A Collection Of Short Stories

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I sat on my bed with my eyes closed. I calmly breathed in the scent of clean country air, freshly cut grass and oak trees. I could hear the rustling of the leaves and the beautiful songs sung by the birds.

It is almost as if I was there again with you leaning over me and our lips meeting as we lay in the middle of the open field. You tasted of cinnamon and honey, melted together in an intoxicating way. A taste I became used to. A taste that would take away my worries.

Many years ago, we decided we would reserve our unique taste only for the other person. I trusted that you would never taste anyone else ever again until the day I died. Because I gave you my trust that I would never taste anyone else until the day you died.

I don’t know where it went wrong. I don’t know why it went wrong. I don’t know what went wrong. And a big part of me never wants to find out. I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the lies that would spill from those sweet lips of yours.

But I can taste her on your lips like this poisonous liquid seeping from within you. The deliciously intoxicating taste had turned sour long ago, spoiled by the betrayal.

I don’t want to taste poison, your poison, anymore. So this is my goodbye. Never to be lead astray by that intoxicating honey and cinnamon taste. Never to hear those lies. Never to taste ever again.

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