The Bucket List

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"Why is it you again?" He asked.

What does he mean by it? Have we met before?
"What are you doing in my room?" He continued.
"I... I.."
What should I say? This is not what I expected it to be.
"What are you doing?" Someone from the back replied before I could complete my sentence or can make a excuse.
"I guess I should probably go and sorry." That man continues and leave the bedroom.
He was still on me and was holding me. After realizing it he quickly moved back and said, "Leave the room now!"
Should I leave from the way came in?
I went to the balcony and jumped on my side.
I didn't dared to look back or cared for his expressions or took the courtesy to explain myself.
I checked the wedding date, it was tomorrow. I have a day for sight seeing. My room was in a mess. My clothes and everything were all here and there. I only took my phone and some money with me.
The first thing I want to see is the sea. I have always watched in movies that it is the most peaceful place to visit but I never visited because when my father was alive we used to come to the beach on every weekend.
The beach was a quite place as I expected it to be. The cool breeze slowly giving my hair a chance to fly and my long sleeveless skirt matches with the color of sky. I decided to rest at the beach for a while. It was only 4 in the evening. Watching the sea helps me clear my mind and especially about the thing happened at the hotel.
After sitting on the hot sand for an hour, I decided to go back.
When I was about to leave the beach, I saw someone going in the sea. The only thing came in my kind was 'Is he trying to kill himself?'
Without any second thought, I rushed to pull him back. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him back. He struggled for a while but then came with me.
When I turned back to see this ungrateful man, who does not know to treasure life, I realized that he was the one, that pretty shoulders and abs.
I was embarrassed but the only emotion that fills me is anger.
"Are you nuts?" I shouted at him.
He looked a bit confused but I want to shout at him and make my heart feel light.
"Do you even know what you were about to do? You have a handsome face and nice body, living in a suite means you don't lack money, then why? Why are you trying to do that? Personal problems? Talk it out! You fool!" I started to walk away because of his expressionless face. He has started to piss me off.
" I just wanted to have some peace! I don't even get paid for this! " I whispered to myself.
I went back to my room and saw that everything was clean and well kept.
"It must be the hotel service." I said it myself.
I threw myself in the bed to rest.
It occurred to me that I was same as that man from before. Even I didn't t cherished my life. For all my life, I was angry at my mom and separated myself from her. He must be suffering from something similar but extreme level. Even I used to have suicidal thoughts but never took the courage to do something. I don't have a right to lecture him. I think I should go and apologize to him.
When I was ready to move out, someone knocked at my door.
"I guess it is..." even I don't have an idea of who it must be.
To my surprise it was the man next door.
"Will you be my partner?" He said.
Partner? What does it mean?
" What?" Now I am the one confused.
"I mean I have to attend a wedding tomorrow and I need to have a date for myself, so, will you?" He said.
"Even I have to.." Before completing my sentence he handed me the card. It was the same invite which I had.
"I need some time." I replied.
"I will wait for you at the entrance of the hotel and please don't jump for the balcony again." And the rest of he left.
Partner? Can I do that?
Looking from his view, it must be his wish.
I now have my last wish. I added it on my notes.
'Fulfil the wish of a dying person.'
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