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By Ruman Riaz All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Thriller


A broad meets her beau. Things turn south within a blink. Did she betray him? Did he betray her? WHo was the third person? Read ahead to find out.

Chapter 1

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A wrecked, grotesque motorcycle stood before an exotic café near the army cantonment. The surroundings oozed with polluted air unloaded by a strip of industrial plants on the northern side. The foul air coupled with insane torridity inflicted havoc on every imaginable person in the line of sight. Deepak stood next to the motorcycle with an unattractive posture sneaking glances at his wrist watch.

It was still a nascent afternoon. Dee had reached the spot hurriedly with an anxiety that almost skyrocketed through the roof. The reunion with his high school sweetheart after almost a week long gap had got the best of him. His longing for her in the past week had slowly deteriorated his condition from bad to worse. As the occasion appeared looming, all his emotions, his vicious cries of desperation, everything started taking a heavy toll on him. He walked back and forth while stroking his hair in periods. He would have done almost anything to keep away from the vulnerable thoughts. Eventually all the pressures converged, forcing him to reach for his cellphone. Swiftly he opened up the call log but something compelled him to halt his action. He contracted his eyes to focus his vision on a spot near a distant sedan. A wave of chill blasted through his spine rushing all the way down to his feet.

A voluptuous lady walked down the aisle, clad in thought provoking skinny jeans and a shiny pink top. The dangling style of her walk artistically matched the tone of her aphrodisiac figure. She strolled calmly exhibiting no sign of lethargy or hurry. Her stride was almost pitch-perfect; balancing out every contrasting factor tossed its way. Dee stood frozen on his last action with a wide open mouth and pupils that almost bulged out of his eye sockets. His heart raced perilously like the umpteen times it had in the past. She approached him with a stern composure and blew a timid kiss on his face without caring for any sort of vocabulary.

Dee and Aria had been high school sweethearts from the word go. Their courtship had surpassed the expectations of the general masses; stretching out far into graduation. As a matter of fact, no one had expected them to remain strangled to one another even after the school. Their pesky little quarrels and lack of chemistry constituting the main ingredients. But then again, here they were chatting and laughing and romancing without giving a damn to any of the critics.

Dee was an agonizingly short guy for his age. Though average looking and dim toned, his facial expressions were everything that defined him. A pair of neatly carved dimples on either sides of his face made girls go gaga for him during the school days. It was a compelling feature that he smartly used at his disposal. However with his progression into the later stages of puberty multifarious cursed pimples played the spoilsport. Combined with irregular patches of faint pre adulthood beard they proved significantly detrimental to his looks. Dee was well aware of the fact and fought tooth and nail to match his counterpart in the looks department. But Aria never brought up the topic and he respected her for that.

The mighty sun shone bright outside the café, tormenting life with deadly waves of summer heat. It was a sight both Dee and Aria cherished witnessing as spectators from the air conditioned chambers of the café. They lay close to one another, holding hands in hands, dreaming about the paths their lives headed into. It was one of the strongest points in their relationship, understanding each other completely without the obligation for spoken word. Soon, they drifted into a state of self induced romantic trance.

Aria seemed a clear-cut- no-nonsense sort of person from outside. Yet deep down she raked piles of secrets, secrets both dark and troubling. Dee was conscious enough and often wondered about it whenever spared the time. Nonetheless, barring the occasional hiccups it was a time well spent. The meeting had exactly headed the way they hoped; devoid of any misunderstanding that otherwise popped out every now and then.

Following an extensive three hour romantic stretch Aria reached out for her cell. She had a fresher’s party to attend in the evening and it was time to put an end to their brief errand. She invited Dee to accompany her but in vain. He was marginally inclined to a more anti social path. He seldom attended large gatherings, leave alone a party of such mammoth magnitude. Aria was well aware of the fact. It was evident enough from the lack of resolution in her approach. Finally she retired from her seat and headed towards the main exit. Dee pursued after like an obedient seven year old toddler.

Outside the café, both Dee and Aria bade farewell to each other in their own special fashion. He delicately hugged her. She responded by blowing yet another kiss on his cheek, this one being more devoted than the former.

