Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 14

Later that night, she drove for a little while and found her self in a pub drinking her pain away or at least numb it, she drinks and drinks she soon enough she is just staring in to the glass, she is brought back to reality when she hears a “Hey....”

Raven looks up through bloodshot puffy eyes, at a handsome stranger, right now she was to numb to care she musters a “hi..”

“You ok?”

she thinks for a few minutes “sure...”

“can I sit?”

She just shrugs and nods, the man sits down “wanna talk about it?”

She pulls a face and shakes her head “Nope...”

He smiles “fair enough...” after a small pause “I’m the way”

She takes a deep breath and looks up, and for the first time she really takes him in, he was beautiful, everything screamed bad boy, but he was dressed for a wedding maybe....after carefully picking her words well at least she thought she had she speaks “I am Raven...hope you don’t mind me saying but it looks like you just escaped from a wedding!”

He can’t help but chuckle at her “Actually”

Raven bites her lip and puts her head in her hands “Oh god please don’t tell me I put my foot in it!”

He grins over at her “It’s ok, but yes I did technically speaking, escaped a wedding... and yes it was mine...” Pain flashes over his face for a brief second

“I’m SO sorry Jasper, I didn’t mean...”

He smiles over at her “It’s ok, I promise you, better off without her! Believe me!”

Raven bites down on her lip and contemplates her thoughts “I know that feeling...” she looks down

“His a dickhead then”

Raven chokes on her laugh “You got that right, so is she by the sounds of it...”

He laughs a little “Lets have a toast then!” he raise’s his glass “to dodging a bullet!”

She smiles over at him, raising hers “to dodging a bullet!” they clink their glasses and get to talking a little more.

Once closing time hits, Jasper offers to get her home, she say’s she is getting a hotel and they exchange numbers and she decides she is going to walk home, she does it takes her a little while but she does, as she gets to her front door, A panicked Aaron runs to the door “RAVEN!”

She rolls her eyes “will everyone back off...and just leave me the fuck alone” she barges past him and sudden realisation of the morning comes back and she collapse’s down to the floor as her emotions take over, she starts hysterically crying

Aaron walks over crouching at her side “Oh sweetheart...”

“Why am I not good enough dad...”

“Don’t you dare talk like that!”

“It’s true... I was kept away from you, Brax even Ray couldn’t wait to get away from me...then I lost the...”


She crumbles in to his arms as her holds her, Braxton, Theo and Ray rush in with the two other Guards Phil and Michael, Ray feel’s his heart break watching this, he turns and leaves, he couldn’t bare seeing her hurt so much because of him and all he had caused her, he does love her and wants to be with her so much but things are a little complicated.

The next few months pass

Raven starts to get a hold on her life once more she had been messaging Jasper quite a bit, he was real sweet she spoke about her situation more openly and he did with his and they got to know each other well, and they were supportive of each other.

It’s late afternoon and Raven had invited Jasper over for dinner, as 7pm rolls around her doorbell goes, she heads to open it a grinning Jasper is looking down at her “Hey beautiful lady....” he looks her up and down, she had gone the efforts to dress to impress, she could tell he was undressing her with his eyes

Raven lets out a giggle “Hey you, come in” he hands her a bunch of flowers and they head inside, they sit down enjoying the meal and chat away as always, her bell goes again “Give me a second ok...” he smiles and nods

She heads to the door, opening it “oh...”

“Birdie...” he looked rough, he looks her up and down taking in every inch of her

“Can I help you, I am kinda busy”

He squints at her with a suspicious look “OH?”

Jasper heads down to them “You ok Raven?”

Raven turns smiling “Of course, Ray was just leaving right?”

Jasper gently puts his hand and rests it on the small of her back “So THIS IS him....”

She smiles up at Jasper nodding “Yeah...” Pain washes over her and she shakes it off, Jasper puts an arm around her protectively as he see's her tense up

“What you fucking him now!” Ray practically hisses and laughs bitterly

Jasper feels Raven tense up again, he pulls her tighter to him, then in one swift moment stands in front of her “NOT that it’s any of you’re business, but I don’t make a habit out of fucking girls when I'm engaged, and make someone feel so alone while in the process of losing my baby, and make them feel like it’s there fault, that they are the disgusting one...then have some god damn audacity to speak to her like shit while she is in the grieving process, because I can’t keep it in my pants, and I certainly, don't feel the need to FUCK HER around and mess with her head! I’d be grateful for the amazing woman she is, and thank her for the fucking amazing woman she’d have to be to put up with my lousy ass! I’d treat her like the queen she fucking is and worship the god damn ground she walks on and never EVER make her feel like she couldn’t talk to me” he feel’s Raven hold his arm he takes her hand gently

Ray looks on in shock, knowing that deep down that’s how he had made her feel “Raven...”

Jasper doesn’t wait for him to finish and takes her hand taking her in shutting the door in Ray’s face, Raven is in shock looking up at him, he looks down a little shy “I'm sorry....I”

She smiles up at him “Did you mean it...”

He gently cups her face looking in to her eyes “every word...”

She tip toes planting her lips to his, he is a little surprised, but placing his hands on her waist he pulls her in to him, leaning in to her kiss, they make light work of removing each other’s clothes, he takes her upstairs making love to her over and over...

The following morning Raven wakes to Jasper leaning up on one arm and stroking her hair his free hand , she looks up him smiling “You ok?”

He smiles “God am I! last night was amaze me...”

She smiles up at him “So you don’t regret it?”

He looks down at her “how could I, you’re the best thing that could ever happen to me Raven...we met at the darkest of times, but you pulled me out of a dark space, I couldn’t be happier" after a brief pause he speaks again "why are you not happy? ”

She bites her lip then nods “Of course I am... I never thought I could feel this way so quickly and strongly, I never thought...”

He gently leans down kissing her slowly his way of saying, I know what you mean, you don’t need to explain, he pulls back a little looking in to her eyes, she gently cups his face, he leans in kissing her again this time things get more heated and he makes love to her again.

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