The Bucket List

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Patricia and the invite

After having a good chat with my mom, I started to look for Patricia. We both met at the café near my apartment on the table near the window where a big plant was seated. She was already there and then we ordered some coffee and cookies. I don't know how to start but by looking at her face I think she might have already figured that I am going to talk about something serious.
"Jen, is it about me and Aiden then I assure you that I am serious!"
She seems really serious about him so I think I don't need to worry about their relationship and future but this is not the thing I want to talk about.
"Pat, I know that you are serious but... How should I say it!"
She held my hand and asked me about it.
"Okay! So, I am going to travel so... I wanted to say goodbye."
I still cannot make make my mind to tell her the truth.
"Oh! I thought it is something serious. You asked me out and everything.... Anyways enjoy your trip!"
She went to pay our bill and came back.
"You are right, Pat!"
I really need to tell her.
"I... I only have 4 months." She was shocked and sat back on her side.
"Haha! You are joking! I know you but.."
"This is the damn truth!"
She didn't said anything and left. I tried to call her but she didn't picked up my call and then switched it off. She was not at her house and even Aiden didn't knew where she is.
I really need her now. I cannot hold it in and die with this guilt of not telling her.
Four hours have passed and now Aiden is also worried about her. This is the first time that she has not been in contact. We promised to face everything together and now when I am going to face something much difficult from before I don't have her by my side.
At night, I had dinner with my mum and Aiden at a restaurant and went back to my apartment. My mum offered me to come and live with her but I am leaving so it is of no use.
I was lying on my bed and staring at my phone waiting for a notification or a call from Patricia but there was none.
I waited for like hours and there was no response. I started to pack my stuff as I am going to travel and someone knocked at my door and was ringing the bell. The knocks were restless and the noise of bell was annoying me.
Is it Pat?
I ran to the door and checked from the eye hole. It was Aiden.
"What's wrong with you?"
I said.
Why is he angry?
"We were not able to reach you! Patricia was worried!"
She was worried!
"My phone..."
I went back to my room to check on my phone and noticed that it was switched off. I connected the wire for charging and switched the phone on. The notifications started to pop up. Several missed calls and messages from Aiden and Pat.
They must be really worried.
"Sorry! It was off."
Aiden took a deep breath and sat on couch and drank some water.
"There was a message from Pat but she is coming here so hear it from her. I will go and lie down on the bed." He said and went to my room.
After a few moments she came. She quietly sat on the chair and drank some water from the glass which Aiden used. She took out an envelope from her purse and gave it to me. A wedding photo was there on the front. From one of my wishes.
Actually the whole bucket list is about that.
"Aiden told me everything. About your bucket list and all those wishes. So, here an invitation. One of my friend more like enemy is getting married. So, if you want you can wreck her wedding and the most important thing, I will always stay by your side." She said and gave me a tight hug.
Aiden was seeing this from distance and was overreacting.
" Should I have some popcorn or something?"
He said.
We both glared at him and he went back in the room.
Tomorrow is another day and first time in my life I am excited about it. It is already 4 in the morning and I am so sleepy but I don't want to sleep and enjoy this moment with Aiden and Pat.
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