A moment such as this often elevated his mood from the pathetic lows it always rested in. His affection towards her was in no way dependent on her slinky physique, though it worked as one of the factors. It was her unorthodox cunningness and tendency to lend support during the most distressing times that largely played the trick. Now as he headed for the apartment, vibes of euphoria started filling his body step by step. A horrendous week long gap and suddenly he was rejuvenated once again.


A Friday night always acts as a breeding ground for surges of incoming happiness. Same held true for Dee as he looked forward to his plans for the looming weekend. In addition, the little adventure with his sweetheart had elevated his frame of mind to one of the highest peaks in recent times.

The stage was set in a darkly lit room at the top of a three floor shabby building. An enthusiastic Dee sat on a small metallic chair with his legs stretched far towards the table. His eyes radiated an aura of mischievous luminance depicting the intensity of the act that was about to take place. He often treated himself like a veteran artist who occasionally delivered acts; acts that would pass into the record books as masterpieces. Wasting no time in further preparations, he swiftly slid his hand under the table and emerged with a sealed cardboard box. The dimensions of the box duplicated those of a casual shoe box with the exception of minute holes at the top. The box oozed with shimmering creeks and odd vibrations as he placed it on the top of the table. The malignancy of his expressions portrayed the brute nature of the ploy that was about to unfold.

Dee was a person of unconventional beliefs, valuing only the things he meant to. He again reached out with his hands to the grab a cutter from the lowest drawer. In a flash he was busy tearing off the duct tape from the box. Professionalism was evident from the way he worked with the razor sharp steel, rupturing the top of the box open. What rested inside depicted an atrocious example of his impeccable insanity. A tiny kitten no more than a few weeks old looked at him with bulgy watery eyes, gasping and shivering with imminent fear.

Although gentle and soft externally, he was a heck of an intimidating monster camouflaging under a manly dermis. He had contracted the taste of sabotaging little forms of life in his teens. Taking off from the puny ants and cockroaches, slowly and steadily his progress had amped onto rodents. It was his school that had acted as a budding podium for his future deeds. The immoralities on these guiltless little creatures ranged from drowning all the way upto burning them alive. He had become a versatile mass murder, a fact he cherished with pride.

A fresh kitten on the table, a cutter in one hand and a night to spare, seemed like another blockbuster in the making. His contest with this little kitten was certain to be registered as one of his greatest milestones. With utmost delicacy, he took out the timid kitten from the box. The magnitude of the elation he now experienced sternly challenged the one he had perceived while dating his sweetheart earlier in the day. He placed the miserable creature on the table and poked it with his weapon of mass destruction. A loud deafening cry storming the room was succeeded by desperate attempts to set itself loose. He pierced further into the poor creature’s stomach releasing gushes of melodious cries that kept on surging with each passing phase. Irrespective of all the resistance from the little one, he had managed to create a void so large in its gut that all the internal organs fell down as a whole.

For all his expertise and competence, it still took him over an hour to get along with the task. He was a mess, his hands painted in red, his eyes bloodshot and his clothes stinking from sweat. It was everything he had desired for. Ah! The feeling of power over one’s life made him feel divine. He could go on and on with the massacres until his thirst for power reached a satisfactory level. He was an addict who was more than conscious about the erotically dangerous nature of his drug.

Suddenly he thought about his sweetheart who was attending the first party of her college. For every moment she enjoyed with her friends, he did the same with himself. It was a fact he deeply relinquished.


An almost perpetual road lay before reflecting hot fumes of scorching midsummer sun. Dee had been called by his sweetheart for a meeting at the Biotech Park. The boiling environment proved insignificant as he drove past the unoccupied road with sublime speeds.

The fashion of this surprise convention placed numerous doubts in his mind. There had been something fishy in her method and he had responded by taking off from his place at once. Usually they would take a day before planning to go on a date. However it was an altogether different affair this time around. The harder he worked his brain, the greater his bike sped through the deserted vicinity. The ghostly road further acted as a catalyst towards the acceleration of his motorcycle. At last, the brisk adrenaline pumping twenty minute ride came to an end at the rendezvous spot.

