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Set Him Free

Harold looked around him, all of the broken pieces of glass glistening from the sun. What had just happened? One moment he had been standing in front of his mirror, the next, he had stumbled forwards and landed in this open field of grass. Once he had fallen forwards into his mirror, he remembered hearing someone calling out his name before it was cut off and a sharp pain suddenly appeared in the palms of his hand.

Confused, he turned them over to see glass shards slicing deep into his hands. Terrified and alone, Harold stood up and stumbled his way back to where the broken mirror stood in the middle of the grass field. Harold looked into the remaining pieces of the mirror and saw his mother, kneeling on the ground, sobbing and calling out his name.

Harold hated seeing his mother suffering from things he had done or caused. His mother shook her head and with an expression of woe, calmly told her son to be free. To live the life he could not have lived in the prison camp they had been in ever since a foreign army had invaded their country.

And so it was, Harold had finally been set free.

No more beatings.

No more heart break at seeing his family and friends in pain.

He would see no more death.

Only because this mirror... Set him free.

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