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i will remember forever that night, because you kissed me, and not so long after, i killed a man, two dreams, came true, that night, { Dev loves Him more than anything, she promised to do everything He said, in exchange of "loving her back". TW // murder, blood, toxic relationship, manipulation -the typos are intentional- }

Drama / Poetry
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our? love

"But love is stronger”

isn’t it?

my love?

are you listening?

the only strong thing about me when we met was

my love

or maybe my yearning for it

i wanted to feel

i wanted so bad to feel something nice for once

something beautiful

you are the love of my life, you know?



willing to do what it takes and,

and you knew that was exactly what I needed

oh, darling,

you made me believe my fantasies could become true,

made me remember i was real

made me feel so much more

you taught me how to stop wondering “what if?”

to stop imagining in order to start acting

you made me believe that maybe

i was worth something

that i was worth existing

that i had value

I said that I would do anything for you

because of our love



you have the most beautiful mind

humans are

so superficial

you are different

you are so much more

you know what you want

you are someone

you might have been joking

when you asked me to do that

but i will always remember that

light in you eyes when you saw what i had done

for you

i will remember forever that night

because you kissed me

with such passion

not so long after

when you saw i

killed a monster

hiding as man

two dreams,

came true

that night

you smile

will always be a part

of me

love, Dev

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