Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 11

After a few days, she finally felt better she went away from the city without a word she knows everyone would be looking but she didn’t care, she was going back today and she was going to get answers, she heads back to the city with poise and a steady head and a mission that nothing could stop her getting done.

As she gets to the house she swings open the front door, and storms in without a care in the world, Ray and Theo look over in shock along with the guards, she walks straight past them all and straight in to Aaron’s office, he has people in there but as she enters she looks at them “GET OUT OR STAY WHATEVER, BUT I NEED TO TALK TO MY FATHER NOW!”

Aaron looks a little shocked and dumbfounded “Where the hell have you been!”

Raven laughs bitterly “NOPE, I ain't answering anyone’s question until mine get answered!” Aaron looks a little uneasy “So dad, or anyone else...” she looks around at everyone in turn “That may know the answer to the following questions if you care to chime in please do!” she takes a deep breath “Was my mother apart of another gang..”

Aaron turns pale and looks down “Ye...yes”

Raven nods “Did you know I had a brother?”

Everyone including Aaron look at her confused, she nods again “I take that as a no...because it turns out the guy who broke in to me apartment is my older brother...6 years to be precise...but he got a normal mum was a no good liar...clearly I can’t trust no one, I lost out on my father and a brother because of her, All I ever wanted was a normal life...and my guess is that if she was from one rival gang that could be why she was murdered, and from now on, if no one can be truthful with me then leave me the hell alone” she trails off in thought and heads back out.

She stands out in the gardens, she hadn’t really come out here since living here with her dad, she wished she had sooner, it was so beautiful, had a wilderness feelings to it, like an enchanted forest, she takes a small stroll, taking every part of her surroundings in, she hears her name called, as the voice get closer she realises its Ray she stops and waits for him to catch up “Birdie...” she turns to look at him, tears still going, he takes her in his arms and pulls her to him, just holding her in his arms, he kisses the top of her head “It’s ok....” he lets her cry it out and he just listens to her. Aaron comes out to see if she is ok, but see’s Ray is seeing to her, he leaves it be for now.

Later that evening Raven lays down on her bed, she was feeling vulnerable, but she knew she would get through this, there was no break downs allowed, she wasn’t gonna let anyone win.

A knock comes and she calls out, she turns and to see Ray enter shutting the door behind him, with a cup in hand “Hey...I made you you’re favourite..”

Raven can’t help but smile as she sits up “you remembered!”

Ray grins “of course Birdie, hot chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate sauce with marshmallows, you’re comfort drink when you’re sad” he walks over carefully handing her the drink and sits beside her as she begins to drink it “how you feeling...”

She gives him a comforting smile and nods “I'm ok, the initial shock has warn off...all I can do now is pick myself up and push forward” He smiles over at her in admiration, he looks at her with such love, he looks in to her eyes, then down out her hands, then up to her lips like he was making note of every part of her, Raven lets out a giggle “You’re doing it again....”

Ray smirks, he stands gently taking the cup from her hand placing it on the side, she looks up at him, closely watching every move he made, waiting for his next move with anticipation her breathing getting rapid, his no longer smiling but, looking her dead in the eyes, and down to her lips, she stands running her hands up his torso, over his chest to his shoulders, she turns him and pushes him down to the bed, he falls back and sits up, pulling her between his legs, she leans down kissing him, slowly, tantalising, working him up, he let out a low urgent moan against her lips, she straddles him, he wraps his arms around her waist to hold her there, their bodies moved in time with each other, responding to each other like a piece of piano music, slowly, in time to an invisible beat, gracefully and elegantly, she pulls his shirt of him and sits back looking at him, she runs her fingers up his cheek and he shuts his eyes, savouring every touch she made, she slowly runs her fingers down his chest and stomach, every touch from her was torment to him, like each touch burned in to him, he had waited so long for something he never thought he would get again, he pulls her top over her head, wrapping one arm around her he kisses her chest and neck, she takes a sharp in take of breath purring his name as she exhales, he cant hold back he stands up holding on to her turning her around and laying her on the bed and laying over her pinning her gently under him, he looks in to her eyes “tell me to stop birdie...god I lose control with you always...”

She looks up at him, cupping his face “I can’t....I want you...Lose control with me Ray...please” she bites down on her lip, she missed him so damn much, she wanted him as much as he wanted to her and the anticipation of feeling him inside her again after so long, was killing her... she runs her nails up his back, he let’s out moan, burying his head in to her neck, after a few seconds he lifts his head up to meet her face, he crashes his lips to her she wraps her arms around his neck, as the make out get’s more passionate, they fumble around taking off the last of what clothing they had left, and throw them to the floor, before he continues he looks at her “You sure...” She can’t even talk, she nods, his lips meets hers, he gently enters her, she rocks her head back “MMMMM RAY...”

He kisses her moaning loudly against her lips all in the first thrust, he has to pause as they both savour the reconnection of what they once had, he gently picks up his pace, she wraps her legs around him, gripping on to his waist “MMM ...FUCK BIRDIE...GOD I’VE MISSED YOU”

She lays her finger over his mouth “Shhh baby...” he crashes his lips back to hers as the pace quickens as he holds her hands and she grips his, they are both soon thrown over the edge, they bury their heads in to each others kiss, moaning against each other to try drown the noise as much as possible, he collapse’s beside her both panting, he is still holding her hand, he gently pulls her up in to his embrace, and she rests her head on to his chest, she looks up at him smiling, she leans up and gives him a long lingering kiss, then rests her head back on his chest, he runs his fingers through her hair “wow...”

Raven lets out a giggle “wow indeed....”

Ray brings her hand up to his mouth and gently kisses it “I meant it Birdie...”

She looks up at him “meant what...”

He looks down with love in his eyes “I’ve missed you... I really want us to try again...”

She looks up at him and smiles “Ok...”

He looks down in surprise “Really!???”

She nods her head “I’ve missed you Ray... you were my first love and I think I would kick myself if I didn’t give it a chance, I love you so god damn much...I never stopped...even”

He gently leans down kissing her gently “I love you too birdie” he pulls her closer wrapping a duvet over them and they chat for a while then fall off in to a deep content sleep.

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