Muddled Emotions

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Chapter 17

The day after this ordeal, Ray comes rushing in to Aarons office “SIR, this just arrived!” Aaron takes the tape and sets it up, everyone comes in to see what the deal is and no one expects the site they are about to witness. They watch as the tape flickers on and they see Raven strapped to a chair, with her back facing the camera, they see the first lashing, they all flinch at the sound of the crack and her piercing scream after, to a point there isn’t a dry tear in the room, Ray had to walk out and soon enough Aaron had to turn it off “my girl... I don’t know these people what the hell is going on...!” they all speed round the room, making plans and trying to find her.

That was the beginning of a long drawn out torment for her, and as the time went on she only got weaker, she got repeated beatings some more than once a day, she knew she had some broken bones, open wounds, bruising just a full range of injury's, she lay on the floor in her own blood hoping for death to come, but it never did, she was completely paralyzed with fear.

She is not sure how long she has been there, she know its probably been a big chunk of time, then hope happened. she hears gun shots going off and hears someone shout “SHE’S IN HERE! WE NEED TO GET IN NOW!” could it be Michael? after a few minutes the door bursts open Aaron and Ray rush in both choke on their tears looking at the state she was in, and the smell was horrendous, she was hardly recognisable, she looks up at them she can barely keep her eyes open “dad?...Ray?”

Ray rushes over to her scooping her up as he does she yelps “I'm sorry birdie, you’re safe I promise you...”

Aaron starts shouting orders out and eventually they are in the car driving back, getting doctors at the house ready, as they pull up Ray jumps out and gently gets her inside. The doctors get to work straight away, the boys wait outside for her to be patched up, comfortable and cleaned up.

An hour and half later the doctors eventually come out, Aaron jumps up the doctor starts speaking “So, she looks a bit better than she did, to start with we wasn’t sure where one injury started and ended and another began, we have also had to sedate her, she must of been in excruciating pain and suffering a lot, right now she needs to get plenty of rest and time to heal, and we need to get her fluids up, I will come check on her daily to start with and make sure she has enough pain relief.... she will wake up in the next few hours... give me a call when she does so we can check her pain relief straight away. But in time she will make a full recovery...physically at least”

Aaron shakes his hand “thank you so much doctor!” they take their leave and Aaron and Ray head in nervously, and she looks a little more like her, just battered and bruised, Aaron is crying as he takes a seat at his daughters side “Oh my baby...”

Ray sits the other side, in complete shock. The sit and wait for her to wake.

A few hours later, Raven wakes adjusting to her surrounding's “Daddy...”

Aaron jumps up “I'm here baby I'm here...” he strokes her hair back carefully

She starts to cry “I thought...I was....gonna die...”

Aaron chokes on a sob “No chance baby, not on my watch...I'm just sorry we couldn’t find you sooner...” Raven gently and cautiously reaches out her hand and takes her dad’s hand, he gives her a gentle squeeze to reassure her.

Ray stands “Birdie...”

Raven starts to panic a little and starts crying a little harder “NO..”

Aaron try’s to calm her “hey its ok...”


Ray looks on in shock “W...what..”

Aaron looks at her with concern “Sweetheart talk to me...”

She takes a deep breath “I know...who did it..” Ray’s colour drains is she about to blame him for something he didn't do.. “It was his fiancé's dad....”

Aaron tense’s “WHAT!”

Ray looks just as shocked “What do you mean...”

Raven looks over at him “you didn’t know....” Ray still looks just as flabbergasted shaking his head “apparently she could tell when I came back in to you’re life, she found out we slept together, she hates me enough and her dad did for her what mine would do for me. I guess or to be honest I wouldn’t have gone for the other woman”

Ray listens on in shock and anger builds up in him, not even Aaron had seen him this bad, Ray stands and storms out.

Aaron turns to her “you sure...”

She nods “she told me herself...”

Aaron leans down kissing his daughter on the head “I'm going to sort this mess out, if you need me just call ok darling, Braxton wants to come sit with you ok?” she nods and he heads out.

Braxton enters with red puffy eyes where he’d been crying “RAVEN!”

Raven smiles over at him “Hey Brax...” he walks over and sits next to her

“God, I thought I’d lost you!”

Raven lets out a small laugh “can’t get rid of me that easy!”

Braxton shakes his head smiling “you are terrible!” he looks over her taking her in “what have they done to you...” he gets a little emotional

She smiles “probably looks worse then it is” she winks at him, they sit and talk for a little while.

Later that afternoon, Raven falls back to sleep, and Braxton headed off, Aaron stands in the door way looking over at his fragile daughter “I will get payback, they wont get away with this...”

From behind him “Sir?”

Aaron spins to see Phil “Yes?”

“Jasper is here...”

Aaron nods “bring him in...” he shuts the door to his daughters room and Jasper comes in “Jasper..”

“Please tell me she is ok? can I see her! I need to know she is ok!”

“Calm down..” Jasper shuts up and waits for Aaron to speak “she’s ok, we found her in a pretty bad way... but she is getting the rest she needs, be warned she is not looking that great, she is asleep, but shockingly her sense of humour hasn’t gone either...but I think that’s her way of coping...”

Relief washes over Jasper’s face and he takes in a long inhale “Can I see her...”

Aaron nods and gently opens the door “I’ll be down stairs..” he moves and heads down stairs.

Jasper enters the room, and gasps and starts to cry, he silently walks in with a lump in his throat and gently sits beside her, he takes in the site before him, and gently takes her hand in his, and kisses it “I shouldn’t have left you that night...”

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