Muddled Emotions

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A young girl Raven who has had hard few years, feels she's met the right one until she finds out his hiding secrets to her past, things happen that give her life a whole new meaning and outlook... she may have had a bad past but she also has a powerful looking future, with many dark and unexpected secrets and lies uncovered along the way.....

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Raven is your typical 25 year old, well not so typical as we will soon find out, she lost her mum at 20 and never knew her dad, she worked full time in a library local to her home, called Rose Corner, books were her life, she knew she could always get lost in a book and it would take her away from the reality that she hated, in a little town in the country side, but not to far from the beach, she mostly kept herself to herself, she had one close friend who worked beside her, an elderly lady Holly, around the age of 65, who she had met when she was just 20 not long after her mum died, otherwise she kept herself to herself. Raven was at the library most weekends and Holly took her under her wing and the rest was history.

Raven is sat at her desk reading and like clockwork, the same guy from the last few week enters, she knows his been watching her and she wasn’t sure why, same routine every time for the past month give or take, he comes in sits at a distance, acts as though he is busy reading, or occupying himself, but she always see's him watching her, observing her almost, today she was going to find out why...

Raven waits for him to take his place in the spot he goes to every time, she heads over, she never really noticed how gorgeous he was, around her age, blonde messy skater boy hair, very broad and built, as she gets closer he looks up at her and quickly gives her a smile, she wants to melt, he has a cheeky grin and piercing blue eyes, she wants to run but she is rooted, he stands towering her, she looks up at him, he was pretty intimidating

She was even more beautiful in person then the photo, he looks at her offering his best smile, he couldn’t believe he had finally found her, he could finally go back to his boss and tell him the good news. Before he feels stupid just staring at her he speaks “Hey..”

She smiles shyly “Hi...Can I help you, not to be rude but I mean I have seen you here for the past few weeks and you keep watching I guess my curiosity is peaked”

He wanted the ground to swallow him, she wasn’t supposed to know that he blew his cover, how had he messed up that badly and made it that obvious, he had to think of something quick “Yeah, I was wondering if I could take you out for a drink some time!” he panicked, he was praying she would say no, this couldn’t happen, one person had already failed the job, he couldn't let his boss down this close to the finish line.

Raven looks gobsmacked “wait really? you waited weeks to ask that” she can't help feel a little suspicious

He grins and nods “well every time I went to, I backed out, and of course, oh and I’m Theo by the way!” he wanted to run what was he doing, no matter how much he tried to stop talking the words just kept coming.

Raven looks on at him confused and unsure “I am Raven....pleased to finally put a name to the face I guess” after a few minutes she agrees against her better judgement and they swap numbers and he leaves practically running, she heads back to her desk, the rest of the day passing uneventfully.

A couple of weeks pass, she hadn’t really thought more on Theo until a text comes through “Hey Raven, Don't think I have forgot about taking you for a drink! how about Saturday? I’ll meet you at the library after you’re shift x”

She thinks for a few moments, wondering if she should or not she had been hurt so much previously by one man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with, what was to stop it going wrong with someone else, she wondered if it would be worth it again. Reluctantly She agrees, there was something about him, like she should stay away from him, but she didn't want to, something about him intrigued her.

Saturday soon swings around and the time was fast approaching to when she was meeting him again, she was extremely nervous but so excited. As she is packing up her bag ready to leave a voice calls out behind her “Hey Raven” she spins and there he is, the butterfly's erupting in her, almost knocked in a haze

she smiles over at him “Hey Theo”

He grins “you ready!” She smiles nodding, they head out in to the night, and find a quiet little pub, they settle in and get to talking.

After a couple of hours go by, there hasn’t been even one awkward moment, they had so much in common and got on so well, they were lapping up every second they could with each other, enjoying each other's company.

They laughed and chatted they got on so well, as the night started to wrap up, Raven decides its time to get home as it was getting late and she had work in the morning, she stands getting ready to leave “Thank you for tonight it's been amazing, it’s been great getting to know you to!”

Theo smiles over at her with a pained look in his eyes “yeah it really has and its been incredible getting to know you Raven...” he stands “let me walk you home?”

She smiles and nods, he holds the door open as they head out in to the night they stop outside hers, he looks her dead in the eyes, then to her lips, he cant restrain himself, he crashes his lips to hers, she doesn’t hold back either, and wraps her arms around him, he holds her close as the kiss deepens, he pulls back after a little time “Goodnight Raven...” it takes every ounce of him, all his willpower to pull away from her, although that one kiss was enough to get him hooked on her, he knew he was in trouble

She smiles up at him “Goodnight Theo” she heads in doors, he is stood there for a few minutes, he felt bewitched by her, completely enchanted, after a few more minutes of savouring every second of that night including her lips on his he heads off in his own little world

As she gets in her head was swimming, it was one of the best nights of her life, he seemed so perfect, but she knew all to well that if it’s too good to be true then it probably is she had been there and got the T-shirt, she wasn't sure she could take another heart break

To her disappointment she doesn’t hear from him for the next couple of weeks, she decides she isn't going to let him get to her, it ended on a good note, to leave it there.

It was a Saturday evening and she was getting ready to head out to her local where she was the weekly entertainer for an hour a night, she sung there every Saturday, it was her time, and her time to let lose, it took her a while to get that confident but she did, and she en

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