The Bucket List

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The reconciliation - Part 1

'The last wish'
I want to save it for something special. Something which I really want to accomplish before dying and Aiden is right. My every wish is destroying something. My actual motive is that people will remember me but I don't know how to be kind to others so I can only think of this way to make them remember me but they won't be my good wishers but will resent me for the whole life or will feel embarrassed.
My whole life I wanted my parents to be there for me but whenever I got into a fight they never showed up instead denied me and shut me out. At that time I knew that they are not proud of me and that is the second reason I wanted to make my own brand.
"Aiden, will you do me favor?"
This is all I can ask for!
"Sure! I hope it's not something weird..."
"I want you to help me make my brand successful" I said with hopefully shining eyes. With the expression he cannot deny or No one can resist but only to accept it.
"Sure! It will be my greatest pleasure."
He said with eyes still filled with water and witha sense of perfect farewell gift in mind.
"If that's what you want then I will do so!"
'We request everyone to go back, the visiting hours are over'
The announcement was made by the head nurse and it is the time for Aiden to leave now.
Tomorrow is going to be a big day. The day when I will restart my life from now on I will leave the way I want to to and make sure to complete all my wishes. These 4 months are like a blessing to me. It was possible that I might have discovered my illness when only 1 week was left and might not had a chance to do everything.
I still hope that I might had never asked about my illness or that person had not called for the ambulance and left me there.
I know that I am not making any sense but I myself cannot describe my feelings. These mixed feelings flowing in me is a new experience. The journey to my new life has begin!
I was not able to sleep all night. This is my second sleepless night. The first time was while waiting for my dad to came out of the OT. The wait and the worried feeling still lasts in my body.
The next morning, my eyes were dark and swollen because of lack of sleep. After I changed my clothes, from the loose hospital gown to a body fit, tight and expensive clothes. When I was about to step outside my room a big bouquet of my favorite flowers appeared in front of me. The white and pink color paper like petaled flower. The flower which gives me a sense of warmth and like it welcomes me in this sucking but beautiful world.
The flowers turns down and exposes the one carrying the flowers. It was my best friend, Patricia. She was with me every time when I needed to talk to someone. She is my childhood friend and we went to the same school before my father died then she studied hard to study in the same school with me. Now when I think about our past she had always put efforts in our friendship and I was only waiting for her to come to me, she always took the initiative and protected me from the bullies in the school and till now she is with me.
"Hey! How did you knew I was here?" I wondered and closed the door to my room and started to walk towards the exit where my expensive limo was waiting for me.
"Who else can tell me!"
One more thing, Aiden has a crush on her and even confessed but her answer was unbelievable!
'I will go out with you when Jennifer agrees to it.'
This is what she said. She also liked him but I don't know why but I never want Patricia to date my little bro but now I think she is mature enough.
"Hey! Pat! I accept it!"
"Really! Thank you so much Jen. I was always waiting for it and now.."
"OK! You can run over to him now he is waiting for me in the limo." I interrupted her and saved myself from her big thank you speech.
She ran at the speed of light and opened the door of the driver's seat where Aiden was sitting.
She hugged her and was so happy. I have never seen her this happy. I am grateful that I get to see this side of her.
"Sis, Mom is waiting for you at your apartment."
He came and opened the door for me.
Right! A big task is waiting for me.
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