The Bucket List

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The Reconciliation - Part 2

The ride from the hospital to the apartment felt so short. I didn't even got my time to think about the things I want to say and explain.
Should I tell her about my disease or should I just say I fainted because I was dehydrated or my blood sugar was low?
I don't have enough time to think about it! This thing to tell her everything that has been inside me is a long wish and I want to do it before I die. I thought that the time when I will be saying her this will be when she is on her last breath but the situation is not every much as I expected it to be but I guess this what they call life.
I have always tried to live a plain life but because of my step dad, things are different. I have really never had a good talk with him. I have always tried to ignore him but now I also want to talk to him.
Every step I take towards my apartment makes my heart to flutter. Not the love kind of but the nervousness and the fear.
I opened the door to my apartment and my mother was in right in front of me. Aiden pushed me as I could not walk any further. It was like my legs were glued to the floor.
"You look fine to me! So, I can leave." She said with that bitchy attitude but I know that she doesn't want to talk to me like this.
This is all my fault.
She was about to walk away but I cannot loose her and my chance to make things clear. He gave her a hug when she was showing her back to me and facing towards Aiden. I guess she will feel more comfortable if she sees Aiden in front of her.
I have said this word after a long time.
"I... I just want to say that -"
She turned back and looked at me with a small smile on her face. She always used to smile like this to me but for the past few years it was even difficult to face her.
She gave me a tight hug and consoled me. She said, "Shh! It's okay! You called your mom, right? Everything is fine now, I don't want to hear your part of the story and I just want to tell you that I love you my apple pie."
Her favorite sweet dish, yes I am her apple pie and will always be.
I don't know but i just want to cry hard when my mother is embracing me like this.
" You know if you want to cry you can." Aiden whispered.
This spoiled brat, always sees through me.
Now I was able to hold them back so I let my feelings flow.
After an hour, we three sat down on the dining table and had a good quality time together. This is the life I always wanted and it just took a small step.
Why didn't I realized it earlier? A small step, a small step to let my ego and anger go and everything is normal!
My first thing on my bucket list is now completed.
I totally forgot about Patracia!
I guess Aiden has still not told her about it. He is really a great unexpected secret keeper.
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