Dr. Vega

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How would you feel If your best friend slept with your father to get money of him you would kill her right?

Drama / Thriller
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My dad is a doctor , the best doctor of the south of Chicago. He never made time for us , but I knew he loved us anyway. There’s a lot of stories about my dad ,scandals , affairs and everything from the moon to the sun. Being a Vega is hard work because everyone knows your dad as Dr. Vega, so you can’t be going around and exploring your body the way you want to. I’m the middle child of 5 children my name is Kite short for Kitelynn and I’m going to tell you how I killed my best friend for my dad, and now serving 30 years for murder at 18 years old.

Sarah is has been my best friend since we were five M 2 years younger than me and also me so after I graduated I needed to wait for her ,but I couldn’t because this back stabbing bitch slept with my dad and tried to frame him. SARAH BACKSTRUM the whore that ripped my family apart, the reason why I’m in jail and the reason why My father lost his job of being a famous doctor, And died during his life sentence in jail. I will never forgive her but at least I wont see her anymore because she’s DEAD!
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