Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 15

They spend the morning curled up in each others arms talking and laughing, Raven here’s her front door, she laughs “My dad really doesn’t know privacy!”

Japer bursts out laughing as she climbs out of bed throwing on his shirt “Does that mean I get to meet him?”

she giggles leaning down kissing him ” well you can if you want”

she hears her dad call out from down stairs “RAVEN!”

“COMING DAD!” She lets out a loud sigh and heads down stairs where her dad stands “hey daddy” she gives him a hug and kiss

He smirks with a raised eyebrow “Got company sweetheart”

Raven shakes her head laughing “Daaaaad!!”

“WHAT HONEY! I’M TAKING AN INTEREST IN MY DAUGHTERS LIFE...sooo have you?” He stands laughing to himself then smirks with a suspicious look in his eye “ANNNND I’m pretty sure that top isn't yours....”

Raven bursts out laughing “DAD!”

He grins “well can I finally meet him?!”

Raven smirks “Well I mean you could.... but I’m wearing his boxers too.....” she says it giggling implying he’d have to come down in his birthday suit

Aaron chokes on his laugh, they even hear Jasper burst out laughing upstairs, Aaron holds his hands up “FINE, Dinner tonight then?”

Raven smiles then shouts up the stairs “HERE THAT BABE, DINNER AT THE FATHER’S TONIGHT!”

After a few seconds Jasper calls back down “WOULDN’T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD BABY!”

Aaron laughs “that’s settled I will see you kids tonight ok!” Raven nods her dad cuddles her “Glad to see you happy sweetheart, I love you, I will see you tonight”

“bye dad, I love you too, see you tonight” Aaron heads out, and Raven runs back up stairs, she gets back in the bedroom, Jasper is sat up smirking, she looks at him a little shy “What? if you don’t wanna do....”

He pulls her in to his arms kissing her long and hard “I do, I look forward to it baby...”

Later that evening they arrive at Aaron’s house, he is there to greet them at the door “Hello sweetheart” he gives her a hug and kiss, then turns to Jasper “This must be the man who stole my girls heart!”

Raven rolls her eyes “Dad, this is Jasper, Jasper this is my dad Aaron..”

They shake hands and Jasper gives him his best smile “Pleased to meet you sir!” he hands him the bottle of wine he had brought

“Thank you Son, please both of you come in!”

They head inside, and see the rest of the group there too, but for once she didn't care, Jasper was all she could concentrate on, after introductions are made, they sit and chat among their selves, Raven goes over to her dad “Dad, I can’t believe I didn’t bring it up before but...did you ever get that letter I told you to look out for...”

Aaron looks over to her “To be honest darling I hardly check the mail...why?”

Raven disappears in to his office to look for the letter in question and heads back down grinning and hands it to him, she then heads over sitting next to Jasper, he wraps his arms around her and she waits as her dad opens and scans the letter, his eyes begin to water “ARE YOU SERIOUS!”

Raven grins and starts getting emotional herself nodding “of course!”

Aaron leaps up and pulls her in to the tightest hug “I couldn’t be prouder...”

Raven is crying “for everyone in the room, I'm no longer Miss Taylor, but Miss Angelo” everyone looks around and cheers.

As they sit down for dinner there is very much a buzz, and Jasper seems to fall right in, as they finish dinner Aaron and Jasper head off in to the living room chatting away having a drink together, Raven laughs a little then heads to clean up, as she cleans “You will come back to me Birdie...I promise you...I love you so god damn much...when will you see that!”

Something builds in her and she snaps, she swings around throwing a glass making sure it missed him because even though she hated him so much for all his caused her, deep down she will always love him “ENOUGH!” Ray is stood, the colour from his face had gone, Aaron, Jasper, Theo and the guards come rushing in “WHAT IS YOU’RE FUCKING PROBLEM HUR?!” she starts walking towards him and shoving him as she spoke “NOT ENOUGH YOU BROKE ME ONCE, YOU COME BACK AND DO IT AGAIN, YOU SAY ONE THING TO ME, WHILE IM IN THE PROCESS LOSING OUR BABY! THE NEXT YOU’RE ON THE PHONE AND SUDDENLY YOU’VE CHOSE HER! MAKE YOU’RE FUCKING MIND UP, YOU ABSOLUTE PIECE OF SHIT! IM NOT A GAME SO STOP FUCKING PLAYING ME!”

Jasper pulls her away and hugs her tight, and something gets a hold on him something passes over his face he turns to Aaron “Take Raven out of here..”

Raven looks up at him “Babe...leave it please...he isn’t worth it!”

Ray laughs in his face “Oh Please...”

Aaron is a little shocked but proud that someone was standing up for his daughter and her honour, so he had no objections, Jasper strides forwards pinning Ray up against the wall by his neck “YOU EVER TALK TO HER LIKE THAT AGAIN...I TOLD YOU LAST TIME!”

Ray is laughing in his face, and Jasper loses it beginning to punch him, Raven is horrified she had never seen Jasper like that “JASPER STOP! PLEASE!" he continues, she grabs his arm “please...” and just like that he stops, and relaxes to her touch, he steps back

he turns to her “I'm sorry...” she leans up kissing him

“It’s ok...” from no where Ray grabs Jasper and tackles him to the floor sitting over him throwing punches “RAY GET THE FUCK OFF HIM” Ray swings again this time knocking Raven to the floor

he instantly realises “Birdie!” he jumps up to her side, but Aaron grabs him dragging him away with the help of the other’s

Jasper is up and next to her checking her over “I’m sorry...I shouldn’t..”

she looks over at him “it’s ok...I just wanna go home..”

Jasper looks down “I will leave you alone, I am sorry...”

Raven looks down hurt “you don’t wanna come back with me...”

Jasper spins “you mean you still wanna be around me...” he helps her to her feet, she leans up gently kissing him, for a moment everything is normal and its just them, she pulls away, they soon say their good byes to everyone else.

Once they get back to hers she gets him to sit down and tends to his wounds, he watch's up at her as she works around his injury’s “I'm lucky to have you Raven...”

Raven looks down at him and stops what she is doing “Did you get concussion...” she lets out a giggle and he laughs too

“No...although....since you’re playing nurse” he points to his lip “This still hurts...” she smiles and kisses that spot, he starts grinning and pointing to different places, she places a gentle kiss on each part, then as she stands up looking down at him, she gently cups his face, leaning down planting her lips to his, the kiss deepens, and in one swift move, he stands picking her up spins around and sits her on the table, then stands between her legs, holding her waist, he kisses her neck and chest “MMMMM JASPER....”

He gently bites down her earlobe playfully, moaning loudly as he does she grips on to him, then she rips his shirt off, buttons and all, she drags her hands up his hips then back, he pulls her tighter, pulling her dress off over her head, he gently steps back taking in the view before him “You are so beautiful....” a moan escapes his lips, she grins up at him, as she makes light work losing his bottoms, he runs his hands over her body, kissing down her body, then pulling her underwear off with his teeth, he looks up at her as she smirks then she bites her lip, he kisses back up her body slowly, she shivers and shakes under each kiss that burns against her, it was the most intense feeling but in the most incredible way, that left her wanting more, NO needing more, his lips meet hers as he gently lifts her guiding himself in to her, she grips on to him tight, the both let out a satisfying moan, as he gently gets in to a rhythm, she rocks her head back as he kisses her neck and chest, its a slow, passionate, steamy yet a satisfying build up, they hit their limit together and they both cry out in pleasure, he buries his head in to her neck panting, she holds on to him, he picks her up and carry’s her to the bedroom where they curl up and talk for a few hours before falling in to a content sleep.

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