. Not that you’re not someone now.”

Tyler laughs, “I know what you mean.”

The elevator doors open, and there is a small hallway – on each end, there is a door leading to a suite. Jade takes Tyler to the left. “There are two identical suites up here. We’re here on the left.” Jade leans in and whispers, “I’ll let you know who’s next door when we get inside.”

Tyler picked up on one keyword that Jade said. “WE’RE” here on the left. Tyler was not sure if that meant they were both staying there or if that was just a general term.

Jade asks for Tyler’s hand. “This is so you can get inside whenever you want.” She grabs his thumb and sticks it on the thumbpad of the door’s lock. She keys in a unique code—the lock beeps. “Okay, test it out. Just put your thumb on the pad.”

Tyler puts his thumb down, and the lock beeps and flashes green. The door opens automatically. “Wow, that’s cool.”

“I know, right?” Jade said. Even though she had been using that type of door lock in the suite for a couple of years, she wanted to make Tyler feel as if it was something special to be able to open a door with your thumb.

When they enter, the large room is full of oversized windows to display San Diego and the Pacific Ocean’s views. “Wow, this is awesome,” Tyler said as he gazed out one of the windows. A large kitchen with a dining room table was on one end. Tyler opened the fridge to reveal plenty of food and drinks for whatever mood he was in. In the living room, a fireplace in front of the couch. “What? No TV?” Tyler said half-jokingly.

Jade pulls a remote from the side table and presses a button. The painting above the fireplace slides open to reveal a large screen TV.

Tyler walks into the bedroom and sees his guitar sitting nicely in its case on the bed. He opens one of the dresser’s draws and sees all his clothes folded nicely and waiting to be used.

Then, a bellhop shows with the packages they had purchased that morning. “Would you like me to put these away, or lay them out, sir?”

Jade intervenes, “Why don’t you just put them on the bed. We’ll take care of it. Thanks.”

The bellhop places the packages on the bed and leaves. Tyler walks to the bathroom and sees an enormous jet tub and a shower big enough for four people. “This is unbelievable, Jade.”

“I take it that you like what you see?” Jade said, hoping Tyler was picking up on the signal.

Tyler walks over to Jade, who is sitting on the bed. “Listen, about that kiss,” Tyler wanted to clarify things, so Jade was not misinformed. “I was merely caught up in the moment.”

Jade was starting to think that Tyler was not interested in her. She felt that she had to step up her game. “Oh, no worries, Tyler.” She stands up and stands in front of Tyler. “But if you want to get caught up in the moment again,” Jade leans in and whispers in Tyler’s ear, “I’m here.” Jade turns away and walks back into the living room. “Come here. I have one more thing to show you.”

Tyler is picking up on all of Jade’s signals now and clearly knows she wants him to move forward. He follows her into the living room to a stairway on the balcony. Jade leads him up to the roof of the hotel. At the top of the stairs sits a hot tub with a 360-degree view of San Diego. “Wow,” Tyler said. “This is awesome. Too bad I don’t have a swimsuit.”

Jade starts to laugh. “Tyler, this is a hot tub. No swimsuit required.” Jade unbuttons the only button on her blouse and slowly drops her blouse to the ground revealing her perky young breasts. She looks and Tyler to make sure he is watching. Tyler cannot believe his eyes. He thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. He looks intently at her, waiting for his signal.

Jade unbuttons her pants and drops them down to the ground. Just as she had said that morning, she revealed that she did not wear any underwear. Jade is still watching Tyler making sure he does not take his eyes off her. She climbs into the hot tub. “Well,” she says with her sultry look, “are you going to join me?”

Tyler wanted to get undressed slowly like Jade did. But he knew his shirt and pants came off in record time. He now stood there naked. Jade’s eyes got wide. Apparently, she liked what she saw. Tyler got in the hot tub with Jade and sat next to her.

“Wait,” Jade said suddenly. She leaves the hot tub in a hurry, naked as can be, and disappears down the stairs.

Tyler’s first reaction was, “Nice ass,” but then he was confused. Did he misread the signals? Did she not like what she saw? He was perplexed as to what was happening.