Dee got off from his motorcycle and straight away singled out Aria from a distance. She stood near a broken light post, a few strides away from the main entrance. He sensed a stark contrast in her appearance the instant he entered into the park. On having a closer look, he realized her novel dressing to be the main culprit. She hadn’t donned her typical tomboy styled clothes. Instead a more subtle Indian suit with a scarf covered her head. Anyways, neither held importance as she appeared elegant in any attire. He appeared stealthily from behind and hugged her; a warm friendly hug. To his utmost shock, he was straight away pushed by her with a violent force.

She turned and yelled in a loud voice,” Next time you try it again, I swear you will land up rotten in my dad’s dungeon.” She took a brief pause before continuing on with an even more imposing tone,” Day after day you will yearn for a single ray of sunlight and crave for a solitary gush of fresh air. But I promise you my dear friend, they will only be confined to your desires for the remainder of your life.” The premeditation of her lines was a greater source of shock than the lines themselves.

Dee struggled to calm her down but the feat had already been performed. Aria took momentary breaths to regain her composure and carried on in an emotionless tone, “Do you know why I called you here? Well, how will you know?” The sarcastic pitch was beginning to get on his nerves. “I want you to realize that we can no more be in a relationship. I have found someone who is much more advanced than you. Much more intelligent than you. Has much more money. And the best of all, he is double, no triple, in fact he is out of your league in terms of looks.”

Dee’s eyes moistened as he tried hard to label meaning to everything happening around. On the other hand, Aria prepared for the final phase of her rampage. “I met him yesterday at the party. We have already been acting as a couple. I called you to know that I want to strictly resist from any kind of ties with an ugly human such as you. It is the last time we are meeting and I mean it”. The final parts of her speech exhumed fumes of a serious statutory warning.

Dee cruised towards her with a dejected appeal. He wiped the moisture from his eyes and whispered in a nearly inaudible voice,” Who is he?”

Aria answered with a commanding pride,” Sidharth.”


A cool breeze lingered with occasional gushes, disturbing the symmetry of the disco lights hanging at the counter of the open bar. An invisible person hid at the shadowy corner of the bar gulping viciously from a bottle of scotch placed at the table.

The times had taken quite a drastic turn in the past few hours. A rather enthusiastic and cheerful person that he seemed only a day before had completely been transformed into a depressed lot. The pain was too strong and the emotions unbearable. No excuses to stay away from the poison worked today. As a matter of fact, he had been continuously drenching himself in a pool of liquor while waiting for the scene to unravel.

It was only a matter of time before Dee had been enlightened about his sweetheart’s ploy. He had learned about her date from one of their mutual friends. For the same reason, he had purchased a fine unnoticeable location and seated himself perfectly to catch a mere glimpse of her. The immaculate intensity of his love for Aria was evident from his yearning, even after being disgracefully exiled by her.

A full packed bottle of scotch and infinite shots later his nemesis and ex arrived at the planned spot. Their sublime chemistry and the level of enjoyment fumed his rage to horrific levels. The experience was unlike anything he had ever expected. He couldn’t bear to even sneak a momentary peak at her. His own adventures with her began to flash up in his mind. Memories of those adorable talks and their over the top plans for the future began punishing him from inside him like an unrelenting instrument of torture. He was messed up to the highest levels of insanity.

Dee was a total wreck. To numb the pain he once again shifted his attention to drinking. The move worked this time relieving him from a fraction of the misery. He again turned his head slowly towards the new lovers. As a counter response, ideas began sprouting out in his cerebrum; nasty ideas full of misdemeanors and ill schemes. He plotted his layout step by step in tandem with the doings of the couple.

It was a hectic two hour romantic drama before the couple bade farewell to each other and parted their ways. Aria mounted on her red scooty and aimed for the main highway. Dee had found the launch pad to shoot forth his scheme. Despite avidly drunk he still hadn’t lost his sense of reason. He knew how to play along the process even with a sullen drunkard face and half shut eyes.

