The Bucket List

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It seems familiar...

The next day, we were all feeling sleepy because we stayed up for the whole night, chatting and playing.
"Here, your tickets and passport"
Aiden handed me the tickets and the passport. He gave Pat a cup of coffee because she was feeling too sleepy.
"Hey, what about me?"
"Geez! Here, have mine. It feels like I am your big brother and you are my small sister."
He gave me his coffee and he is not wrong though.
"What about Mom?"
I asked him but I know the answer.
"Okay! It is time for you to board."
He is ignoring the question. It is for the best and I was expecting something like this. I don't want my mom to worry about me.
"So, we will leave now." He turned.
"Wait a minute." I requested.
"Now what?" he turned back and asked.
I gave him tight hug.
"Goodbye! Cry-baby."
"Hey! I warned you." He complained.
"Okay, now let's go or she will miss the flight. Cry-baby, let's go." Pat joined me in teasing him.
I went forward to board the flight. They were still standing there watching me board the plane. I want to turn back but I can't. I want to stay but I probably should not. This the best I can do. Leaving now is the best so they can easily move on after I won't be there any longer.
While thinking about it I fell asleep.
' Wake up! Are you okay? '
This voice... It feels familiar.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw a familiar shadow.
'Her pulse is normal. No need to worry. Take her to the airport hospital and she will be fine then.'
Are they talking about me?
When I opened my eyes a syringe was attached to me and it went up to a bag filled with liquid.
"Excuse me!"
I said in small but audible voice.
A nurse came to me and checked my pulse and checked the drops and everything related and then helped me get up.
"You fainted on the plane because of lack of sleep. Thank fully a doctor was sitting beside you so he took care of you."
The nurse explained to me everything that happened on the flight and that the doctor knew that it was nothing serious so they didn't had an emergency landing.

After completing the whole bag or bottle of IV, I left the airport. My car was still standing there.

The driver complained at first about me being late for two hours but he was polite too and asked if I was fine.

Patricia did all the arrangements for me as I am going to the wedding as her name and guest.

The trip to the hotel was an hour long and the area seemed like countryside. Their were small houses on the road with big garden in front and many people wearing labour uniforms which they wear on the field. The atmosphere was soothing and peaceful, the things which I never had in my life.

I checked in my room. The room had a swimming pool attached to it on one of the side and the other side had a bedroom and bathroom with a balcony but it was not a suite. 'I wonder if normal room is like this then what about a suite?'

I really want to know!

So I decided to do something crazy. While looking around I saw that the room beside me was a suite and the balconies were not that far from each other. If I will be able to jump a bit higher I can reach there but first I need to check if someone was there in the room.

I had a selfie stick so I extended it so that I could see if someone was in the room or not.

I am lucky! No one was there.

I climbed through the balcony. The window was a bit opened from the corner. The heaven is with me. The bedroom was sine but the bed was big and it was so comfortable. The bed was better than mine. I really wanted a suite but experiencing it like this is more fun.

Next it had a small living room with a small fridge and a small bar and the other side had a swimming pool. The size of the pool was somewhat same. I went back to the room but this time I was not alone but someone else was there.

His body was wet and had a towel around his waist. He was soaking his hair with another towel. The water droplets slowing sliding down from his back. Broad shoulders, and what I should say about those pretty biceps!

I was totally lost by his and unconsciously walked towards him, the first mistake. My hands tried to reach his back, that's when he realized he was not alone in the room.

He suddenly turned back, grabbed my hand and forcefully laid me down the bed and with himself on top of me.

He had those beautiful abs.
'Oh God! I am too much sensitive for pretty shoulder and beautiful abs.'

"Why is it you again?" He asked.
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