Her love

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She finally walks into school with a change of attitude, thinking *maybe the girl will leave me alone tod- but before she could finish that thought she ran into the girl.

“Hey nerd”she says.
“In case you didn’t remember my name i am Alia, your worst nightmare”she says with a evil laugh.
“I r-remember”ash says.
Ash starts to run but isn’t fast enough,Alia grabs her shirt and throws her to the floor.
“Have you ever wondered why no one likes you,because your a ugly peace of trash and don’t forget that”Alia says with a grin.

Alia pulls out a knife.
“Now have any last words”Alia says.
“To late for last words right?you have already wasted your life away no need to say anything more”she says as she throws the knife at ash.
The knife rips through her skin on her arm, as ash yells in pain.
“Na I think not,but I’ll leave your little girl alone for now,see ya tommorow nerds”she says to both Ethan and ash.
Ethan reaches for ash’s hand.
“Here let me help”he says in a flirty manner.
“You really didn’t have to-“ before ash could finish her sentence the bell rings.
“I really did,see ya my little girl”he said mocking Alia
He walks away not looking back.
She whispers to him not waiting for a response “bye.”
She has finally been feeling better,she has had many changes in her attitude.
She thinks -I finally don’t want my life to fade away-
She whispers again -see ya later big bro-
He looks back hearing her and he smiles.

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