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Tyler Johnson and Rose Lynn, fall in love after meeting at a fair. Rose's life is still turning after a horrible accident that happened a couple years before. Rose is trying to make the best of her life, with chances of losing it soon. Can Tyler help her experience real love? Can he pretend everything's alright when he's breaking inside? Read, to find out!!

Drama / Romance
Deadly Writes
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The Accident

Roses POV

It was two years ago. I had a horrible car accident. I was 15 trying to learn to drive with my mom. I had a wreck. It wasn't too bad. I hit a tree and mom was really calm about it. The car didn't catch on fire or anything. Mom looked at me and asked, "Are you okay?" Of course I was. I looked at her. "Yeah, I'm okay... I'm so sorry." I answered. "Its okay.. Don't worry about it. Let's just get out right now.." My mom said.
I unbuckled and kicked against the door, trying to get it open. By now, there were a couple of cars who stopped to make sure we were okay. Some were calling an ambulance just in case. I got frustrated and started hitting the door with my hands and feet. It wasn't opening. My mom got out. "Hold on. I'll come around and open your door." She said. She came around and started pulling on my door, as I pushed. The door popped open and my mom stumbled back. She came back to help me out and then I saw it. The car was speeding. It tried swerving around some other cars and it was coming right towards me. "MOM!" I yelled.
With wide, teary eyes, I quickly shoved my mom hard and she stumbled back, as the car smashed into the back of my car. I felt glass fly through the air, scraping my skin and some sticking in me. My head hit the steering wheel, from the force of the car. I heard my mom scream. I was barely conscious. I felt the pain in my arm, head and chest. I wasn't sure why my chest hurt. I didn't have cuts or anything wrong with my chest. All I knew is, I had cuts all over my body and my heart was pounding against my chest. I pulled myself back and saw my mom lying on the ground, shaking and crying.
"Mom, I-" was all I got out. My chest was hurting and my breathing was heavy.
She got up and rannto the car. "Baby, Baby, please speak to me! Please, the ambulance will be here in a minute!" My mom said while picking glass out of my hair. I remember pieces of when the ambulance arrived. I remember the excruciating pain I went through when they pulled me out of the car. I remember them picking the glass out of my skin on the ride to the hospital. They asked me where else I was hurting and all I could do, was look at my mom and point to my chest. There wasn't anything they could do in the ambulance, but we were almost at the hospital. I passed out in the ambulance and woke when we were at the hospital. My mom was crying and holding my hand.
After hours of testing and xrays on my chest, the doctor came back with news that would change our lives forever. Cancer. I had breast cancer. It was still in the early stages. They believed the tumor developed sometime recent.
My mom cried like I was dying right then. We talked about options. Mom called my dad and had him come to the hospital. We all discussed my options. Of course, my parents argued about whether I have surgerymor not and it pissed me off. I rolled out in my wheelchair, and met my, now, Best friend, Ryan. He had stage 2 luchemia. We spent most of our days together. We went through surgerys together. The doctors even let us stay in the same room to recover after surgery's one day, because they saw how close we were. Ryan is the strongest person I know. We went through chemo together. Well, the start of it. After my chemo started, he got better pretty quickly. He beat cancer. I, on the other hand, was not as lucky. I threw him a party, for "the best cancer beater"
After about half a year in the hospital, I had eleven surgerys and seven rounds of chemo. I got to go home as long as I came back every week for my chemo.
After Ryan went back to school, he ended up going to college and moving away. Of course I was sad, but I told him to chase his dreams and to never give up. Its now been a year and a half since all of that mess. We text all the time. Morning and night. Any day now, he would come back from college for break. He hasn't said anything about it, but I've been counting the days. He should be back sometime this month.
Right now, I'm getting my chemo done again. I now come once every two weeks. "Any plans this week, Rose?" My nurse, Kaylee asks. "Yeah, I was going to go the fair tonight." I say. Kaylee and I have been friends for awhile now. She's been the one doing mine and Ryans chemotherapy since day one. "Oooh, nice. I bet you'll will have fun! Just remember to take it easy." Kaylee says. "Okay, Mom" I joke.
She smiles and shakes her head. We finish up and I tell her bye and head to the car where my mom is waiting.
"How'd it go this time?" She asks. "Well, Kaylee had the same response that you did. Take it easy.. How am I supposed to have fun when I've been told to take it easy?" I say, jokingly, knowing she meant about the appointment. She pops my leg playfully. "You know I meant the chemo!" She says. "I know" I say, laughing. "It went good. They didn't say when we'd do another scan, so I guess we'll ask in two weeks." I say. She nods.
Once we get home, I go in and my dad is waiting in the kitchen for me. "How'd it go sweetie?" My dad asks. "Kaylee and mom had the same answer. Take it easy. Is there a way to take it easy at a fair, and still have fun?" I ask. "No but you can still ride the kiddie ferris wheel. That way, if something happened, you wouldn't get hurt.." My dad answers. I stand there, gaping. I did not expect that. "Dad, that thing is like three feetmof the ground. Come on! I'm seventeen. I'll be fine." I say. "I know sweetie. I'm just playing. I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself..... So I got you a gift..." My dad says. He points behind me and I see Ryan standing in the doorway, casually. I literally jump into his arms. "Ryan!!" I say. He smiles. "Hey, Fighter!" He says. That's his nickname for me. He believes I can fight this off. "Hey, Survivor." I say. He sits me down. "Oh my gosh!! How long have you been here?!?" I ask. "Just after you left for chemo." Ryan answers.
After hours of just catching up and talking, mom comes in the kitchen. "I'm about to cook supper and then you guys can go to the fair." She says. "Actually Mrs. Lynn, if you don't mind, Rose and I was going to cook for you guys.." Ryan says. "Well of course not! Just be careful." My mom says.
My parents love Ryan. They have since I met him. The problem is, I don't see him in that way. He's a friend to me. I feel like mom and dad wants me to be with him. Yes, I love him, but he's a friend.
We get the spaghetti out and sauce. Ryan picks up the box of noodles as my mom walks in and they fall out the bottom. I start laughing and my mom smiles at him. "Okay. That was an accident" Ryan says. "You witnessed that! That was him, not me! He can't call me clumsy!" I say to my mom. She laughs. "Y'all, please do not burn down my kitchen." My mom sighs. I giggle. "Leave that to Ryan..." I mumble while patting him on the back.
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