The Bucket List

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The Plan

"I will explain." Chris said.

I hope he will clear that I am not his girl, yet.

"So, you saw the groom and I will explain you the whole thing." he added.

Wait! Did he mean that he will explain to me?

"He is rich and you might have figured out that she is my ex, the reason she broke up with me was because he has more money. She tricked him to marry her and then he later realized the reason why she wanted to marry him. When he said that he won't marry her, she turned back to me. We met in a restaurant and she created a scene. I told her that I have a girlfriend, which is you and then-"

"Wait! Me? When did this happen?" I interrupted him.

"You don't remember? You fainted that day and I took you to hospital." He replied.

"That was you?" I said in a shock.

I always wanted to know who sent me to hospital and helped me but it turns out that he is now helping me with my bucket list.

"Yes... You really don't remember?" He asked again.

"I don't. I only remember that I wanted to have something good and went to a restaurant then I started to feel dizzy and fell down. I remember someone saying 'wake up' but my vision was blurry. Then I woke in the hospital." I explained my side.

"Well, it's fine and no need to thank me. So, Tom; my friend does not wants to marry her. When they will start to take the vows, you will get up from your seat and shout 'Stop this nonsense!' -"

"It's it too dramatic." I said. The way he said it made me laugh.

"Hey! Isn't it how things follow? So this is totally workable." he said.

"I have a better plan. How much is there for the wedding to start?" I asked.

"An hour." he answered.

"It's enough for me to prepare. I need to make a call." I said and called Patricia.

"Hey Pat! I want something from you." I said.

"What is it?"

"Something that is going to make things more interesting." I said.

After a 5 minutes quick call, I went back to Chris.

"Okay, one thing is ready now we need a girl on whom we can trust. Do you know someone here?" I asked.

"How did you called jus now?" he asked.

"You will know it." I said.

"Okay! I am done." Tom came back from changing his clothes. He was wearing a beautiful white tuxedo just like Chris but Chris looked more handsome.

"Do I look good sister-in-law?" he asked me.

"Yes, you do." I said.

"Chris, I am sorry but I think I took your girl's heart." he said mockingly.

Chris was about to burst on him but I interrupted him.

"Who said that you look better than Chris?" I said and this one line made him upset.

Chris and I chuckled and he puts he hand around my waist.

My heart started to beat faster.

What is happening? Am I having another panic attack?

I ask myself.

My heart beats are loud enough for everyone in this building to hear. Let alone Chris who is standing beside me with his hands around me.

My face turned red and Tom noticed it. Tom fake coughed to get our attention.

"Are you okay?" he asked me.

"Why? What happened?" Chris said in worry and looked at me. He saw that my face is red as tomato.

"Do you have fever?" he said and checked my temperature by touching our forehead.

He could have used hands!

He was holding me with his hands. He might be thinking that I might fall down or faint so he is already ready to hold on to me.

"I... I am okay." I said.

"You don't have fever." Chris sighed in relief.

"Guys! I am still here." Tom said because we both ignored him.

Chris checked his attire and took a seat behind.

Tom was seeing us and having fun. Now we both were blushing and things were becoming awkward between us.

Tom again started the conversation to throw out this awkwardness.

"Okay! So, what is the plan?"

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