Chasing Aria proved a pain in the ass. The twisty zigzag stalking was finally put to rest at the parking lot of her hostel. The inadequate lighting system of the area forced a sadistic smile on his almost expressionless face. Everything had worked according to the plan excluding one final hurdle.

The motorcycle rested near the entrance of the area. Fortunately his subconscious had taken a fair bit of pounding off his shoulders. It vaguely helped him with the final gimmick. Professionally he tracked the beats of the incoming footsteps while hiding behind a large truck. Three, two, one and within a blink he held a moist handkerchief over Aria’s mouth. The trophy for accomplishing yet another formidable task was awarded.

At the old docks Dee was busy tying ropes around his comatose sweetheart. Her lips had swollen drastically owing to her resistance while being held up. For all the abnormalities surrounding her face she still seemed fairly charming. Despite the unwillingness, it was time to wake her up. He took a bucket of cold icy water from the surrounding waters and thrust it onto her. Aria released a wild screech. She struggled hard to move her limbs. Dee spared a brief respite for her to adjust to the situation before showing himself off. The struggle intensified as everything was right before her.

He sat beside her cross-legged. Still blurry from his alcoholic adventures, he spoke in a fragmented voice,” What do you think life is? A playground. No mam, it is exactly the same delusion people like you suffer from. It is a race. A race for power. A race where you are forced to step on the corpses of people you love in order to survive. And no matter how ignorant people seem, once they embrace it, everything that follows is a history in the making.” He held a miniscule razor faintly to her throat and continued this time in a flawless tone. All the stuttering from the heavy drinking was nowhere to be found.” You never cared for me. Even the words coming out of your cursed mouth were nothing close to truth. You are a natural blatant liar. Why should I care for you? You are a mere tool now. A tool I am going to use at my expense.” With no lag, he ran the razor down her legs and a few artistic strokes later tore off her sweat pants. What followed next were incalculable desperate cries for help. He was indeed acting on what he believed in and the experience was quite satisfactory. Dee had raped the love of his life without even a single flinch.


The mellow chirpings of the parakeets in sync with the sounds of the lashing waters was one of the sweetest features of the docks. It served as a perfect partying site, attracting teens throughout the length and breadth of the city.

The sun positioned slightly overhead early in the morning sending signals for an imminent hot day ahead. Dee leaned against the front wall waiting for the morning hours to pass. The hangover from last night’s blitz had left his body aching. He was both physically as well as mentally exhausted. Despite all the weariness, there still was one final ace to pull before laying everything to rest.

He had restlessly anticipated for the time to pass all over the night. It was a tedious wait filled with numerous anxieties. Eventually after hours of thoughts that pestered to and fro in his mind, the yearning was finally over. The sight of a fiery red ball of fire preparing for carnage was never such a joy to watch. Dee reached for his cell and dialed a number.

The dialer rang repeatedly without garnering any reply from the other side. He took a deep breath before redialing the number. Again it yielded the same result. Disappointed and dispirited more than ever, he forcefully kicked the nearby door in anger. His rage began crossing the normal limits as he felt hard to control himself with each passing phase.

Hell broke loose within the next half an hour. He pillaged everything visible with his fury, even landing a few vicious punches on his numb sweetheart. Though the time paced briskly, it was full of intensity.

At the end of all this anarchy his cell began ringing miraculously for the first time since previous night. He rushed towards the counter near the front wall and seized it on the third ring. He allowed a momentary pause, waiting for the caller to inaugurate the conversation.

A sluggish voice spoke with an annoyed tone,” Hello. Who is this? Do you know it is supposed to be a resting day?” Dee responded without paying any attention to the preceding sentences,” Is this Sidharth?” “Yes. And who are you?” the rise in the discontent seeming evident in the caller’s voice. “It doesn’t matter who am I. The real question lies somewhere much closer. Where is Aria? How is she?” Dee paved way for a cold sarcastic laugh before resuming again,” If you want to see her again, pay a visit to the docks.”

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