Her love

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“And she thought she couldn’t but then he helped her do it”

Drama / Romance
Ella Scznsny
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The meet

She walks to her room after a long day of school,wondering why she had been alive.

She takes a deep breathe before she grabs her book and starts reading.

“Why can’t I have this life” she lets out a long sigh
“ASH COME DOWN HERE NOW!” Her sister yells out.
She remembers that she had skipped school that day because she had gotten jumped the day before, by a girl about 5’7 with golden hair,and light brown freckles.

“yea?” She said to her sister
“You skipped school again?Why in the world would you do such a thing?”her sister scolded her.
“I just didn’t wanna go ok?” She lied to her sister Kai.
“No not okay” she keeps scolding.
Ash just wanted to die away, just like her parents did
Exept, her parents didn’t die they disappeared from her life.

“Sis you need to stop running”her sis said to her
“I am not running away from anything,Exept I would love to run away from you right now” ash says as she rolls her eyes

“Your going to school tommorow and I’m bringing you”

“Fine”ash said

“bye”ash said as she walks into school.
Ash walks fast hopeing not to get jumped again.
“Hey sweetie”a man says to her.
“P-please leave m-me alone”ash says with a crack in her voice.
“Ha no way”he says as he puts his hands around her waist.
She backs up making him grab her harder.
She yelps a huge scream in pain.
“Cant handle a little pain”he says moving his hands to her neck griping.
“OWWWWWWW”He says in pain.
Ash opens her eyes and sees another man punching him. He throws him to the floor.

“Hey” he says to ash as he brushes his hair back.
“H-hi” she says throwing her bags down.
“Do you want my money” she says handing her money to him, worried.
“No I’m not ganna hurt you”

“My names Ethan”he says winking.
“Hey my names Ash”she says with a little blush.
“I’ll see you around school” Ethan says as he kicks the man.
She had almost forgot about the girl that she would see shortly to bully her again.
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