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If I?

A young lady stood alone on top of a small, grass hill. Her head was bowed and her hair and white dress whipped around in the wind.

“If I walk backwards, will time rewind?” her whisper drifted across the evening, reaching only the ears of the Earth.

She lifted up the hem of her white dress and took three steps back before the wind became too strong and she stumbled forwards three steps.

“If I talk backwards, will the damage be undone?” she whispered a little louder, emotions evident in her voice.

The lady tried to recite the words she had been practising backwards but found that they got stuck in the back of her throat.

“If I fall to my knees and plead, will I have a second chance?” the young lady spoke again, voice breaking towards the end.

Her knees gave way and she fell to the ground. She then begun to ask for forgiveness from the person that she was fighting with, but they weren’t even there.

“If I scream and yell and pull out my hair, will you see my despair?” she yelled, raw emotion caking her voice.

The lady screamed and screamed, getting as loud as she could. She tugged at her flowing hair, tears rolled down her cheeks.

“If I buy you a new heart, will you trust me to keep it?”

Her pitiful sobs reached the ears of a slowly approaching man who had just pulled his car over on the side of the road.

“If I kiss all of your bruises, will my mistakes be forgiven? If I write down my thoughts, will they ever be read aloud?”

“Maybe,” the man whispered as he knelt down beside the broken-hearted lady. “Lee, come home. We’ve been worried sick.”

Lee cried and threw herself into the arms of her man, all the pain she had been feeling the last few days disappearing for now.

“If I come home, will we sort this out, Ben?” Lee asked as she stood up and swayed on the spot, her hair and dress whipping behind her.

“We will try our very best,” Ben wrapped his arms around her and he felt her shivers. “Let me take you home now.”

Lee nodded before Ben picked her up, carrying her bridal style to their car which was parked on the side of the road.

“If I...” Lee whispered, closing her eyes and inhaling the cinnamon scent wafting from Ben. “If I continue to love you... Will I ever be set free from my demons judgement?”

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