Muddled Emotions

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The next morning after she gets ready she heads to her dad’s office as she enters, she walks over to him, kissing him on the head “hey dad...”

her dad turns his full attention to her “What’s up sweetheart?”

“I’m going to sort out a place to live....”


he stands handing her keys “surprise...”

Raven looks at him shocked “wait what!”

Aaron laughs “I’ve been sorting arrangements for new place, I needed to make sure it had security and was safe, they finished it yesterday, I was going to surprise you tomorrow... but how bout we go over there now....?”

Raven throws her arms around him “THANK YOU DADDY!”

Aaron smiles “anything for you sweetheart!” they hug it out and they drive over, its not a long drive and they arrive at a beautiful home, closed off and away from the world, with the highest and most amount of security she had ever seen

She was ecstatic “Thanks dad, this means so much!” once they get back to her dad’s she begins packing, she is so stoked, she starts taking things down to the van, she heads to the bedroom to get the last box

Ray enters “you’re leaving?!”

Raven spins “Yeah actually, I am surprised you didn’t know, my dad surprised me with it this morning”

She brushes past him heading down to the van, she spends the next couple of days settling in and getting things straight.

It’s a Saturday night and she’s invited everyone over for dinner, Holly, Aaron, Theo, Braxton well everyone, except Ray, she spends the day getting her home ready and everyone slowly arrives and everyone is chatting among their self, Raven is working hard in the kitchen, when a voice cuts in, she spins in surprise “Theo!”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you!”

She shakes her head “it’s fine...what’s up..”

He looks at her with the most guiltiest of looks “how comes Ray wasn’t invited...? is it because of the engagement”

Raven drops the glass she had in her hand in the sink and it smashes “OUCH SHIT!”

Theo rushes over “OH MY GOD RAVEN! YOU’RE BLEEDING!”

Aaron comes rushing in, seeing the blood “Oh shit” he starts fussing over her

Braxton also rushes in behind Aaron, Raven starts to laugh a little “good thing my brother’s a doctor!”

Aaron shakes his head to say now’s not the time for jokes, he rushes to get first aid, and Braxton sits next to Raven patching her up.

After the panic is over, she gets back to finishing dinner and dishes up, everyone tucks in and enjoys a meal and chat and Aaron gets to know Braxton better, by the end of the night everyone leaves.

After an hour of saying a goodbye to the last person, her door bell goes, she gets up looking at the camera, she takes a sharp inhale of breath “please leave..”


“Please leave” she starts getting upset “You had you’re choice and you made let me move on in peace!”


She turns off her buzzer and relaxes on the sofa.

A few weeks pass

Ray came by every day in hopes of talking to her but she tried her best to ignore him, he also had flowers sent to her to her daily to her annoyance, she took them to the library to keep things pretty and fresh.

It’s a Friday morning, and Raven is woken clutching her stomach in agony, she pulls covers back and see’s her bed sheets are soaked in blood, she begins screaming, Phil one of the guards enter the room, he looks over at her and see’s the blood “OH MY GOD RAVEN!”

Raven is crying her eyes out “call my brother...” Phil doesn't waste a second and runs out to contact him, as he comes back in Raven is clutching her stomach “AHHHH” Phil sits by her side, comforting her as best as he could, within 15 minutes there’s a constant ringing at her door

Phil runs to answer it, she hears a panicked Braxton enter “RAVEN!” she calls out to him, he runs in and gets to work assessing her after about 15 minutes, he goes pale

Raven looks up at him “what’s wrong....”

Braxton starts to tear up “sis, I'm so sorry...”

“Brax what is it!”

"I don't know how to tell you this’re suffering a first trimester miscarriage”

Raven looks up as her eyes glaze over “Wha....what...” she looks down at all the blood, and something in her snaps and she begins screaming and crying, Braxton also crying holds her

The door burst open a few seconds later and Aaron and Theo appears the look of horror on their face, when they see the blood “Oh my god!” he looks at Raven hysterically crying, shaking in Braxton's arms, Aaron run’s over pulling his daughter to him, knowing too well what has happened “Baby girl, I’m here...” Braxton stands and exits the room pulling Theo with him.

Once Raven calmed, Aaron helps her up gets her bathed and her bedding changed and helps her back in to bed, he kisses her on the head, wrapping her up, he heads out to her living room taking a deep breath, tears streaming “Theo”

he comes rushing over to Aaron “Yes sir!”

Aaron puts his hand on his shoulder “I need you to call off my meetings for the next few days, I need to be with my daughter...”

Theo nods “Yes sir I will get right on it...” as they talk the door goes, Theo explains he will get it on the way out.

Theo heads out as he gets outside Ray is there, he looks at him “What’s happening?”

Theo looks down with sadness “Raven....”

Ray starts to panic “RAVEN WHAT!”

Theo looks up at him “Mate, she just had a miscarriage...”

Ray goes pale and stumbles back “she...she what..”

Theo nods “Yeah...I am not sure who the dad is...but I wouldn’t wish that on any one...she is in a state as you can imagine”

Ray sits down like all the air had left his body, after some time of composing himself, he stands he watch’s Theo leave and knocks on the door Aaron answers, and he moves aside to let him in, Aaron watch’s him intensely “It was yours wasn’t it...”

Ray looks down and after a few seconds nods “I believe so, yes sir, listen... I!”

Aaron puts his hand up “Stop, for whatever reason, my daughter is clearly and very deeply in love with you... I know you have other.....obligations, but I will say this and say this once my boy! You need to make a choice, and decide what is most important to you, because so help me if my daughter has to suffer in anyway shape or form again, I will hurt you slowly... then eventually I will kill you just as slowly...regardless of my daughters approval or not... because I never wanna see her in that state I saw her in today... that blood curdling screaming, she was inconsolable, I have never seen anyone in that state before, I never want to again, especially coming from my little girl...Do I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR....”

Ray stands nearly practically shaking nodding “crystal sir... can...can I see her?”

Aaron thinks for a moment... “hmmmm...I suppose worst she can do is throw you out...”

Ray hangs his head and nods “Thank you...” he slowly walks in to her bedroom, she has her back to him, and on the top of the pile, he see’s the sheets, his heart breaks, he gently covers it, and walks over slowly to her bed “Birdie...” She doesn't move or respond to him she just lay there staring at the wall, he sits beside her stroking her hair out of her face, he leans down kissing her forehead gently, he lays beside her and without any prompt, she grips on to him, like she had to hold on for dear life, he pulls her in to his arms “It’s ok I'm here” he had never seen her this way before, so scared, it broke his heart, not only had she just lost their baby, he had never seen her so...broken.

Later that day Raven awakes, she realises what happened earlier that day and it hits her all over again, Ray had gone, she sits up taking in her surrounding's she goes to head out the room but hears Ray on the other side of the door clearly on the phone “It’s ok babe, just finishing up at work, I’ll be home soon, I love you....” he seemed irritated.

Raven shakes her head, how could she think she meant anything to him, she's just work to him, she grabs her coat and walks out, Ray see’s her getting ready to leave “Birdie where you going?!”

Raven turns “Leave me alone, run back to you’re babe who you love and be running home too anyway, I am just work to you, that's all I ever was...well consider you're work finished” she huffs and turns to leave again

The pressure gets to much for him and he snaps “you know what, yeah I will. Don’t know why you’re being such a bitch!” after a deep breath Raven stops in her tracks, he instantly felt regret, he reach’s for her she yanks her arm away and walks out.

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