The Bucket List

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Tuscany... A romantic place?

The next day, I made my decision to help him with everything. As he promised me last night he was waiting for me. I wore a one piece which I have been preparing for this day. To look like an angel who had just descendant from the sky.

As I approached him, he gave me a bouquet of flowers. The beautiful paper petal flowers. He opened the gate for me like a gentleman.
"The wedding is in the evening, so why did you wanted to meet me in the morning." I asked as I re-checked the invite.
He didn't answered me and started driving.
It feels like I should have rather arrived to the wedding on my own. The ride was full of silence and we didn't spoke a word.
What is his name? I still don't know.
We crossed Pisa and entered Tuscany.
" Here we are." He said.
"First, what is you name? Second, my name is Jennifer, you can call me Jen. Third, why..."
"Hold on! My name is Chris and I need you to do something. You have a special task at the wedding. As for why we are here, I just wanted to come here because there is an event and I really wanted to come but it is compulsory for two people to come together." He interrupted me and said.
" Okay! So, why did you not come here with your friend? The one I saw in the room. "
" Okay! Let's gets you some comfortable clothes first. " He avoided my question and took out a bag of clothes from the back seat.
It was a long slim one piece with a beautiful beach print. I now somehow find beaches so pretty and calm. Before I used to hate going to beaches but now even if someone offers me to stay there, I will gladly accept it.
I changed my clothes in the public restroom. The event was in an ally. Like those retro themed valley style. It was the month of romance and Tuscany is famous for it's romantic tourist attraction.
Seriously! A romantic place? Damn, someone is going to have some bad memories here.
"I wanted to come here with my girlfriend but we broke up." he said with a sigh.
"Why did you break up?"
I should not invade his privacy! But I am curious...
"You will know it in a few hours."
I doubt it.
There were many shops on both the sides of this small and narrow ally. It was fully crowded and many other girls were wearing clothes like me.
I wish I had a boyfriend!
This is what I thought but when I look at Chris, he might be having harder time than me to cope up and move on in life. While walking together down the street, he was lost in his own thoughts and sometimes he would see me and give a smile which seems like he is telling me that I am fine but I know that it doesn't helps at all. I have been there. Trying hard to smile in front of my mom to hide this painful truth of 4 months.
We came across a shop with beautiful wind charms and dream catchers. One of the dream catcher was of purple color and had three feathers hanging down. The color felt calm and a positive vibe. I decided to gift this to Chris.
After buying it, I turned back only to find that Chris was not behind me. We were separated in thus crowded ally filled with lovers. It might be easy to find him. I only need to find someone who is alone.
I can do this!
While looking here and there, I was not able to find him. My head started to ache from this chattering. I could hear voices in my head.
Oh! What a poor girl she is! You don't deserve it!
These voices, it is not the first time. I cuddled my head in my hands and sat on the corner of the shop from where I bought the dream catcher. I was about to burst into tears, it is when I saw someone running towards me.
It must be Chris.
Chris came rushing and gave me a tight hug.
"You fool! I was worried about you!"
"I.. I.." I don't know what to say. Noone except Pat and Aiden told me that they were worried about me. My heart was racing and it almost felt like it will pop out from my chest.
He held my hand and said "Never leave my hand! Do you understand?"
I was not able to tell anything so I just nodded along.
We continued to move and look around the whole ally and then went back to the car. In the whole walk my heart was beating so fast that I thought I might pass out because of it.
What was that feeling? Is it because of my illness?
It must be!
Tuscany, though I don't have any romantic memories but you did gave me a new experience. It feels like an unspoken wish which just came true.
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