Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 10

Saturday evening rolls around, she spent all afternoon getting ready for the party, she looks at herself in the mirror and admires herself, in a black strapless princess style gown, that flowed around her, she looks at her raven black hair (which is why she was given her name) fall around her shoulders, her make up lightly done, she smiles at herself, never in a million years did she ever feel this good in life, she had never seen herself look as she did now, she takes a box of the side, sliding out a small black lace mask made to fit her face, she gently attaches it, takes one last look at the finished product and grabs her bag.

Raven starts to head down the stairs, her dad dressed up to the max with his mask sat waiting, Theo and Ray also, and the guards they all turn to see her, they all gasp and mouths hit the flaw, she smiles at them all, then looks at her dad “do I look ok?”

Her dad stands taking her hand “You look impeccable darling, absolutely flawless!” he leans down kissing her on the cheek

“You look good to dad” Raven turns to see Theo and Ray watching her, Ray is biting his lip she can’t help but grin “Hey..” they both snap their mouth shut

Ray clears his throat “Wow...Birdie...” Raven shy's away and smiles

Theo gets a little irritated by Ray and quickly cuts in “lets go shall we” he walks out in front.

Aaron holds his arm out for her, she links her arm through his.

Within the hour they arrive at huge estate in the country, her dad helps her out the car, and they head inside and all eyes turn to them, more so on her, whispers and talks go around, Raven just smiles and slowly gets more comfortable as the night goes on

Later the evening, her name is on everyone’s lips and who she was, it was made clear that she was never to be messed with.

Raven has to take a breather and heads outside to the balcony and takes a deep breath looking up at sky taking in the night sky, she hears someone come out behind her, she turns, she looks at the built man stood in front of her, there was something familiar about him, then she see’s it the tattoo on his forearm and she suddenly remembers, from the night she was rushed it was the same guy, panic fly's through her she backs away “It’s you!”

“You remembered....” he walks slowly towards her

“what do you want!” she is still backing away tell she hits the wall

“I needed to find out the truth Raven...I’m sorry if I hurt before, that really wasn’t my intention...”

“then why was you in my flat...”

“Because I needed to find out...”


“Raven you’re my sister!”

Raven is in shock “What! but who are you?!”

As he is about to take his mask off

Ray comes out “Birdie!” the stranger makes a run for it

Raven shouts after him “WAIT!”

Ray rushes to her “WHO WAS THAT!”

Raven is standing in shock “The guy from my flat..!”

Ray doesn’t wait and takes off after to him, Raven picks up her dress and takes off after them.

She fails to find either of them, she finds herself down a quiet hall, then out of no where someone grabs her, she struggles against who ever has her “SHHHH PLEASE!” she realises the stranger who claims to be her brother has got her “If I let you go, promise me you wont scream...” she nods her head, he slowly release’s her and she slowly turns to take a look at him


He hangs his head “I'm sorry I...”

She raise’s her eyebrow “What’s happening!”

she starts to feel a little dizzy, he holds her up and helps her sit, he runs out the room then back handing her a glass of water. He sits down near her. “I know you may have tons of questions and I will answer them”

She looks up at him, like she is trying work him out “what...what! my dad said I am an only child...”

He looks down “I am not you’re dad’s...”

Raven chokes on a sob “what...but then that means...”

Braxton nods “I know...and yes..”

Raven bites down on her lip “but...”

Braxton takes a deep breath “Ok so here’s everything I know... mum was part of another gang, a rival of you’re dad’s...she had me first, but I was given to my dad who was outside of the gang she was part of, and I lead a normal life with him, he died the year before you’re mum...6 years later, she met you’re dad and soon fell pregnant with you...I know she wanted a better life for you and went off grid, a couple of years before my dad passed, I met mum... and she told me all about you and the past and everything in between”

Raven is silently crying listening on “but...why was you in my flat...”

Braxton looks guilty “I needed to confirm you was well you...”

Raven shakes her head “You sure you are not my dad’s because he doesn’t know personal space either...”

Raven hangs her head trying to piece things and weirdly enough, some unanswered things started making sense, she stands “I need to get out of here!”

Raven picks up her dress and takes off out, her dad try’s stopping her to see what’s wrong but she doesn't, she keeps going tell she can’t no more.

Everything Raven had known, was gone, she lost her mum everything she thought she knew and it was replaced with a brother and a father and this whole different perspective on life and who her mother really was.

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