A Collection Of Short Stories

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“Hello?” Jen called out as she made her way down the stairs, wrapping a pink, fluffy robe around her old and frail body.

Another set of knocking rung throughout the quiet house as Jen reached the bottom of the stairs, switching on the hallway light.

“Hello?” Jen asked again, but no answer came.

A figure loomed on the other side of the door, appearing to be that of a bulky male.

With caution, Jen opened the door a little, peering through the crack.

“Hello?” softly said Jen, uncertain of the male covered in darkness. She was unable to see the males face due to the hat he was wearing and how his head fell forwards. But she could tell that this young man was in a uniform of some kind.

The silence stretched on seemingly for an eternity. The male did not fidget or twitch. The only sign he was breathing at all was the small puffs of breath seen as he exhaled into the cold night air.

“Hello?” Jen said once again, not liking the fact that this stranger was standing on her porch, early in the morning, not responding to her.

“Hello,” a rough voice finally whispered back. The young man dressed in an pristine army uniform lifted his head and a familiar face was revealed to Jen.

Not believing who stood in front of her, Jen took a step back before throwing the door open and falling into her son’s strong, firm arms.

Jen cried out in relief and shock at seeing Nicholas again. It had been nine years since she had seen him last and she hadn’t had a letter from him for a whole year. Jen had been sure that her youngest son had died in service.

Both Nicholas and Jen fell gently to the ground as Jen’s shaky knees gave way. They held onto each other, crying tears of joy and happiness at being able to see the other.

“Hello!” hoarsely sobbed Jen as she pulled back, wiping the tears away from her aged and wrinkled face before crushing her son once again in a bone breaking hug.

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