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I Promise

The wind blew the knee high grass softly, birds flying in and out of it in small flocks. Petals from a massive jacaranda tree drifted to the lake below, disturbing the otherwise calm water. The fresh air carried the subtle scent of dirt along with a not so subtle scent of lavender.

In other words, this quiet spot under the jacaranda tree next to her favourite person in the world, was a slice of heaven.

Some ducks waddled passed Jake and Hannah hurriedly as if not wanting to interrupt this moment that they were sharing together. For you see, Jake and Hannah were just meeting for the first time in person. They had been talking for over two years online but had never had the chance to actually see each other.

Jake was working as an apprentice electrician, which was what was taking up most of his time. Whereas Hannah juggled going to university and a part-time job at a local café, so that’s why they couldn’t find the time to meet up.

Hannah giggled and hid her smile behind her hand, self-conscious from abuse in past relationships. Jake reached out slowly and grabbed her hand, pulling it away gently and back towards him. He brought her delicate, small hand up to his lips and placed a gentle kiss upon the smooth skin.

“Please don’t ever hide your beautiful smile behind your hand again,” Jake smiled sadly, pleading with his light brown eyes. “You’re too beautiful to have suffered the way you have.”

Hannah blushed lightly and shuffled closer so she could lay her head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat. Jake instinctively wrapped his arms around her, bring them closer together. He had the urge to place a kiss onto her head, but thought it was too fast for her.

“I really like you,” Hannah lifted her head and spoke just loud enough for him to hear. “You make me feel safe, warm, fuzzy, cared for, and like I’m worth something to someone,” the last few words came out in barely a whisper.

Jake smiled and reached out to move a strand of dyed purple hair back behind Hannah’s ear. But his smile grew sad once again as Hannah flinched from the outstretched hand and being touched, not matter how softly he tried.

“I promise, on my heart, to love you, Hannah. I promise to care for you when you’re sick and be by your side in hard times. I know it’s crazy to say this and we’ve only just met for the first time today. But Hannah,” Jake paused and made sure Hannah’s baby blue eyes were looking into his brown ones, “please will you be mine?”

The world seemed to stop for both Hannah and Jake; one anxious for an answer, while the other was stunned. As slowly as Hannah’s face grew a tentative smile, the world seemed to start up again.

“Yes,” hoarsely whispered Hannah, she then cleared her throat. “Yes I would love to be yours and only yours!”

Jake laughed and rejoiced this memorable moment by standing up with Hannah, picking her up and swinging her around in a few circles. They fell to the ground again and laughed, both feeling free from their struggles of the past. Both feeling like they can move on from the past.

Both... Finally able to feel love for the first time.

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