The Bucket List

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The 10 things

We both started to laugh and the old memories started to flash in our minds.
"So, what is your first wish to complete?" He asked looking at me with a curiousness in his eyes.
I never thought about my earnest wish because I thought that my life is not valuable but now when I know that it is the end I want to live more. The feeling to live more and wanted to be loved. Before I thought that I was just a useless Boulder who is always getting in others way and disturbing their peaceful life. That was the reason why I moved out off my father's house. Seeing this family of three, I cannot bear more so I left.
I dazed off thinking about my earnest wish. Something pinched me hard on my palm, twice.
"Aiden, it hurts!" Is he asking for a fight!
"Why are you again and again dazing off! I am here talk to me! So your first wish?"
He changes his facial expressions so fast. From getting angry to a little happy and cheerful one.
"Hmmm... Let me think..."
My earnest wish?
I guess it will be to make up with my mum and tell her everything!
I started to type and as always he is peeping.
'Tell the truth to Mum.'
"What a lam.. Great wish!" I know he was about to say lame but this is what I want to do and can only think of this at this very moment.
"Did you or did you not tell Mum?"
I totally forgot about it!
"About what?" He is making that kind of face which he makes when he knows that has messed up.
"You did tell her! How can you tell her!"
"I thought that you will never let her know that you got admitted to the hospital as emergency patient and I didn't told her about your cancer. All she knows is about your admitting and you are going to meet her anyway and tell the truth so it's fine. Oh! You can get discharged today. I have already talked to the administration. "
He is really like my guardian angel. He always helps me deal with many of things. Although I am his big sister but he makes me feel like I am the small sister.
" That's great. Now moving on to my next wish! "
Everyone wants to travel around the world but cannot do so because of many reasons but I think I can travel.
I even want to try those cringe things shown in those movies. Meeting someone accidentally and then falling for each other. I don't have that much time but I hope I can experience it.
I also want to do some of the crazy things like crashing at someone's wedding and making a scene and destroying it. I really want to do it once because I was not able to stop my Mum's wedding so since then it has been my wish.
"Why are your wishes so destructive or so sweet?" Aiden made that kind of pissed face but these are my wishes. I rolled my eyes at him and kept typing.
The main question. Should I keep writing my wishes in front of him because my next wishes are too much.
I don't wish to die as a person without any friends. Since my Mum married again I have kept myself away from happiness and also blamed my Mum for everything but now looking back I feel like it was all my fault. So, I want to make some new friends.
I want to find that bitch and ask her and take my revenge. How dare she talk to me like that! I know that it's not possible and a waste of time but I don't want to leave any regrets.
"What kind of..." I glared at him and he zipped his mouth and threw the key.
I want to see everything in this world. I mean everything and experience every single feeling!
I really want to rob or steal the groom from a wedding and run away. It is not necessary that he is for me but I want take him away from the wedding.
I want to patch up a broken couple or make them break up. Anything is fine with me as long as it concerns a affair of a couple.
I guess that's all?
"What about your last wish? Is it also something related to destroy someone?"
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