A Collection Of Short Stories

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Losing Someone

Do you know how it feels to lose someone? A friend in particular?

You strive your best to keep your head above the angry, crushing waves of the argument. But sometimes you just fail to see what’s the point of trying to keep fighting when they aren’t making an effort to save you.

They know you're hurt; struggling to stay alive. Yet, even with this knowledge, they seem to punch you right in the face and that piece of wood you were clinging onto is tugged away.

You kick your legs, you wave your arms, but you just become exhausted from trying to stay a float. Then, you stop. You take your final breath as you start to sink. As you travel further down and down, the water that surrounds you feels like it is crushing your soul like a fly being swatted. The world goes black and your mind slips away.

But... Somehow, you wake upon a beach. Sand on every inch of your skin. You look around and wonder if this is heaven. But as you start to drag yourself up into a standing position, you realise that this is what it looks like to not have that friend in your life. You smile as you finally realise that you are free from all of that negativity.

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