A Collection Of Short Stories

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Australian Land

The sun set slowly over the beautiful Australian land, dipping behind the ragged mountain tops. Warm, orange rays stretched out across the sky as far as the eye could see. Birds of all sorts soared through the air to enjoy the last few moments in the warmth. Animals of all kind called for their children to come back home before it become to late.

Koalas climbed up tall gumtrees as wombats crawled back into their burrows. Birds flew back to their nests and kangaroos huddled together in a herd as the last few rays for the day were about to disappear.

Light faded quickly and soon the bush land was covered in darkness. The last few birds chirped before there was a sudden silence over everything. Only the sound of the wind gently blowing the leaves could be heard throughout the land.

Then one by one, the nocturnal animals of Australia begun to awaken from their slumber; ready to play and eat.

Calls from owls and red foxes could be heard echoing around the silent night. Possums squeaked as they greeted their friends, frogs croaked as they hopped around, bats screeching loudly as they flapped around in the cool night air.

The sky was clear and all the stars shone brightly down on the animals. It could even be deemed as the perfect night as they all roamed freely, not a care in the world. The land was peaceful, only the sound of nature and its animals were heard. Just another night in the stunning land of Australia.

That was until the sky lit up, the stars disappearing and the moon became so dull that even if you squinted against the invading light, you couldn’t see it. The active animals paused in their stride and sleeping animals were startled wide awake. A buzzing sound filled the quietness, disturbing the peace Mother Nature had long ago created.

Men carrying flaming torches marched through the bushes, pushing aside branches and kicking the slower native animals aside. They continued marching forward, destroying anything that got in the way of the stampede.

In a mad rush to get away from the invasion, animals tripped over their own feet and became the victims to guns, knives and spears. Any weapon that the men could get a hold of, they used to demolish the land before them.

Cries and shouts tore through the Australian night air, the wind howled in an attempt to stop the vile men. Dark, storm clouds gathered in the sky, flashing lighting and roaring with thunder.

As the heartless men continued on their killing spree, the rain begun to pour down in buckets as the lightning started striking at the ground where the men stood.

After hours and hours of Mother Nature’s fight against these invaders to protect her children, there was all but one left standing. This young man, only seventeen years of age, fell to his knees and screamed at the sky.

“Please! Please! I beg of you, stop!” he pleaded with his arms wide open, the tears that streamed down his face mixed with the cold rain. “I see the mistake my kind has made. Spare me and I’ll do my best to never let this happen again!”

The young man cried and begged and pleaded to the sky, pouring his soul and heart into his words. A little red fox trotted up to him and laid down in his lap. It begun to lick clean its own battle wounds it had attained throughout the fight.

“Please...” he whispered in a last attempt before breaking down and holding on tightly to the little red fox.

The rain stopped, the storm clouds disappeared, the bodies of both men and animals floated up high into the dark sky. They passed Earth and eventually stopped to become stars shining brightly down on the now peaceful Australian land.

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