The Bucket List

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We both decided to change our clothes to formals to attend the wedding. I still cannot stop thinking about the ‘unspoken wish’.

Why does it feel like it? Why am I happy?

These thoughts are constantly running in my mind. I was sitting in the car waiting for Chris.

What is taking him so long?

I am already in my white one-piece but I don’t have any idea of his dress. I was deep in thoughts when he came out of the public bathroom.

He was wearing a white tuxedo with a black bow around his neck. He had fixed his hair like a fiction drama CEO. I was blankly staring at him. The thoughts which were first in mind stopped irritating me. If I am an angel then he is my prince charming.

These thoughts started. I looked away and started breathing deeply. He saw me and came to my side.

He was on one knee.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

How can I be ‘okay’?

“What do you... mean?” I asked.

“You are breathing heavily. Do you have a problem with breathing? Should we first stop by a doctor or do you have any medication?” he sounds worried.

I was foolishly looking at him in his eyes.

Eyes don’t lie.

His eyes showed worry and fear. I don’t know his fear but I do know why he is worried. I have never felt this way. Whenever I looked into my mom’s eyes, it was full of guilt and regret.

Why is she regretting? She married a rich man!

This always came to my mind but looking at him, all I can think of is comforting him.

I held him with my hands on his shoulders.

“I am okay! I don’t need to go to the doctor. As for the medicine, they won’t work on me, so why should I take them? I only have enough vitamin pills to give me energy and the doctor said that it’s my wish to take it or not.”

He was still worried. I hugged him. I hope this will help. He hugged me back.

“You look like an angel.” he whispered in my ears.

I chuckled a bit. I buried my head in his shoulders. I don’t want him to look at me because my face is as red as blood.

“Okay! Everything is fine. If you don’t feel good tell me, I will help you!” he assured me.

I nodded and smiled.

Our destination is not that far. We can reach there in an hour. I am tired. I decided to take a nap and then enjoy the view.

I don’t know when but I fell asleep. I woke up after we reached our destination. The wedding has still not started. I was sleeping on a bed.

Where is Chris?

The first thought in my mind.

I looked around and didn’t found him. I decided to check in the bathroom. The room only had a bed good enough for two people and a bathroom. When I stepped down from the bed, I saw his coat near me.

It means he is here. I looked out of the window. The ground floor was decorated with white and pink flowers. It was an open ground wedding.

This building must be for the bride and groom to get ready or for guests to rest.

I explained to myself.

The door behind me opened. I turned back and saw Chris.

I smiled at him.

I don’t know but I cannot stop smiling when he is in front of me.

“Are you feeling refreshed?” he asked and gave a glass of hot water.

“Why hot?” I asked.

He came close.

“You need to shout a lot. We will make a big scene.” he said and smirked.

Right! I almost forgot about it.

“I won’t disappoint you!” I replied.

“Do you wanna see the groom?” he asked out of nowhere.

“Well, it’s better to get the right person in one go.” I said.

We both went to the third floor. This building has only three floors. The first floor for the reception, second for guests, and third for them to get ready.

“Hey bro!” he entered the room greeting the man sitting depressed on the couch with his wedding suit beside him.

To be honest, I was surprised. Chris went to him and took his suit and scanned it.

“Mine is better, isn’t it?” he asked the groom. He didn’t answer him back.

He looked at me and said, “He won’t answer. What do you think, Jen?”

Hearing my name from his mouth, made my heart race and deep breathing. I cannot show that I breathing deeply because he will be worried for nothing.

“Yes!” I replied.

The groom finally looked at us.

“Who is she?” he asked.

“Your savior!” Chris replied.

Suddenly a smile appeared on his depressed face. He stood up and hugged Chris first. He came to me to hug me too but Chris came in between.

“Back off dude. She is your savior! Not your girl!” he said angrily.

“Oh, right! Sorry, sister-in-law.” he said.

What? Sister-in-law?

“It’s okay!” I said. I don’t know how to respond to ‘that’. I guess Chris will clear it.

“Now, go and change!” he ordered him.

“Thanks, bro!” the groom said and went to the bathroom to change.

What the hell is happening?

“I will explain.” Chris said.

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