The Bucket List

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New Life

"Excuse me! Hey! You alright?..."
This voice, who is it? What is happening to me? I can see a shadow! Who are you? Answer me!
I woke up with a gasp and was still sweating because of that strange dream. I again closed my eyes and that's when I realized that I was still in the hospital! The monitor, the wires or whatever they are called and this oxygen mask. When can I get discharge?
Wrong question! Why am I here in the first place?
Ugh! My head hurts! It feels like I got hit by something or someone hit me.
Someone knocked on the door and asked for the permission to come in. It feels like the nurse is here and is here to give me my medicine or something.
I allowed her to come in. A girl of about 140 cm entered the room and was not wearing the hospital uniform but instead a red one piece of silk material which showed her perfect figure. The hair looked like were just done by a professional and her makeup made her looked like a model or something.
Who is this?
"You are...?" I asked in amazement and why is she wearing those inappropriate clothes and coming in the hospital. She didn't replied to me and was silently glaring at me and scanning me.
The door was open and all the male patients and the staff was stalking in our room. It made me feel more uncomfortable. I cannot get up by myself and close the door, only I can do is to request her. I hope she is not deaf!
"Can you please close the door?" I requested and pointed at the door.
She looked at the door and waved a hand to them and smiled. She turned back to me and continued to stare me with her cold glare.
What is she? Is she crazy? Did she escaped from the mental patients wing? Someone take her away!
When I was about to tell her to go away she opened her mouth full of thorns.
"You are not interesting!"
Is she trying to pick up a fight and want me to shave her head!
"Why did he saved you and what does he likes about you? You look so plain and so boring"
Okay! Now it's enough.
" Okay! Now it's enough. I don't know you and what the hell are you saying? Watch that little shi..." When I was about to swear on her my little dear brother was standing outside.
I don't want to make a scene. Already her presence has attracted a lot of people.
" Please get out of here! " I wishpered to her and showed her the way.
My blood pressure was rising so the nurse came to my room to check on me. She took off the mask a d checked my blood pressure.
Aiden, my brother looked a bit confused and worried for me. He is the only one who cares for me in my so called family.
I showed him a sign denoting that I am fine and to show me a cute little smile. Although he is now 20 but his face looks like a 13 year old boy. He sure carries his father genes.
She checked up on me and gave medicines, and took off the mask.
Finally! I wonder if Aiden knows about my cancer. If he knows, his hearts will be broken. I guess!
He came to me and sat beside me.
"This room looks different. When I first opened my eyes, I didn't noticed any couch for siting or flowers..."
His face, he was forcing himself to smile. I know that face better than anyone. That's what I have doing for the last 20 years in front of my parents.
He already knows it!
" I told them to shift you from the general ward to VIP but you again passed out when we were about to shift. The doctor told you were just sleeping... Let's forget about it and start something new."
His looks like he is about to cry. He could have asked about that bitch who just left the room but he seems a bit off. Just when he was about tell something I interrupted him and asked him to bring the iPad.
I opened the notes and started typing. He takes a peep at the screen.

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