Moments later, Jade reappears with two glasses and a bottle of Dom Perigone champagne. Tyler was relieved to see her come back. She opens the champagne and pours a drink for each of them before returning to the hot tub. “Here’s to a wonderful day, Tyler. And I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

They toast, and they sip from their glasses. Tyler moves closer to Jade. Jade moves closer to Tyler. Their lips lock like two magnets. The kisses are passionate. The kisses are wet. Tyler places his hand on one of Jade’s breasts. It is firm and soft. Jade reaches down and puts her hand on Tyler’s now bulging manhood. It is warm and hard. Before Tyler knew it, Jade was climbing on top of him. She reaches in between her legs and puts Tyler’s cock inside of her. She wraps both of her arms around his neck and pulls him closer. Tyler’s face is now up against her breasts. He uses his tongue to grab a nipple. He gentle nibbles and licks. Licks and nibbles. Jade moves her hips up and down slowly.

The heat from the hot tub only intensifies the feeling. The jets blowing on Jade’s bare ass only deepens the sense of ecstasy. Jade is now moaning with deep passion. It is a feeling she has never felt. Feeling Tyler deep inside her, moving ever so slowly, was driving her crazy. She was ready to let go. She wanted to scream, but she held it in. Tyler stood up in the hot tub, Jade still attached. He places her gently on the side of the tub. Without missing a stroke, he continues to drive into her. “Oh, Tyler.” Jade would moan. “Faster. Faster”

Tyler knew she was ready, but he wanted her to wait just one more moment. He moved slower and slower.

“OH TYLER,” she screamed. “OH TYLER, OH, TYLER!”

Tyler knew she was ready. He started to pump faster and faster inside of her. As she let out a passionate moan, he let go. Jade felt the warm semen fill her inside. She screamed in delight.

Tyler leaned in and gave Jade another passionate, wet kiss. They both return to the hot tub feeling better—no more sexual tension in the air. No more signals had to be given. Both are now satisfied. At least for the time being.

Jade looks at Tyler with a totally different gleam in her eyes now. “Wow. Tyler, that was incredible.”

Tyler kisses her gently on her lips. “Yeah, it was. You’re fantastic.”

They spend the rest of the afternoon soaking in the hot tub and finishing the bottle of champagne. After enjoying the hot tub, they each gathered their clothes and retired back to the suite. Jade says, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Tyler looked at her. “Okay.” He was not sure if that was his queue.

“Would you like to join me?” Jade made sure he knew what she wanted.

They both head for the shower.

Jade turns the water on and starts to kiss Tyler’s chest. She gently rubs his arms, slowly moving her hands to his hips. She moves down and goes to her knees. She caresses his ball sack as she starts to kiss his throbbing cock. She puts his penis in her mouth, and she begins to give him a slow, sensual blow job. Her tongue licking his shaft. She puts his cock all the way down her throat. Tyler can feel her tonsils on the head of his pulsating penis. Jade can feel the warm moistness of her vagina getting wetter and wetter. She stands up and turns around. Her back is now facing Tyler. He bends her over, exposing her wet pussy. He puts his hot, hard rod in her. Jade moans with passion. The hot water from the shower cascades down Tyler’s back as he slowly thrusts his manhood into her. Jade can sense that Tyler is close to letting go. She dismounts from his cock and drops to her knees again. She grabs his hard penis and starts to stroke it faster and faster. Tyler ejaculates hard. Jade opens her mouth, trying to catch every shot of cum that shoots from the head of his cock. Jade stands up and kisses Tyler’s chest. Tyler lets the water from the shower drench his hair as he tries to catch his breath. They embrace in a long hug.

After the shower, the two of them start to get dressed. Tyler asks, “So, what’s the plan for tonight?”

Jade is drying off her body from the shower. “You’re the boss. What would you like to do?”

Tyler looks at Jade and smiles. “Well, since we already did what I like to do, let’s go out to dinner.”

Jade smiles. “Okay. And then maybe we can do what you like to do later on tonight.”

Tyler smiles.

The two of them finish getting dressed and head down to the lobby where Chad is waiting with the car. Jade talks, “Chad, The Marine Room. And can you call to make sure our table is ready?”

Chad replies, “Yes, ma’am.”

As Jade and Tyler get in the limo, Tyler asks, “The Marine Room. Sounds fancy.”

“You’ll love this place. Perfect time to be there to watch the sunset over the ocean.”

As the car was headed to the restaurant, Tyler felt he should talk about what had happened back at the suite. He put his hand in Jade’s hand. “That was amazing what happened back at the hotel.”

