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Beating Heart

The beating, red heart was clutched tightly in the young boy’s hands, the corpse of a young girl laying at his feet.

With tears streaming down his face, he placed the heart into the gaping hole in the girl’s chest and waited in silence as one, two, three seconds passed by. He sobbed and rested his head upon her still stomach.

“Why are you crying?” whispered a soft voice.

Startled, the young boy sat up and looked down upon the pretty young girl’s gentle, glowing face.

He wiped away his tears, an uncontainable smile appearing on his face. He looked down to his chest where he had pulled his heart out to give to the young girl.

“I’m crying because I wanted you to live. You deserve to be alive. I’m crying because I thought that my love and my heart wasn’t enough to make you live again,” softly explained the young boy, his skin turning pale and his light blue eyes beginning to glaze over.

“You did what?” the young girl exclaimed, shocked and honoured by his actions.

“I gave you... My heart...” he managed to rasp out, struggling for air now. “Go live... For m-”

The young boy collapsed to the ground, head lolled to the side, mouth ajar, chest still and eyes forever glazed over in eternal peace.

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