Muddled Emotions

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The next morning Raven wakes, gently climbing out of bed she felt pain go up her back, she has to stop moving for a second, she then heads over to the mirror, she turns her back to it then holds up her hair, and looks in to the mirror, she lets out a gasp dropping her hair down “Baby what's wrong?” he sits up looking over at her, he stands and gently turns her, lifting her hair “Oh fuck babe!” across her back she had a thick black bruise going diagonally across her back

“I'm ok babe.. probably from the knock from yesterday”

He gently kisses her “Take it easy ok, I know you’re not back at work tell next week, but for my sanity...” She smiles up at him and nods, he kisses her again “I’m gonna jump in the shower and head to work baby.” he looks her in the eyes with such pride “I love you Raven...”

she looks up at him “I love you too” he gives her a kiss that lingers there, then disappears in to the bathroom.

A few hours later, she spends the day with her brother having a catch up.

Later that evening, Jasper comes over, but his distant, sad, upset yet annoyed Raven looks at him with concern “Babe, what's wrong?”

Jasper sits gathering his thoughts “remember the wedding I walked away from the woman I left...” Raven has a sick feeling arise, she could only nod she knew she wasn’t gonna like where this is going “she’s pregnant...”

Raven laughs feeling a slight relief “You had me worried...but carry on... I mean you haven’t been with her since before the wedding right....” Jasper looks down chewing the inside of his lip “right?!” panic set’s through of her

He looks up “I’m sorry....” he stands to hug her but she jumps back


he takes a huge breath “a couple of weeks before we became official....I was so drunk and...”

“Don’ need to go...”

“baby we wasn’t together...”

“you think that's the point, we spent months building something special, at least I thought...I was wrong as per” she shuts up “Maybe Ray was right...”

He looks at her “meaning?”

“this is as good as it gets for me, I don’t get happy...once you step in to my dad’s world...I...”

“Baby please we can work this out please!”

Raven just sits back tucking in to herself “I always told myself if it was too good to be true it probably is, and if things are going too well then expect a downfall this is it...I should get used to it....if I’ve learnt anything Jasper its, grab on to the best bits when they are there... and I may have lost my chance at being a mum...but I won’t let you lose out on being a dad because you’re concentrating on me...”

“BUT it might not even be mine...”

“But it might can’t lose that chance Jasper...take care of her ok...because she is going to need you...right now”

“Baby please” he starts getting upset “I can’t lose you...” she walks over to him kisses him one last time through the tears and heads off to her room.

Later on that night, she hears weird noises coming from the front of her house “PHIL?!..MICHEAL?...BRAX?...” she gets up to investigate and heads towards the front door, she picks up her mobile and dials her dad

“hey darling you ok?”

“you’re not at mine or any of the guys...because there is a weird noise coming from the front”

“Raven do not open that door!”

but before he gets the warning to her, he hears her scream down the phone and the phone drop to the floor, he soon swings in to action, getting round to hers with his men not far behind.

He gets to Raven’s her door is open, her phone on the floor and smashed and a note on the floor


Aaron starts screaming in anger “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”

Ray also shows, Aaron turns to him “I called you because you are one of my best men...My daughter is my life...we need to find her...someone has my little girl...”

they hear someone come in behind them “WHAT! WHERE IS SHE”

Aaron turns to see Jasper and explains the phone call and the letter, he is struck with grief “why didn’t I just stay with her....”

Ray’s heart breaks as he thinks on how things were left between them, what if he never see’s her again “I’ll find you birdie...”


Raven comes too, she looks around her she is in some dark cold damp room, she knows she should be scared...or angry, but right now she feels numb, she curls up in the corner and takes in her surrounding's, waiting for what comes next, she let’s her tears fall.

She is not sure how long she has been in there, when the door starts opening, she looks up to see a man dressed in black from head to toe, with a video cam in hand, she looks up at him, he slowly walks to her “GET UP!” she doesn't move, he grabs her by the hair and drags her to a chair, and ties her up backwards to the chair, he shuffles around behind her, she turns her head as far as possible to see he is setting up a cam, he then switches it on, she wonders what the hell his agenda was and where this was going, he starts to talk but his got something that is disguising it, and she flinches when she see’s him walk off and reappear with a whip, he rips off her top, then runs the whip up and down her back “NOW AARON THAT WE HAVE YOU’RE ATTENTION... SUCH A SHAME WE HAD TO DRAG YOU’RE...BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER IN TO THIS” he pulls her head back, forcing a kiss on to her, she struggles back and spits in his face, for that he puts the whip in to action, and with one forceful action the whip strikes across her back, she screams in pain as she flinch's under it, leaving a long raised red mark across her back, “NOW IF YOU’RE DAUGHTER BEHAVES HERSELF THIS PART COULD BE OVER PRETTY QUICK! NOW BACK TO WHAT I WAS SAYING, THIS ISN’T A RANSOM OR ANY OF THAT BULLSHIT, THIS IS ABOUT.... OK MAYBE A LITTLE BUT EVEN MORE FOR REVENGE, YOU LOST ME MY LIFE A WHILE AGO NOW IT’S TIME YOU SEE SOMETHING YOU LOVE SUFFER!”

He brings the whip up above his head, and repeatedly strikes her with it, each one she flinches hard, and with each comes a new scream, tears pouring, she can even feel the blood dripping down her back, eventually it becomes too much and she passes out.

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