Jade smiled and leaned in to kiss Tyler. “Yes, it was.” She kisses him on the lips.

“And I have to say,” Tyler continued, “you have one hellova hot bod.”

Jade smiles. “You earned yourself another one.” She kisses Tyler again.

During the car ride, Tyler suddenly remembered that he was going to call Robert. “Oh, crap!” he said.

Jade was caught off guard and did not know what was wrong. “What? What is it? Is everything okay?”

Tyler replies, “I was going to call my friend back home. I forgot.” Jade leans forward and pulls her phone out of her pocket. “Here. You want to call him now? We have time.”

Tyler looks at Jade. He grabs the phone from her and throws it on the chair. “Nah, he can wait. I want to spend that time with you.” Tyler leans in and starts to kiss Jade. They make out until they arrive at the restaurant.

When they get to The Marine Room, Chad opens the door for them. Once again, Tyler is shocked by the line outside the restaurant and the number of people watching them in envy. He and Jade walk past the crowd and directly into the restaurant. The host at the front door immediately recognizes Jade and opens the door for them. “Your regular table is ready, ma’am.”

“Thank you,” Jade responded with a smile.

The private booth was facing the large panoramic windows, which showed the Pacific Ocean and the beginning of a spectacular sunset.

The waiter arrives at the table. “Welcome back, Ms. Witherson. Your usual beverage for tonight?”

Jade hits the waiter with her beautiful smile. This time, it is glowing even more than before. “Yes, please. Tyler, how about you?”

“Whiskey, neat,” Tyler responds.

“Wait!” Jade tells the waiter to hold on. She looks at Tyler. “You always get a whiskey neat. How about something else.”

Tyler was perplexed. He got a whiskey neat because he likes whiskey and was not sure what else there was. “Like what?” he asked.

Jade looks at the waiter, “Bring him a Bombay martini with two olives.”

“Very well, madam.” The waiter responded and left.

Tyler looks at Jade and smiles. “I haven’t had a martini since college. My friend used to make them all the time. So, just out of curiosity, what’s your normal drink here?”

Jade smiles and responds, “Bombay martini, with two olives.”

The two of them smile and enjoy dinner and the sunset together. The more they talked, the more they started to have feelings for each other. They held hands on the ride home and would catch one another gazing into each other’s eyes. Tyler had not felt this feeling since Karen. “Oh my god, Karen!” Tyler thought to himself. He was having such a great time with Jade that he had forgotten entirely about Karen. Jade could tell by Tyler’s face his thoughts had just moved to somewhere else. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Tyler’s response was quiet and said in a worried tone. “I was just thinking about something. I had forgotten about…” Tyler paused, “about my trash. Yeah. I forgot my trash day is tomorrow, and I didn’t put it out on the curb.”

Jade starts to laugh, “If you haven’t been home in a week, you probably don’t have any trash to put out on the curb.”

Tyler acted surprised. “Oh, that’s right. Whew. I guess I don’t have to worry about that, then.”

Jade could tell Tyler was hiding something, but she did not want to pry. After all, it is early in their relationship. He had a life back in Benicia before he came to San Diego.

They arrive back at the suite, where Jade opens another bottle of champagne. She pours a glass for each of them and then turns the fireplace on. The two of them sit on the sofa, hand in hand. Jade speaks, “Tyler, can I tell you something?”

“Sure,” Tyler was hoping it was something good. “You can tell me anything.”

Jade seemed nervous about telling Tyler, “I recently got out of a serious relationship. He was very abusive and controlling. The exact opposite of you.” She was not sure if she should continue, but she did. “Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that this afternoon in the hot tub and shower, it meant a lot to me. I’ve never been treated so nicely. And it felt… no, it FEELS really great.”

Tyler holds Jade’s hand. “It feels great to me, too. I feel that we connect. We belong together. I feel that this is going to be a great relationship.”

Jade smiles and puts her head on Tyler’s shoulder. They watch the fire and sip more champagne. When they finish their drinks, Tyler stands up and takes Jade by the hand. He leads her to the bedroom. They both stand at the foot of the bed. Tyler starts to remove Jade’s blouse while she starts to remove Tyler’s shirt. Within moments, they both stood naked. Tyler takes Jade by the hand and directs her to the bed to make passionate love to each other.

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