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The Wolf Pack

With a dark cloak wrapped around his body tightly and the hood hanging low over his face, Kyle walked as silently as he could along the pathway.

Twisted shadows created from the dim street lamps and trees blowing in the gentle wind played with his mind, making him see his fears and worries.

Kyle turned left at the corner and started walking down the street, glancing over his shoulder once to see if he was being followed. Not seeing anyone, he walked faster towards his home which was the second last house of this street.

Kyle saw his little brick fence in view, his feet moved even faster and as he exhaled, the air that left his slightly parted lips could be seen. He was only at his neighbours house when he heard it.

A low growl. Barely audible over the rustling leaves and the sound of a rusty old sign swinging from the shop across the road. Then the sound of paws stepping on the road was what made it all the more real for Kyle. He turned slowly and hoped what he was about to see wasn’t actually real.

One black-coated wolf was stalking towards him, electric green eyes locked on its target, long snout snarling and frothing, sharp yellow teeth exposed.

The wolf emitted another low growl and Kyle gasped and stumbled back a few steps as not one, but at least another dozen wolves of all different shapes, colours and sizes stalked out from the shadows of the alleyway between the shops.

All Kyle had to do was make it to his yard and he knew he would be safe. The only problem was that the moment he moved, the wolves would move in for the kill.

The first wolf that Kyle had seen seemed to be the alpha of the pack. It grunted and growled into the quiet night, the other wolves responding to the orders given. Some of the wolves moved to the left of Kyle, blocking his way to his home. While some moved to the right of him to block him running away; not that he could outrun them of course.

Then all of the pack apart from the alpha bowed, their heads low to the ground and eyes trained on their prey. Confused, Kyle backed into his neighbours fence and stared into the eyes of the alpha, trying to figure out what was going on.

That was the last thing Kyle saw before the alpha howled and ran straight at him. The wolf didn’t give him any time to move or make a sound before its sharp teeth clenched down deep into his arm, dragging him down to the ground ruthlessly.

Once Kyle was on the ground, the wolf put its two giant, sharp paws on his chest, pinning him to the ground and staring down with his electric, green eyes. The wolf almost seemed to consider what it was doing before it growled and bite furiously at Kyle’s neck.

Kyle screamed and begun clawing at the wolf to fruitlessly attempt to get the giant beast off of him. But his blood was seeping quickly from his body, soon enough finding he was losing consciousness. Suddenly he saw a light shine down from no where with a strange sense of calmness and warmth attached to it.

Looking one last time at the wolf and his pack, Kyle’s eyesight completely faded out and his breathed in for the last time. The pain he had been feeling dulled and the last thought that he had was, ‘So this was how Jenny felt that night’.

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